Bakersfield Woodworking

Offer a Special Interview with an Owner/Founder

In this exclusive interview, we have the chance to learn directly from one of the founding owners of Bakersfield Woodworking. We’ll find out what inspires them to design and create their unique pieces, as well their insights into the craftsmanship and processes behind each one. It’s an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the team’s enthusiasm and deep passion for woodworking. They will also discuss some of the challenges they faced during their journey and reveal any new projects they are excited about. They may also give away some secrets to successfully creating beautiful wooden creations. Finally, we will get tips on how aspiring woodworkers can embark on their own woodworking venture. With this in-depth knowledge in hand, there’s no limit to how much talent these talented individuals can possess!

Presentation of the Design Process

Bakersfield Woodworking uses a detailed design process that applies their skill in craftsmanship to create unique pieces of furniture and works of art. Beginning with an idea or picture of something desired, Bakersfield Woodworking develops a complete picture or illustration before the actual building process begins. This detailed sketch allows for any modifications or suggestions to ensure the project will meet the customer’s expectations.

The lumber used by Bakersfield Woodworking is carefully chosen not only for its beauty but also for its structural integrity as these elements must last through time and daily use. Each of these pieces then gets cut and shaped using highly precise equipment. With an excellent attention to detail, each piece is optimized so that one part fits perfectly into another. Careful sanding is done to ensure a smooth finish that equally highlights the various grains, knots and other features found in wood. Usually finished with custom made non-toxic coatings, such as lacquer or oils, this process helps bring out the natural beauty in wood while keeping in mind safety requirements for human contact.

In addition to this intensive design process and closer look at craftsmanship, Bakersfield Woodworking fully strives to provide every customer with projects chances are they can pass down from generation to generation.

Interesting Behind-the-Scenes Info

Bakersfield Woodworking is a family-owned local business that has been operating for more than 50 years. The owners and staff take pride in their high-quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Every piece of furniture is handcrafted by only the most skilled and experienced craftsmen with the best materials available, ensuring durability and quality that will last for generations.

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In addition to their stunning furniture pieces, Bakersfield Woodworking also offers custom services, allowing customers to design their perfect piece with the help of experts. Customers can be as involved as they want in the process, learning about different types of woodworking techniques and what works best for them. Bakersfield Woodworking also provides consultation on larger projects like home offices or reorganizing an entire space.

The company has had many unique requests over its five decades in business, including one customer who wanted a monopoly board made out of wood, complete with a wooden jail! Despite the unique challenges it posed, the team at Bakersfield Woodworking managed to successfully create this one-of-a-kind board game that was enjoyed by all who saw it. This fun example just goes to show that when it comes to custom designs, no request is too wild for the professional team at Bakersfield Woodworking!

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Bakersfield Woodworkings extensive knowledge and expertise in the woodworking industry is unparalleled. With over two decades of experience, they have become experts in all facets of residential and commercial woodworking projects, such as cabinets, furniture, flooring and finishing works. Their attention to detail ensures consistent quality workmanship and meets the highest expectations of their customers. Bakersfield Woodworkings team is highly trained to craft pieces that are sophisticated, timeless and functional with an understanding of aesthetics to coordinate with any design style. They use only premium materials that maintain long lasting characteristics, making sure each piece can be enjoyed for years to come. With their customized services and experienced team, Bakersfield Woodworkings has provided countless clients countless residential or commercial projects that are unique without compromising on quality.

Creative Workstation Tours

Bakersfield Woodworking offers a unique opportunity to connect with the team of master woodworkers at the shop. Through their Creative Workstation Tours, customers can take a 360-degree look at the company’s state-of-the-art woodworking facilities and really get an insight into how each item is crafted. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like in a professional woodworking shop, this is your chance. From the cutting room to the stain and finish areas, customers will gain greater appreciation for all that goes into the extraordinary work that comes out of Bakersfield Woodworking. With top-of-the-line tools, quality lumber and expert skill, there is no project too small or large for them to create! Taking one of these tours not only gives great insight as to what goes on behind the scenes but also allows customers to build trust with Bakersfield Woodworking, allowing them to feel comfortable with having their next project completed by such a dedicated team. So take a tour today and find out why more people are entrusting their projects in the hands of Bakersfield Woodworks!

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Collaborations and Endorsements

Bakersfield Woodworking has received a great deal of collaborations and endorsements from both nationally acclaimed figures as well as organizations and brands within the industry. Notable figures such as Martha Stewart have personally endorsed their product, highlighting its outstanding quality and craftsmanship. National furniture stores, such as Godby Home Furnishings, also carry Bakersfield Woodworking’s products and can be seen showcasing them in their catalogue. Professional woodworking publishers, such as Fine Woodworking Magazine and Woodshop News, have featured Bakersfield Woodworking on multiple occasions–providing additional recognition and credibility to their brand. Finally, woodworking associations across the United States have recognized Bakersfield Woodworking’s excellence by awarding them several design awards during regional workshops. These numerous acknowledgments qualify Bakersfield Woodworking as one of the top names in the professional woodworking industry.

Promotions and Unique Customer Discounts

Bakersfield Woodworking is committed to providing exceptional customer service and creating unique experiences for their customers. To help promote their business and foster loyalty among customers, they offer special promotions and discounts that are exclusive to those who purchase products from Bakersfield Woodworking. These discounts may include price reductions on certain items, free shipping or delivery on orders over a certain amount, or a special limited-time promotion that can only be accessed by customers of the store. By offering these unique discounts, Bakersfield Woodworking is able to keep current customers coming back for more and attract new ones as well.

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