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Woodworking is an important part of Bakersfield, CA’s history. From small scale projects to grandiose monuments, woodworking has been present in the city since at least the late 19th century. This is why it’s so important for woodworkers in the area to have access to the right tools and materials. Having the best possible tools ensures that projects are completed with quality craftsmanship, allowing them to last for years or even generations. Customers who shop for woodworking tools in Bakersfield can expect a broad selection of supplies from powerful saws and drills to routers, sanders, and lathes. Not only will these better ensure that each project looks professional but also allow users greater control over every aspect. In addition, customers should also look out for quality Dust Collection Systems as they help maintain a clean working environment while keeping down dust levels when operating larger power tools. Additionally, they offer protection against airborne particles while still providing reliable performance during extended periods of use. By investing in quality woodworking tools from various trusted brands available in local stores like Bakersfield Saw & Tool Company and Old Town Woodworks—customers can rest assured that their projects will turn out flawlessly!

Different Types of Woodworking Tools Available in Bakersfield, CA

Woodworking tools in Bakersfield, CA can be divided into a few main categories: power tools and hand tools. Power saws, drills, routers, and jointers are frequently used for cutting and shaping wood pieces accurately. These power tools are great for constructing furniture, cabinetry or wooden toys. Hand saws, hammers, screwdrivers and chisels are essential hand tools in the carpentry field. These types of tools are typically used by carpenters when taking apart furniture or manually joining two pieces of wood together. Other specialized tools may include clamps which are used to keep two pieces of wood in place while carving or glueing them together; sandpaper which is useful for finishing any surface after cutting; planes which help create a smooth surface; mallets to soften impacts on the workpiece; and hammer drills to easily insert screws into hard objects such as masonry walls.

Advantages of Shopping for Woodworking Tools in Bakersfield, CA

Shopping for woodworking tools in Bakersfield, CA has a number of benefits that can’t be obtained when purchasing the same items online. For those looking to upgrade their workshop or get more involved in their DIY projects, local shopping means:

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1.You’ll have access to knowledgeable brick-and-mortar staff who can answer questions and teach new skills.

2.You’re closer to manufacturers who make the top-of-the-line tools, so delivery is faster and you’ll benefit from seeing products in person before purchasing them.

3.Most hardware stores allow customers to return or exchange items with no hassle should something comes broken or defected due to manufacturing fault.

4.There are usually trade shows, open houses, and various other events where you can get information on new tools or get an additional discount off a purchase by attending.

5.Often there are givaways when buying from a local store such as freebies like replacement blades needed when switching between different projects with your tooling equipment purchased at the same time as your power machinery – this isn’t possible when ordering online!

6.Finally, by supporting local businesses shop locally you’re much more likely be helping out members of your own community as opposed corporate entities in faraway places

Tips on Choosing the Right Woodworking Tools for Your Project

1. Consider your needs and the type of project: For example, if you plan to construct a birdhouse, your needs will likely be very different than if you’re building a cabinetry project. As such, thoughtful consideration of the tools that are specific to each type of project is essential for success.

2. Research the woodworking options available: Once you understand the type of woodworking project you plan to do, take time to research the different types of tools necessary for the job. Make sure that there are no “essential” missing pieces from your list—then consider making budgetary decisions among various equipment options.

3. Check out a local specialty store in Bakersfield Ca: Companies like Tiger Tool have been serving clients in Bakersfield, CA since 1994 and offer quality workmanship with some great tools at reasonable prices. Taking advantage of their experienced staff can help direct you toward the right tool option for your project—and help point out what features might make one brand better than another when it comes to tools and materials.

4. Ask around on social media groups or forums: If you have questions about specific tools or need advice on purchasing new or used ones, join online discussion groups or forums focused on woodworkers and ask members for their opinions. Most fellow woodworkers are more than happy to share tips and tricks—especially when it comes to using certain products!

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5. Read reviews before buying: Once you know what type of tool(s) you need for a project, take some time to search online reviews—particularly those from other users who have already purchased that particular item from sellers like Tiger Tool in Bakersfield CA who carry them locally.. This can save time and money by avoiding potentially bad purchase decisions!

Recommended Supplier Options for Woodworking Tools in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, CA has several great suppliers of woodworking tools to choose from. The top two are:

Tool Shop: This locally owned shop has a large selection of quality woodworking tools, including saws, routers, jigs, and sanders. They also offer excellent customer service and helpful advice for customers who want to make their own projects succeed.

Stimson Woodworks: Stimson provides a good selection of both hand and power tools specifically designed for woodworking tasks. They also offer workshops that cover the basics of many essential carpentry skills. Customers can also join their membership plan for discounted rates on purchases.


For shoppers looking for woodworking tools in Bakersfield, CA, there are numerous advantages. Customers can access a wide selection of new and used woodworking tools from local stores, as well as speciality shops and online vendors. Shopping in the Bakersfield, CA area can provide customers with competitive prices for their woodworking needs, convenience through easy access to physical stores and online storefronts, great customer service to help them find the perfect tool for their project, and plenty of reputable repair services when needed. With these many benefits available to those interested in woodworking in the area, it’s no surprise that Bakersfield is a popular location for those shopping for their woodworking supplies.

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