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Bunchberry Woodworking is a micro-factory producing handmade, bespoke wooden furniture and home decor. We specialize in creating heirloom quality pieces that are designed to last lifetimes. Our beautiful wooden furniture is designed and crafted with care. Each item is made with utmost attention to detail, taking into consideration its functionality, design and sustainability.

At Bunchberry Woodworking we believe that wood has the remarkable ability to bring people together and bring positive energy into any space. That’s why each piece of furniture crafted by us expresses the values of our craftsmanship – beauty, quality and passion for woodworking. We take pride in our process of transforming raw material into finished items that bring joy, comfort or simply admiration from friends and family.

We start with carefully selecting raw materials from responsibly managed forests and source sustainable hardwoods such as American black cherry, mahogany or walnut for making our pieces unique to each customer’s desires. We also offer custom options where every detail can be tailored specifically for your needs – you have the freedom to choose from a variety of stains, finishes, paint colors and engravings according to your particular tastes. To ensure longevity of your purchase, each piece is treated appropriately with protective sealants against wear and tear caused by sunlight or liquids spillage on it! Moreover all this careful work that goes into making your dream piece adds a distinct charm inherited over generations through careful craftsmanship!

At Bunchberry Woodworking we don’t just create pieces of furniture—we create memories. Our commitment is to provide a pleasant experience while ensuring excellent customer service when ordering one-of-a-kind creations online or in store. With years of experience in the industry we guarantee an exceptional quality result with enduring durability when selecting us as a preferred choice among many other brands!

History of Bunchberry Woodworking and Their Craftsmanship

Bunchberry Woodworking has been a family-run business in the Pacific Northwest since 1992. Founded by the Johnson family, Bunchberry creates handcrafted furniture, cabinetry, and accents for customers all over the world.

Since its inception, Bunchberry Woodworking has continually improved upon their craftsmanship as they strive to satisfy customers’ unique requests with quality products that stand the test of time. Employing only expert craftspeople who share their passion for detail-oriented design and timeless construction techniques, Bunchberry takes great pride in every piece they create. Utilizing select hardwoods from local mills outside Portland, Oregon Bunchberry sources responsibly harvested wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests which guarantees the highest quality product and protects their natural environment for generations to come.

The dedication of the artisans at Bunchberry is unwavering as they continue to generate new designs featuring sleek lines, clean finishes and a focus on sustainable wood products – all delivered with an abundance of style and sophistication. A commitment to contemporary craftsmanship gives Bunchberry an edge that is reflected in every piece crafted from their exclusive facilities located near downtown Portland. With numerous awards won over its 25+ year history, it is no surprise that the design team at Bunchberry is always looking forward – identifying creative solutions within each project while staying true to classic form & architecture – hinting at something timeless but never dated. This process cultivates a unique aesthetic which highlights superior craftsmanship with modern touches that reach beyond traditional forms into more experimental harmony.

Variety of Services Offered by Bunchberry Woodworking

Bunchberry Woodworking offers a wide range of services that can meet the needs of any customer. From furniture design and manufacture, to custom pieces and repair services, Bunchberry Woodworking has an experienced team of craftsmen who are passionate about creating beautiful and high-quality products. The company specializes in both traditional woodworking techniques as well as modern techniques such as laser cutting, CNC machining, and automated finish sanding. They offer their clients a variety of choices when it comes to materials, finishes and styles. Bunchberry Woodworking also works with interior designers on projects such as transforming spaces through custom wood panels, detailed handcrafted trim work, and more. They also provide professional installation services for larger projects such as cabinetry installation in kitchens or bathrooms. As well as furniture design and manufacturing services, Bunchberry Woodworking offers a selection of high-quality raw materials including veneers, hardwood lumber, exotic woods and reclaimed lumber for use in custom builds.

Learn How Bunchberry Woodworking Designers Craft Your Pieces

Bunchberry Woodworking is all about creating high-quality pieces of furniture, built to last a lifetime. Their team of expert woodworkers uses a variety of traditional and contemporary methods to craft their designs. Each piece is unique and made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Not only do they strive to create beautiful furniture, but they also use sustainable materials whenever possible in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

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From start to finish, the Bunchberry Woodworking team puts great thought into each piece they create. From sourcing the best woods and materials, to designing and constructing the piece, no detail is overlooked. Every step is taken with precision and accuracy so that you can be sure your new piece will look perfect for years to come!

The woodworkers at Bunchberry are passionate about their craft and it shows in each custom-made item they put out. Using various power tools such as lathes, table saws, band saws, routers, mortisers and more, the team meticulously shapes each wood panel into its desired shape before meticulously detailing it with hand finishing techniques such as sanding and polishing. Local artisans are also employed for specialty hand-carved details that elevate each design from ordinary to extraordinary! Once complete, each piece is treated with wax or varnish for extra durability before delivering it directly to your door.

When you choose Bunchberry Woodworking you can trust that you’re getting an impeccably crafted piece of furniture that will stand up against the test of time – whether its wooden chairs or a full dining set. Taste quality craftsmanship at its finest – choose Bunchberry today!

Understanding the Benefits of Owning Bunchberry Woodworking

Owning a Bunchberry Woodworking product provides many benefits. From the beauty of the finished product to the satisfaction that comes with its quality craftsmanship, Bunchberry Woodworking offers something special for every customer.

One of the main benefits is that all products are made from renewable resources. This means that not only do you receive a beautiful item but one that is also kind to the environment. Each product is made from a sustainably sourced wood which helps reduce our impact on the forests and wildlife around us.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, each piece is handcrafted by experienced artisans who take pride in their work. This ensures they take extra care while creating your unique piece and it shows in the exceptional quality results. The time and effort put forth into each item guarantee an end product that will last for years to come.

Another great benefit of owning a Bunchberry Woodworking item is their comprehensive customer service team and warranty policy. They are always available to answer any questions you may have or attend to any issues quickly and efficiently, so you know you’re taken care of no matter what your purchase needs may be. Furthermore, if anything does occur due to a manufacturing error, there’s always room for solution or even replacement as long as your items are still covered under warranty terms and conditions.

With all these amazing advantages combined – quality craftsmanship, environmental friendliness, great customer service and an unbeatable warranty – choosing Bunchberry Woodworking will always offer you maximum satisfaction along with alluring wooden products that endure through time!

Get to Know the Master Craftsmen Behind Bunchberry Woodworking

Bunchberry Woodworking is comprised of a dedicated team of master craftsmen who strive to produce high-quality, durable products. Each member of the team has years of experience in the trade and takes immense pride in every piece they create. From custom cabinets, tables and furniture to expertly carved sculptures, each product is painstakingly made with attention to detail and care.

When crafting their pieces, the Bunchberry Woodworking craftspeople use only the finest materials, such as exotic woods, highest quality paints and varnishes, and durable metals. Their dedication extends beyond just material selection into designing and shaping each piece; hand-chiseling intricate details into wood surfaces to turning rough wood burls into smooth curved shapes.

The staff at Bunchberry Woodworking also provides helpful advice for those looking for useful tips on everything from wood finishing techniques to prototypes and furniture layout. Along with their online tutorials, Bunchberry Woodworking also offers workshops where customers can take part in hands-on activities while observing knowledgeable experts at work or join demonstrations that cover topics like basic woodworking skills or stair construction.

All of this knowledge and skill ensure that customers get long lasting products that are sure to become treasured heirlooms passed down through generations. Each member of the Bunchberry Woodworking team puts their heart and soul into every project and it shows in their meticulously crafted products.

Achieving Sustainability With Bunchberry Woodworking

Bunchberry Woodworking is a sustainable woodworking company that is committed to using renewable resources in the manufacturing and production of its custom-made wooden products. To achieve sustainability, they use automated machinery and advanced joinery techniques to limit the amount of sawdust released into the atmosphere. Bunchberry Woodworking also uses an innovative recycling process, where wood pieces from their manufacturing process that cannot be sold are reused as packing material or used for firewood. In addition, Bunchberry utilizes green technologies like solar cells for energy-saving initiatives, which reduces the need for electricity generated from fossil fuels. Furthermore, Bunchberry works closely with suppliers to ensure only sustainably sourced lumber and other materials are used in our production processes. On top of this, Bunchberry has implemented policies and internal processes to reduce waste by limiting the number of raw materials handled within our facilities and encouraging employees to learn more about environmental conservation practices. Finally, they donate five percent of their profits each year to various environmental organizations focused on preserving wildlife habitats and restoring timberlands. The goal of these donations is to support positive ecological changes while also educating their team on sustainable forestry practices.

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The Difference Bunchberry Woodworking Makes in the World

Bunchberry Woodworking is a company that believes strongly in making a difference in the world. The company proudly produces high-quality furniture, crafts, and home decor items that are handcrafted from locally sourced wood. Their products offer a unique combination of quality and charm and are sure to stand the test of time. Beyond providing beautiful wooden furnishings, Bunchberry Woodworking is also deeply committed to sustainability and conservation. They source all their wood responsibly and take advantage of innovative design solutions that limit waste while still delivering great results.

Furthermore, Bunchberry Woodworking cares deeply about its impact on the community around it. The company employs local artisans and woodworkers who get paid fair wages for their work, helping improve their quality of life. The business regularly donates to local charities that promote education, health, wildlife protection, arts & culture and other worthwhile causes. Corporate leaders have also developed relationships with schools within the community to help spread awareness about environmental issues and inspire younger generations towards environmental stewardship. Bunchberry Woodworking has become an integral part of the cultural fabric within their local community by giving back in many meaningful ways.

Choosing the Right Woodworking Piece for You

When selecting the right woodworking piece for yourself or someone you love, there are several things to consider.

One of the most important decisions is which type of wood to use. Bunchberry Woodworking offers a range of beautiful woods for all types of projects, from ash and oak for furniture and cabinetry, to cedar and teak for outdoor projects. Each type of wood has its own unique qualities, so it’s important to have an understanding of the differences before deciding on one. Of course, aesthetics will come into play as well; what color do you want your piece to be? Would you prefer a light-colored variety or something more dark and rustic?

Another consideration is what type of finish to apply. Natural finishes tend to bring out more color in the wood while providing protection against scratches and water damage. There are also specialized finishes available such as oil-based stains or lacquers which provide added durability or give the wood an aged look. With any finish it’s important that you know how to properly apply them so they last longer. It’s also essential that any pieces be sealed against humidity and temperature changes with high-quality sealants, especially interior pieces such as furniture.

Lastly, when selecting a particular design or style it’s important to keep in mind who the piece is intended for in order to make sure that your choice reflects their personal style and taste. Whether you’re looking for something modern and sleek or possibly something more rustic and traditional; Bunchberry Woodworking has plenty of options available!


Bunchberry Woodworking is a multi-generational family-run company with a passion for creating high-end, finely crafted furniture and cabinetry. Their commitment to maintaining quality craftsmanship in their products is unmatched. From the beginning of their business venture, two principles have been guiding them – firstly, to always strive for providing clients with personalized solutions for their woodwork needs at fair prices; secondly, to be passionate about every piece of work that leaves the shop.

The team atmosphere at Bunchberry Woodworking has been integral in this success. The shop’s small size and tight-knit working environment allows all members of the team to collaborate on projects and get creative, which brings out their best work. Moreover, by pooling together decades of combined experience in carpentry, design, and customer service, the shop has earned itself an excellent reputation in the local area.

Looking back over these last few years of business, there is no doubt that Bunchberry Woodworking has succeeded in meeting its goals. They have established themselves as a trusted source for home improvement solutions while providing much needed employment opportunities throughout the community. Additionally, through thoughtful building design and deft craftsmanship, they’ve also made a lasting impression on every piece that leaves their hands. Above all else though, Bunchberry Woodworking cares most about customer satisfaction – something they can be proud of having achieved.

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