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Canada Woodworking West is a family-owned business that has been crafting unique, quality wooden furniture and accessories since 1962. With experience spanning over five generations, Canada Woodworking West has perfected the art of producing bespoke furniture and accessories using only the finest materials available.

The company believes in providing custom-made pieces that will become treasured family heirlooms for many years to come. They source their wood from trusted suppliers, ensuring each piece of wood is ethically and sustainably sourced with the utmost respect for nature’s resources. They are committed to creating durable, yet beautiful pieces that will make a statement in any home or office space.

No two pieces produced by Canada Woodworking West are ever the same, as each item is individually crafted rather than machine-made. This commitment to quality craftsmanship means customers can be sure they are purchasing an item that is not just built to last but also one of a kind – a true piece of Canadian art! From dining tables to coffee tables, stand-alone bars to entertainment centers and handcrafted kitchen islands, Canada Woodworking West offers a wide selection of finely crafted wooden furniture and accessories. What’s more – all items come with the promise of excellent customer service, making sure customers are satisfied with their purchase every step of the way.

History and Background of Canada Woodworking West

Canada Woodworking West first opened its doors in the year 1975. The business was founded by Fred Santillan, a skilled carpenter who had worked in the wood manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Fred was able to create beautiful and masterfully crafted furniture pieces that customers quickly noticed and praised.

As word of Canada Woodworking West began to spread, more people wanted their custom-made oak, cherry and walnut creations. As demand grew, so did the company’s production capacity, enabling them to meet large orders with consistent quality and craftsmanship.

Fred Santillan soon realized that having the right tools was essential to creating accurate cuts and unique angles in his work. He invested heavily in Europe-imported saws and joiners which allowed him to create intricate patterns with ease and efficiency. With these new tools at his disposal he was able to produce some of Canada’s most finely crafted furniture pieces.

Today Canada Woodworking West is still family-owned, now run by second-generation woodworkers Anthony and Robert Santillan. They continue to focus on providing customers with Canadian made furniture of superior quality – made from sustainably sourced materials combined with handcrafted artisanal skill sets passed down from Fred Santillan himself. Ingredients like these make Canada Woodworking West the popular choice when it comes to choosing custom crafted wooden furniture pieces; nothing else quite compares!

Quality Materials

Canada Woodworking West is a renowned wood working and furniture manufacturing business based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. As one of the leading suppliers of quality woodworking materials in Canada, Canada Woodworking West has garnered much praise from fellow industry professionals. Since its emergence onto the scene, Canada Woodworking West has established itself as an excellent source for top-grade wood and various woodworking tools. Their inventory includes exotic hardwoods, beautiful veneers, specialty construction woods such as western red cedar, majestic fir and quality parquetry. Furthermore, they offer special species such as Eucalyptus, Tulipwood and Red Grandis woods to create magnificent one-of-a-kind pieces built to last with eye-catching aesthetics.

Beyond their impressive selection of quality woods, they also pride themselves on providing reliable hardware accessories including hinges, pulls and knobs made from brass, bronze or stainless steel to suit any project requirements. Additionally, they carry adhesives available in different strengths ranging from polyurethane glues to hide glues for specialized roles such as veneering or laminating. Canada Woodworking West also offers hardwood flooring in a wide range of styles and grains for both residential and commercial projects such as engineered floating floors featuring multi-plies for main spaces or parquetry flooring ideal for a unique look in entryways or staircases. They even provide solid wood sound isolation clips that assist in soundproofing various types of floors while protecting against vibration damage! It is little wonder why Canadian artisans put so much trust into Canada Woodworking West when selecting their materials – they are experts in supplying high quality timber sure to meet any professional’s needs!

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Experienced Woodworking Experts

Canada Woodworking West offers products built and designed by experienced craftsmen from around the country who have years of experience. Our team consists of talented artisans specializing in furniture making, cabinet construction, staircase building, and metal work. Our experienced woodworkers bring decades of knowledge and expertise to their craft.

Our woodworkers come with decades of knowledge and professional training, both as builders but also in the specific craft. Take, for example one of our veteran woodworkers: Mitch Smith. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Furniture Making from Western University’s prestigious school of arts and design and, over his 20-year career, has constructed furniture pieces ranging from traditional elegant side boards to custom-made outdoor tubs to modernist dining room tables. Similarly, another master craftsman in our shop is Chris Hastings, who graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering but chose to pursue his passion for carpentry instead. In addition to his formal education he owns a variety of certifications such as his qualifications for master level stairs building. Finally Paul Taylor joined our team after apprenticing with a high-end joinery boutique business for seven years where he specialized in interior detailing like cabinetry construction and fitment installation.

As part of Canada Woodworking West’s commitment to deliver quality projects every time – regardless of the project size or complexity – we make sure that all our craftsmen meet rigorous standards before joining the team; ensuring that every product we create is impeccable inside out.

Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

Canada Woodworking West, owned by brothers and veteran furniture makers Bob and Craig Long, is one of the leading providers of custom-made furniture in Western Canada. From their family-owned mills in Vancouver to coastal British Columbia, Canada Woodworking West prides itself on crafting sustainable, high quality pieces that are both stylish and built to last. Their commitment to finely constructed works of art began with Bob’s becoming a master woodworker over 40 years ago and has continued through Craig joining the business more recently.

The Long brothers personally oversee every stage of the production process ensuring each piece reflects exceptional craftsmanship. They use only the finest materials including local woods such as Douglas Fir, Western Maple and Alder which adds to the natural beauty of each piece. Furthering their commitment to sustainability, they ensure that all wood is harvested sustainably from old growth forests or certified locations and manufacturers of durable suren eco-friendly finishes are employed.

In addition to crafting sustainable furniture for their clients, Canada Woodworking West also believes in giving back to less fortunate communities around British Columbia. Since 2007 they have been supporting several non-profit programs with donations, resources and mentorship for those interested in woodworking training programs, helping disadvantaged youth learn valuable skills for future employment opportunities.

Ultimately when it comes down to it Canada Woodworking West offers more than just custom-made furniture; they offer an uncompromising commitment to quality as well as support for meaningful projects within their community. Furthermore they understand that striking a balance between constructing quality goods while being mindful of their environmental impact is not only important now but it will lay the groundwork for generations to come in regards to how we interact with our natural resources. Through this knowledge they strive to implement procedures that will adhere them – not only as producers of fine goods but also protagonists in preserving our planet’s resources – so their grandchildren can enjoy them too.

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Extensive Customization Options

At Canada Woodworking West, we offer extensive customization options to satisfy even the most creative homeowner. With an array of style, design, and finish options, customers can create unique pieces that reflect their individual tastes and personalities. We use the latest technology and techniques to provide furniture with a perfect fit and an eye-catching look. Whether you are seeking elegant lines or something more rustic, our skilled craftsmen will be able to shape your ideas into a one-of-a-kind piece—perfect for customizing any room in your home.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality materials and attention to detail to create furniture that meets the needs of each individual customer. We specialize in woodworking, upholstery and metalwork as well as hand painting and refining each piece for impeccable fit and sleek lines. In addition to solid construction, we also offer modern accenting details such as chrome hardware accents, glass structures and unique finishes like jute or wax coatings to make sure that your furniture is truly unique. Our team is always available if you have specific requests or questions about our process—we can customize any piece down to the finest details!

In-Depth Experiences and Reviews

At Canada Woodworking West, good woodworking not only comes from careful planning and preparation, but also from experienced craftsmanship. The experts at this Canadian-based workshop specialize in crafting custom-made furniture and cabinetry to the exact specifications of each customer. They use only the highest quality materials and employ advanced techniques to create beautiful pieces that stand the test of time. Customers who have used Canada Woodworking West for their woodworking projects have nothing but positive feedback about the company, praising its knowledge of woodworking, top notch professionality, excellent customer service and speedy delivery times. Many customers have said they were also impressed with how genuine the staff is when providing advice on the best types of materials and designs that would work best for their project. From cabinets to bookshelves, tables to benches and more, Canada Woodworking West offers a wide variety of custom made furniture and products that can fit any budget or taste in woodworking styles. Those who are considering using Canada Woodworking West for their next woodwork project will undoubtedly be assured by the numerous positive reviews, knowing that they will be receiving high quality craftsmanship without having to compromise on aesthetics or safety.

Final Words and Conclusion

Canada Woodworking West is a great resource for woodworking enthusiasts in the western part of Canada. It offers an array of products, including professionally-created custom furniture and cabinets, as well as numerous books and classes related to woodworking. The staff at Canada Woodworking West is also highly knowledgeable and can offer excellent advice on various types of projects. Furthermore, the store provides a range of services such as repair & maintenance, blade sharpening, custom planing & jointing, and much more. All in all, Canada Woodworking West is an excellent resource for the trade that should not be overlooked by those interested in taking on custom projects or even just getting started with woodworking in general.

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