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Selecting the Right Wood Pieces

Craig Morgan Woodworking recommends you select wood pieces based on your project’s needs and purpose. If you’re making a piece of furniture, it is best to pick the right species of wood for the job – something that will be durable and functional. Next, assess the grain and check for color consistency throughout the piece. Consider factors such as cutting yield and weight when deciding between boards.

How to Care For Wood Pieces

Once you have selected your wood pieces, it is important to keep them properly maintained. To prevent warping or splitting, ensure that your wood is stored in a dry environment away from direct sunlight or heat sources. You should also clean off any dust or dirt buildup regularly and take extra care when installing hardware on your pieces. To help prevent scratching, use soft cloths and avoid sharp tools when sanding down edges. If a finish is desired, use only high quality products specifically made for woodworking projects. Lastly, maintain regular inspections of any hardware installed to ensure it continues to work properly over time.

Case Studies of Successful Projects

1. Craig Morgan Woodworking recently completed a project for clients who wanted to turn their garage into an office space. The task involved installing custom-built shelves, a desk, and cabinets, which were all made with high quality hardwood. By the end of the project, the clients had a perfect work space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Craig Morgan Woodworking also did an extensive remodeling job for a beach house in Florida. This included refacing the kitchen cabinets to give them a new look, installing a custom-made banister on the main staircase, and replacing all of the existing doors throughout with unique wood designs. The client was ecstatic when they saw their results, as it completely transformed the interior of their home in an elegant way.

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3. Recently Craig Morgan Woodworking worked on creating handcrafted furniture pieces for an upscale boutique hotel in California. The goal was to create one-of-a-kind pieces that would blend perfectly with the decor of the room while maintaining classic lines and timeless designs that would stand out from its competitors. Through careful planning and precision craftsmanship, this goal was achieved, leading to countless compliments from visitors about how beautiful these individual pieces were compared to more generic options available on the market these days.

Green Initiatives of Craig Morgan Woodworking

Craig Morgan Woodworking is making significant efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company has taken several steps, such as investing in energy-efficient lighting, reducing energy usage in the workshop, recycling wood offcuts from production, and using biodegradable cleaning products. Energy efficient LED technologies have been installed to minimize electricity consumption both during operation and when the machines are on standby. Furthermore, Craig Morgan Woodworking has invested in more efficient saw blades that require less fuel to operate and produce fewer particles when used. Additionally, the company is utilizing a high efficiency dust collection system that captures potential environmental impact with minimal effect on air quality while also reducing the amount of combustible material entering into the atmosphere.

Videos of Craig Morgan Woodworking Pieces

Videos of Craig Morgan Woodworking Pieces could also feature interviews with customers on the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces they have purchased from him. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlighting the unique beauty and originality of his products would be a great way to showcase Craig’s talent as a woodworker. Videos could also capture behind the scenes footage of Craig in his shop, or walking viewers through the process of creating one of his woodworking pieces step-by-step, to demonstrate his skill level and workmanship. By highlighting how he sources sustainable materials, how he carefully selects each piece of wood and works with precision to ensure each product is crafted with quality, viewers will be able to get an understanding of what goes into each woodworking piece he creates. Lastly, videos can also be made showcasing any current projects Craig is working on so viewers can follow along as they come together piece by piece.

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Design News and Events

Craig Morgan Woodworking is an internationally acclaimed woodworking company, providing some of the highest quality custom craftsmanship. The company has recently been featured in numerous design publications and exhibitions.

Currently, Craig Morgan Woodworking is gearing up for their next exhibition at the Savanna International Craft Fair in December 2019. The exhibition will showcase Craig’s work alongside woodworking professionals from all across the world, with each showcasing their unique designs and techniques.

In addition to this upcoming event, other news updates are regularly featured on their website and various industry publications. This includes their most recent announcement of a new collection of wooden furniture pieces made from sustainably sourced woods such as cedar, teak, and oak. Additionally, there have also been feature articles about Craig’s original craftsmanship designs for both private residences and public spaces alike that have been showcased in magazines such as Country Home Living Magazine.

Craig Morgan Woodworking is dedicated to being an industry leader by continuing to produce exceptional works while promoting sustainable practices within the industry. By staying active within the industry and staying involved in professional projects and events across disciplines, the company continues to impress discerning clients worldwide.

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