Canadian Woodworker Rocking Chair


The Canadian Woodworker Rocking Chair is an iconic piece of furniture with a long and celebrated history. It has been crafted by generations of artisans for over a century, and its distinct style has made it popular not only in Canada but around the world. The rocker was originally designed by Canadian furniture maker William Newton in the late 1800s and has since become a staple of Canadian homes. Its simple design features a tall and proudly curved back with solid wooden arms which cradle upturned handrails made of either spindles or flat slats of wood. The seat and footstool are comfortable and contoured, allowing for hours of rocking pleasure. The smooth finish complements any décor and adds a classic traditional charm to any home or room. This timeless masterpiece has been passed down through families as well as gifted to newly wedded couples; it is not only a beautiful heirloom to be treasured, but also serves as an homage to our Canadian culture, work ethic, and quality craftsmanship that have stood the test of time over more than a century.


The process of constructing a Canadian Woodworker rocking chair begins with carefully selecting the materials and tools. This can include pieces of wood like birch, oak, walnut, or tiger-maple, depending on the desired look and feel. Tools used may include a jigsaw, router, and orbital sanders to ensure proper curves are applied during shaping and precise joints on connecting components.

Once the materials have been selected, the chair is made up of several distinct skeleton-like frame components that need to be cut with precision. These frame pieces are then joined together using dowels or mortise-and-tenon joint techniques. As this frame acts as the base for all future components of the chair, it is essential that they are fitted tightly together while still allowing slight movement so as not to cause stress points during rocking.

The next step in the process involves gluing thin wooden slats onto the handcrafted base created from dowel joints and tenons before cutting out armrests from hardwood plywood and sanding them into an ideal shape for comfortable arms placement when rocked. After stained according to desired color tones, these individual pieces are then dry fit onto a completed frame before being mounted permanently with screw clips and external plugs.

The mounting phase also includes assembling two curved rockers affixed at the front-end of the frame while balancing them with two back legs fixed flush against each side. To finish off this painstakingly complicated manufacturing process, treaded casters are inserted into pre-drilled holes in each rocker for added stability when shifted around and adorned with either faux leather or target tweed cushions for added comfort.

Variety of Styles

The Canadian Woodworker Rocking Chair offers a variety of styles that are perfect for any home. Whether you’re looking for an antique or modern style, or something more contemporary or traditional, there is something to fit every décor and style preference. From the small rocking chair for a nursery to a large armchair for the living room, you will find the perfect wooden rocking chair to compliment your space. There are simple rockers in solid wood tones, as well as ornate styles with intricate carvings and turnings. You can also pick from natural finishes such as teak and oak, or painted options that come in various shades of whites, blues and greys. Additionally, many of the chairs have detailing such as spindles on the backs and perforated details along the armrests – making them not only comfortable but stylish as well. With so many styles to choose from, finding the perfect rocking chair that perfectly blends form with function is easy with Canadian Woodworker.

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Comfort and Durability

The Canadian Woodworker Rocking Chair is designed and crafted with tons of love and care. It is created with a combination of traditional carpentry techniques and modern construction methods to ensure that the chair offers a strong, comfortable, and durable seat for years to come. The handcrafted Canadian hardwoods are selected for their fine grain structure and strength, lending the chair an unmistakably unique quality. The joints are reinforced with screws, dowels, or mortise-and-tenon joinery for maximum durability. Each rocking chair is then finished in your choice of acid-free oil or water based finish for a beautiful sheen.

To further test the longevity of this iconic piece of furniture, extensive load testing has been conducted on multiple prototypes to make sure that even with rough usage it can withstand considerable wear-and-tear over time. Dynamic Structural Testing (DST) was also done in order to recreate real-life dynamic use situations over several thousand cycles in order to ensure structural durability under various weight loads. Finally, environmental testing was done by exposing the rocking chair to long periods outdoors without protection as well as exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity changes, water saturation, dust accumulation and other factors that can impact its long-term performance. After each phase of testing has been completed satisfactorily this profoundly comfortable rocking chair will be ready to provide many wonderful years of use!

Care and Maintenance

Aside from regular cleaning and maintenance, there are other measures that can be taken to enhance the life of a Canadian Woodworker Rocking Chair. One of the most important is to always store the chair in a dry and shaded area when not in use. Extended exposure to moisture or direct sunlight can cause wear-and-tear on the chair over time by damage the finish and drying out the wood. These conditions can also lead to warping or cracking of components such as joints or glue areas. Additionally, dusting the chair periodically with an appropriate dust cloth or vacuuming it with brush attachments will reduce dust buildup which can act like sandpaper against any opengrain finishes. Lastly, for best results, occasional application of oil-based furniture cream will help preserve the beauty of your rocking chair while also providing extra protection against water spots and stains.

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Unique Design Elements

The Canadian Woodworker Rocking Chair, designed by a master craftsman from Canada, combines the modern tastes of todays market with classic, traditional, and timeless style. Its unique design elements all speak to its simple yet distinctively Canadian character. For instance, it showcases an ergonomic back and curved armrests that add a touch of comfort to every sitting experience. The luxurious wooden material blend of hickory and oak creates a look that will stand out in your home decor scheme—all while being remarkably strong and durable. There is also the hand-cut dovetail detail on the joints, which gives it an unmistakable finesse and quality. Finally, the deep finish and natural highly-polished surfaces ensure that the rocking chair will be cherished for generations to come and can easily adapt to any home’s decor style. With so many distinctive design elements, this rocking chair will surely become a family heirloom.

Finishing Touches

Adding subtle accents or tactile accessories can make all the difference in elevating the design esthetic of the Canadian Woodworker rocking chair. From leather straps to reed-inspired cane work in the underside of the seat and back, these additional touches can give a piece of furniture character and gravitas. Finishing touches such as wooden spheres fastened to its arms or copper hardware added to each joint add an artistic flair while still maintaining the classic aesthetic look. For more support, attach arm rests shaped like lizards or snakes that have been meticulously carved with great detail. Alternatively, hang artfully crafted levers along the armrests so they can be manually adjusted in order to provide a more comfortable seat. With thoughtful additions like these, your rocking chair will be transformed into a luxurious masterpiece that is sure to treasured for years to come.


The Canadian Woodworker’s innovative designs have certainly revolutionized the world of rocking chairs. From their elegant curved supports to the unique arching back and contemporary arm details, these creations set a standard of beauty and comfort that can be enjoyed for years to come. The custom options available for each order ensure that every customer can find something special to fit their interior decor, providing an enjoyable experience for generations to come. Indeed, looking towards the future of rocking chairs, it is clear that the expertise of Canadian Woodworker has impacted design trends across the globe. With an ever-increasing focus on fine craftsmanship and open dialogue between manufacturers and consumers, this respected brand is sure to have a lasting impact upon home décor in the near future.

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