Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw


The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw is a well-known and long-standing feature of small workshops. Introduced by Clarke Tools in 1959, it has been a go-to tool for DIYers and professional woodworkers alike ever since. The machine was designed with the home woodworker in mind and has proven to be the perfect balance between precision, robustness and affordability.

The Woodworker 10 boasts a high-quality circular saw blade powered by a one-horsepower (1 HP) motor with adjustable speed control up to 3,650 RPM. Its double telescoping guide rails provide stability, while its stainless steel frame ensures durability and longevity. The cast iron table ensures accuracy when cutting soft woods or hardwoods like oak, beech or mahogany up to 12″ thick. Its rip fence is adjustable for precision along the length of the material being cut, and its miter gauge allows for angled cuts up to 90° in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Additionally, an extending side table provides extra support for larger pieces of stock or when making longer rips. To top it off, each machine also comes with a traditional open base stand for increased stability and mobility through workshops of all sizes.

Features and Benefits

The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw is a powerful saw designed to provide precision and accuracy for woodworking projects. It features an innovative design which allows it to easily adjust the table height and cutting depth, as well as have adjustable bevel angle stops for superior accuracy. The machine also includes a 59” extension table which provides plenty of additional workspace when needed. An adjustable fence rail system allows the users to quickly align the blade with the material being cut.

The saw’s power weight combination makes it great for medium sized jobs, providing cleaner cuts and more efficient use of time for every project. With a 3-5/8 HP motor, variable speed operation up to 5000RPM and 4” dust collection port, this machine is optimized to ensure smooth cutting performance. One of its best features is an integrated quick release focusing guard that allows users to move or remove it with just the push of a button.

In addition, Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw comes with numerous accessories available such as a router table, miter gauge and feather board. These accessories make it easier for users to customize their setup based on their specific tasks and needs, making it one of the most versatile saws on the market today.

Compare and Contrast

The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw stands out from other table saws on the market because of its many features. The miter gauge and TurboDrive Blade Control Technology make it one of the most accurate table saws available. It boasts a powerful 2HP motor that provides strong, consistent performance and can cut through thick materials with ease.

The aluminum frame provides a durable and lightweight design that can handle even the toughest of jobs. The large rip capacity allows you to easily cut large pieces of lumber or sheet goods, while the blade guard and dust extraction port offer additional safety precautions. The flip-over fence allows you to quickly switch between ripping and cross cutting without having to adjust settings every time.

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The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw stands out for its accuracy, performance, durability, and added safety features. Its power and rip capacity make it ideal for home DIY projects as well as professional workshop use.

DIY Projects

The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw is an incredibly versatile tool for any DIY project. Its powerful motor and quality construction make it the perfect tool for a broad range of projects. From furniture-making to cabinetry and even intricate detail work, this table saw can help you create beautiful pieces from scratch.

DIYers can really get creative with their woodworking projects using the Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw. Built-in mitre gauge allows simple and precise angled cuts making it great for picture frames, trim work, or even detailed gift boxes crafted with special care. A riving knife keeps hands safe when cutting closer to the blade while a dust extraction port helps keep the workspace clean during use.

Aspiring woodworkers looking to get curious about crafting can also make use of the large selection of customer created and curated projects found on the Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw website. From home decor items like sustainably-crafted cutting boards to unique coat racks made from pine boards, explore the possibilities on what can be created with this tools distinctive features. It’s a great way to be inspired and discover potential uses for the table saw in your own projects!

Safety Considerations

The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw is a powerful and useful tool that can be used to make precision cuts and complete detailed woodworking projects. As with any power tool, safety is absolutely essential when working with the table saw. The following are some key safety considerations for users of the Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw:

• Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including goggles or face shields, when operating this machine

• Follow all instructions provided in the operating manual carefully

• Check that all guards, fences and guides are in place before turning on the saw

• Keep hands away from any spinning or moving parts while operating the saw
• Securely clamp boards to your workbench when cutting them
• Keep hands away from the blade at all times until it has completely stopped rotating
• Double check measurements before making each cut. Don’t rely on the accuracy of pre-set measurements ” use calipers for exact measurements.
• Disconnect power whenever possible during install/uninstallation, maintenance, inspection and when not in use
• Be aware of kickback potential ” consider using anti-kickback devices if available to reduce kickback risk

Following these safety precautions should ensure an accident-free user experience with the Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw.

User Reviews

The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table saw is a great choice for woodworkers who need both power and precision. It has an easy to use rip fence, dust port system and adjustable blade guard that make it perfect for crafting accurate cuts. Customers have stated this saw is more than capable of dealing with a variety of projects from basic joinery to intricate furniture pieces.

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The accessibility of parts from the local Clarke dealer make it a great reliable choice when you need some quick replacements or extra components. Customer reviews are full of praise for Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw’s features including the powerful motor, quality bevel-tilt system and precision blades; they were all surprised at how effortless the saw was to assemble and use.

There are also many customer projects featured in reviews which showcase the range of styles created using the Clarke Woodworker 10 Table saw such as making wooden frames, picture plaques, bird houses and more complex woodwork designs such a bookshelves or bar stools. Customers agree that the machine delivers outstanding results thanks to its accuracy, quality craftsmanship and powerful motor; they were also impressed with how effortless it was to adjust the settings to suit their needs whether it was ripping thin strips or cutting along exact lines.

Maintenance and Support

User maintenance:

Regular user maintenance of your Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw is essential for its continued performance. Be sure to keep it clean, free of dust and debris, and free of rust after every use. Unplug the machine when cleaning and performing maintenance. Always keep blades and carbide tips sharp and be sure that the blade guard is securely in place before using your table saw.

Customer Support:

If you need assistance with your Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw or have any questions about its proper use, please contact Customer Service directly at 1-800-659-8799 for help with installation, repair or general advice about the product. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting information, contact forms and instructional videos.


The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw is an ideal choice for any home or professional carpenter. Its robust 2200W motor and powerful cast iron saw blade make it highly capable of tackling any type of material with ease. Its adjustable tilting saw head and 800mm sliding table make it both highly accurate and easy to use for a wide variety of woodworking tasks. The dust extraction system helps to keep the workstation clean and improves safety, while the integrated slot enables simple angle cutting. Additionally, the saw has a 25cm depth cut capacity to give users more control over their projects as well as maximum accuracy. The Clarke Woodworker 10 Table Saw offers excellent value; its combination of powerful performance, convenience, and quality provide users with a reliable machine that will be suitable for many different types of projects.

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