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Classic Woodworking TV is an invaluable resource for woodworkers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. In addition to its comprehensive library of video tutorials and lessons, it also provides access to specialized resources that can help woodworkers advance their skills.

In the “Resources” section, readers can find a list of helpful references and sources for classic woodworking. This gallery contains both classic books that cover fundamental topics such as joinery and tool use, as well as modern online courses that offer more in-depth instruction. There are also several YouTube channels dedicated to classic woodworking which often provide free videos and tutorials. Finally, visitors can explore the Classic Woodworking Forum where they will be able to connect with other members who specialize in this craft.

Tips and Tricks

Tools – A section that discusses the different types of tools commonly used in woodworking, such as saws, drills, circular saws, jigsaws and router bits. Additionally, this section provides advice on what type of tool is best for particular projects and how to use them properly.

Projects – A section that offers comprehensive step-by-step instructions for classic woodworking projects such as making an end table or a rocking chair. This section also includes tips on finishing the project and troubleshooting tips for unexpected results.

Materials – A section that explains the different types of lumber available and which is best suited for particular projects. This section also covers information about glues, stains and other finishes needed to complete a classic woodworking project.

Hardware – A section that covers the various types of fasteners (such as screws and nails) used in classic woodworking as well as joints and other pieces needed to assemble a project together.


Classic Woodworking TV Appraisals offers viewers the unique opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the craft and market value of classic woodworking pieces. By having the chance to explore everything from furniture, sculptures, and other artwork, viewers can learn how to properly evaluate classic woodworking pieces. In addition, they can look into antiques and modern collectables, as well as historical artifacts. Through this special section on Classic Woodworking TV, people who are new to the world of appraisals have the chance to learn from experts in their field. During each episode, experienced professionals will provide valuable insight into all aspects of woodworking, such as identifying different styles and eras of art that contribute to a piece’s value. Viewers will also be able to hear first-hand stories about rare pieces that can often double or even triple their value on the housing market after being accurately appraised. Ultimately, viewers are granted access to an immersive learning experience that provides them opportunities to start their own collection or accessorize their existing home furnishings with period antiques that give off an eye-catching flair.

Why Woodworking Should Be in Schools


Classic Woodworking TV is a great platform to discover artisans around the world engaging in classic woodworking. It highlights their craftsmanship and showcases the amazing works they have created. From the stories of artisans’ journey with wood to tutorials on creating superior products, viewers get an insight into their passion and gain inspiration for new ideas and techniques. Classic Woodworking TV opens its viewers up to endless possibilities of unique works that can be achieved with wood through passionate practitioners who take their practice to a master level. It covers projects from furniture made from solid hardwood, chairs handcrafted with care, to meticulous functional shelters built out of timber frame. Not only is it indulging to watch these artisans create something from nothing, it is also inspiring from an educational perspective as many of them describe their process step by step which gives novices the opportunity to learn. We can appreciate why classic woodworking continues to endure through all ages and remain timeless by celebrating artisans that keep this tradition alive one piece of remarkable craftsmanship at a time.

Insider Perspectives

Classic Woodworking TV’s “Insider Perspectives” offers viewers the unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field of woodworking. Expert interviews provide interesting insight into what it takes to be a successful classic woodworker and craftsperson. In addition, these insiders share valuable tips and advice that even experienced woodworkers may find useful. Topics covered in these informative interviews range from proper tool use to a variety of helpful techniques for creating custom pieces. Some interviews even focus on the business side of woodworking, such as how to get started with a project, or setting up shop and obtaining customers. Every Insider Perspective video is designed to provide valuable information and resources that enable viewers to become must better woodworkers. The expertise and support offered through this section can truly help take any woodworker’s skills to the next level!

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Tools – Advice on the selection of different tools necessary for classic woodworking, such as sanding blocks, clamps and planers. The tools can be ideal for larger projects or smaller detailed tasks. The show also covers interesting craftsman secrets for getting the best out of all types of tools.

Techniques – Tips and tricks to help the hobbyist save time and get the most out of working with wood. They view basic steps and complex techniques that can be mastered quickly by DIY enthusiasts who wish to produce beautiful pieces they can be proud of.

Finishes – Looking at how to apply different finishes to a project whether it is painting, varnishing, staining or laminating. This segment covers different products available in the market that produce stunning results every time. Applying a finish properly adds important protection but also adds value to a project too.


Classic Woodworking TV Restoration offers viewers advice on how to bring classic woodworking pieces back to life. From refinishing furniture, restoring sculptures, and more, Classic Woodworking TV Restoration provides a comprehensive guide to returning these timeless works of art to their original form. With an easy-to-follow format, the website guides viewers through step-by-step tutorials in which they first evaluate the condition of their item (wood type and age) before performing repair and restoration procedures such as fixing broken joints or replacing missing pieces. Additional information is also provided on suitable finishes for the restored piece and possible preservation methods. In addition to the instructions on the website, members can also receive guidance from experts in special projects for further guidance. With its wealth of resources, Classic Woodworking TV Restoration aims to make restoring classic woodworking pieces an enjoyable experience for all.

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