Cool Small Woodworking Projects


Cool small woodworking projects are a great way to explore your creativity and improve your skills as a woodworker. They can be a great starting point for those just getting into the craft, as well as experienced craftsmen who want to refine and hone their existing techniques. Small projects are also great for those who lack the time or space for larger scale mastery. Even with limited resources, you can still create items that have personal value, beauty and utility. There are endless possibilities when it comes to cool small woodworking projects, so if you’re looking for some creative ideas that don’t require much time or expense, read on!

Benefits of Doing Cool Small Woodworking Projects

Cool small woodworking projects are a great way to express creativity and allow you to explore the fun of making things with your own hands. Doing these projects can be incredibly rewarding and offer several potential benefits, including:

•Improving Your Skills: Working on woodworking projects can help you hone existing skills as well as teach you new ones. It’s a great way to gain confidence in not only your abilities but also try out something new to see if it could become a hobby or even a career.

•Fostering Creativity: These projects also act as an outlet for creative expression. Pick a project that suits your taste, then adapt and customize it further into something totally unique. Not only will this be satisfying, but you’ll also learn how fulfilling expressing your own ideas through craftsmanship could be.

• Making Useful Things: Since small woodworking projects usually result in some kind of tangible item, like furniture or home decorations, they have practical benefits too. At the end of the project you can proudly stand back and admire what you accomplished with your own two hands!

• Thriving Self-Esteem: Taking on these types of creative tasks can bring about personal growth and satisfaction—not to mention that ‘successful DIYer’ pride! In addition, tackling a task from start to finish can boost confidence in other areas of life too.

Free Project Plans and Resources

Cool small woodworking projects can range from creating a simple picture frame or birdhouse to making an intricate jewellery box. Regardless of the project, free project plans and resources are available to help make it easy for anyone to get started on their woodworking journey.

Before beginning any woodworking project, it is important to be properly prepared by gathering the right materials and researching the different tools that may be needed. Wood glue, nails, screws, saws, hammers and sandpaper are some of the most common items that will be needed for almost any small project. Resources such as online videos and books that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use certain tools as well as detailed guides on what materials will be needed for a specific project can also be great sources of information. Additionally, taking classes from local hobby shops or attending seminars from professionals in the field can help develop skills quickly.

When constructing any cool small woodworking projects, safety should always be a priority – protecting both yourself and your finished products. Wearing appropriate protective clothing such as long sleeves and goggles along with following power tool manufacturer’s instruction for safe handling will drastically reduce risk of harm while working on any woodworking projects. If a particular task seems beyond your skill level or you feel overwhelmed at any stage of your progress it is best to take a break, research further on the subject matter or even ask an expert – ensuring proper safety at all times.

Steps to Get Started

Before you can dive in and start making cool small woodworking projects, there are a few important items to gather and purchase beforehand.

To get started, you should purchase tools such as saws, drills, measuring devices (i.e. rulers, levels or squares) You should also have essential supplies such as screws, nails and other hardware like hinges or drawer pulls. Finally, you’ll need a good supply of raw materials such as lumber and plywood to help create your projects. Be sure to look into any local schedules available at home improvement stores or lumber yards that carry the types of materials you need for your project.

Additionally, if you don’t have the necessary tools at home already – such as a miter saw – it would be wise to invest in quality products that will last over time. Consider investing money into upgrading your current tool collection so you can be sure you are using the best supplies for your craftsmanship every step of the way for each small woodworking project!

Simple Projects

Birdhouse: Birdhouses make wonderful small woodworking projects; they are relatively fast and easy to build, yet breathtakingly beautiful when finished. Generally speaking, the components for building a birdhouse include base and top, sides, as well as a roof. A perch can be added if desired. Depending on the type of species you plan on attracting to your birdhouse, there are a few things that can be done to ensure it is fully-functional and attractive. For example, it’s important to factor in the size of the entrance hole or perch; larger holes provide greater ventilation but might also reveal it to predators. Since birds generally prefer darker interior spaces its a good idea to use natural wood stain or subtle paint colors rather than bright hues. Once complete, hang the birdhouse up in an area where direct sunlight will not hit it; be sure it’s near food sources like bird feeders and other garden sources so that your avian friends have an easy time finding their new home!

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Coasters: These little items can actually make excellent projects for small woodworking projects! They are fun and simple to make – just about any type of wood can be used for creating coasters with anything from intricate designs to messages etched into them for more personal touches. Many modern coasters include non-slip features such as felt bottoms – these also serve double duty with protecting surfaces from any condensation from cups or glasses. To create eye catching coaster patterns one requires strong durable glue suitable for use on light fairs and straight edges; sandpaper may also come in handy during this process too! You can even go one step further by adding trinkets like shells amongst other decorations while shaping your coaster design by dragging through wet glue or heating up pieces of foil wire before pasting them onto the surface of the wood material.

Intermediary Projects

Decorative Shelf: Decorative shelves are versatile projects that can be used in nearly any part of a home. They allow you to showcase treasured items and store everyday items with ease. To create a decorative shelf, start by deciding what kind of shelf you want to build. There are various designs that vary from traditional styles to more modern ones using metal frames and glass. Once you’ve settled on a design, use woodworking tools like a jigsaw, circular saw, and drill to create the pieces of your shelf. Once everything is cut out and sanded smooth, it’s time to assemble the pieces together using nails or screws. After the frame is put together, add shelves for storage or little decorations depending on the look you’re going for. Finish it off with one more sanding and varnish for added protection from moisture before displaying it proudly!

Outdoor Bench: Outdoor benches are great addition to any garden or patio space and they offer an extra seating option when entertaining outdoors! When making an outdoor bench, consider a design that will last through varying weather conditions. A simple yet stable design involving legs made out of pressure-treated lumber with slats connecting them provides durability while still giving a rustic feel. Start by cutting each of the four legs out of 2×4 boards in whatever length desired but make sure they are all even (around 24-30 inches) as this will affect how sturdy your bench is when completed. Next take long 2×6 slats that have been sanded down and secure them between the two legs using wood glue and some wood screws so everything stays in place while setting it up outdoors! Finish off by adding stain or paint for color if desired before taking advantage of your handcrafted outdoor bench after you enjoy its beauty!

Advanced Projects

Craft Table: For those who enjoy being creative with crafting projects, having an easily accessible work station is useful. A cool small woodworking project to consider is constructing a craft table from scratch using a few basic supplies. It could be built in any size and feature storage for other supplies such as tools or paint bottles. The perfect craft table should be sturdy and steady for cutting fabric or working on intricate projects.

Console Table: Adding a little extra detail to one’s living room or entryway can be accomplished with the help of this cool small woodworking project. A console table can give any room depth while still looking stylish. Crafting one requires a few angled cuts, dowel joint assembly, and a layer of design options such as drawers or shelves underneath it to add more storage space. Different stains may also be used to personalize the final results, creating a unique environment in one’s home.

Bookcase: Finally, displaying literature and décor items with the construction of a bookcase is another practical cool small woodworking project that doesn’t involve complicated steps in its creation. Building bookshelves may involve both standard shelving units and mobile ones as necessary for adjusting preferences around the house; adding rollers at the bottom will further assist in maneuverability yet remain durable enough to hold heavy reading matter and decorations alike without buckling under pressure. Adding adjustable shelves also helps to make each bookcase custom-fit for any type of arrangement needed for homeowners’ convenience

Tips and Tricks for Working With Wood

1. Before you start any cool small woodworking projects, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. You’ll need a saw for cutting pieces to size, sandpaper or palm sander for smoothing any rough edges, and a drill and screws or nails for assembly. For larger projects you may need other tools such as routers and joiners.

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2. It is important to always follow safety guidelines when working with wood. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from flying particles and a face mask or respirator if doing precision work that generates sawdust and wood shavings. Make sure to work in a well ventilated area to reduce inhalation of dust particles.

3. When selecting the wood to use, make sure you select pieces which are appropriately sized and that all edges are smooth with no splinters or warping . If possible, do a trial run with scrap lumber before starting on your project so you can adjust your design if necessary.

4. Patience is key when it comes to cool small woodworking projects- take time throughout the project for measuring, adjusting angles, cutting pieces down with precision and joining them together carefully. This will ensure that the end product looks neat with even edges that fit snugly together. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – learning from them means fewer in future!

5. Finally, after each step of the project is completed (sawing, assembling etc.) make sure that everything fits fittingly , then stain/varnish/paint/seal etc., as desired – this will give your finished product an extra ‘shine’ that cannot be achieved by construction alone!

Additional Ideas for Cool Small Woodworking Projects

1. Wooden Phone Stand – Create a custom wooden stand to fit your phone size and requirements.

2. Bathroom Shelf – Make a shelf for your bathroom needs that fits perfectly in a corner or nook.

3. Wood Cutting Board – carve your own cutting board out of wood, with designs around the edges to make it even more special!

4. Pallet Garden Planter – Transform an old pallet into a decorative vertical garden planter for your outdoor space.

5. Outdoor Table – Build a folding outdoor table for your backyard that can be used for dining and entertaining guests!

6. Wooden Wall Art – Craft different shapes of wooden wall art pieces with intricate designs painted on them as decorations for any room in the house.

7. Log Candle Holder – Take logs from trees and transform them into beautiful candle holders that can be used both inside and outside of the home.

8. Wooden Clock – Use different types of wood to put together a stylish clock with bold numbers that stands out on any wall decor in your living room or bedroom!

9, Bird House Lamp – Put together an adorable bird house lampshade perfect for any bedroom or office space!

10. Bookcase – Construct an easy to access bookcase with shelves, drawers and compartments suitable for all of your favorite reading material!


Woodworking is more than just a practical skill. It can be both an entertaining pastime and a creative craft. Even if you’re limited to smaller projects due to space or other constraints, there’s no limit to the enjoyment you can get out of working with wood and creating your own pieces. With enough practice and dedication, anyone can produce stunning works of art that will bring beauty into the home and joy to their soul. Whether it’s making decorations from wood scraps or building an entire wooden playground for the kids, there is something empowering about sitting back and taking pride in your handiwork. Even if your efforts don’t turn out as expected, at least you had a great time honing your skills and refining your techniques – which are lessons that will stay with you long afterwards.

Resources and Videos for Further Project Ideas

From building custom furniture to creating quirky knick-knacks and decorations, there are plenty of cool small woodworking projects to explore. For those new to woodworking, there are many online resources available that can provide instruction on how to get started. Videos on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo can offer step-by-step instructions for the novice woodworker and help them develop skills for more complex projects down the line. Those with basic carpentry skills may also wish to explore a variety of new carving techniques and tools such as routers, planes, saws and grinders which can open up a world of fabulous possibilities. Some popular project ideas include furniture restoration, constructing birdhouses, making toy boxes for children or crafting wooden cutting boards. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, anyone can take on any number of smaller scale projects from bookends and pencil holders to turn an ordinary piece of timber into something truly unique.

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