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Fine Woodworkers of Austin is a team of highly skilled, enthusiastic, and creative woodworkers. From industry veterans with decades of combined experience to apprentices just getting started in the craft, our craftsmen bring a unique set of skills and talent to every project. This diverse background allows us to find solutions for any custom woodworking challenge.

The Fine Woodworkers of Austin consist of four woodworking professionals from different backgrounds who are united by their passion for creating unique and beautiful pieces out of solid wood. We have Dan Collins, an experienced carpenter with over 30 years building fine furniture; Hank Jenkins, a passionate joiner who loves the challenge of merging straight-edge geometry with curves; Pat Brownlee, a master cabinetmaker who explores his creative side through making custom cabinets; and Mark Baker,a talented craftsman specializing in sculpting intricate shapes from solid blocks.

Our team comes together at our workshop where each member does their part to fulfil the vision for every piece we make. Together, we combine our skills to develop both old-fashioned and contemporary designs that are built to last with the highest possible quality and attention to detail. Whether it’s restoring antique furniture pieces or designing innovative storage solutions — we take pride in creating pieces that transcend beyond utility by adding beauty into people’s homes and businesses. Our dedication to excellence has build a reputation among clients throughout Texas as masters in our craft. As such commitment continue onward, Fine Woodworkers Of Austin remain committed specialists that combine their expertise to create exceptional works of art.


Fine Woodworkers of Austin are a group of highly skilled woodworkers who have been designing and crafting furniture of exceptional quality since 2002. Their mission is to “create heirloom-quality furniture that will stand the test of time and become cherished family pieces for generations”. The company is composed of more than 20 local craftsmen with decades of experience in different areas such as kitchen cabinetry, tables and chairs, bedroom sets, entertainment centers, outdoor furniture, and a variety of custom pieces.

The driving force behind the work done by these fine woodworkers is their dedication to artistry and excellence in craftsmanship. This commitment to quality means they pay meticulous attention to detail at every stage in the process—from sketching out design ideas to making sure all the pieces fit perfectly together. Additionally, they use only premium materials combined with traditional tools, techniques, and age-old knowledge passed down through many generations before them. They believe in preserving woodworking legacy while also expressing their creative vision through their handiwork.

The Fine Woodworkers Of Austin also have a great passion for promoting sustainability. In an effort to reduce waste and maintain environmental responsibility, they recycle much of the remaining scrap material from each project into new products or furnishings. In alignment with this philosophy, they use locally sourced lumber whenever possible as well as replenish tree stock harvesting from responsibly managed forestry projects around the world. Furthermore, most recently they have started applying waterborne paints that are ultra low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which even further helps reduce air pollution levels emitted from coatings used on their products.

It is clear that these fine woodworkers take immense pride in what they do – creating beautiful handmade works that reflect their dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability inspiring others along the way! Not only do they provide customers with longlasting furniture but they also inspire those around them with their commitment to preserving woodworking legacies while caring for our environment simultaneously.

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At Fine Woodworkers of Austin, we use our decades of experience to ensure that your custom piece is crafted with precision and quality. Our team has a variety of techniques and methods to create your ideal project from scratch.

We begin by picking out the perfect materials for any new project. We look for high-end, ethically sourced woods in order to create pieces designed for maximum craftsmanship and longevity.

Our next step is designing. Each piece is carefully examined and configured to the customer’s tastes, using special tools and methods such as CAD programs, hand sketches, and wood samples to evaluate grain orientation, joint curves and other measurements necessary for accuracy.

Once design is complete and the final plan has been approved by the customer, then comes the construction—the part where we bring everything together. Experienced craftsmen utilize specialized machinery like saws, planers and joiners that allow us to make precise cuts with little error. After cutting each individual piece according to plan, our staff then takes over for assembly which requires a careful combination of gluing joints and clamping them as well as making racks for shelves or drawers if needed.

The final steps involve finishing touches such as sanding down wood surfaces in order to achieve a smooth feel or staining it with dye in order to enhance its color palette and achieve seamless blending among various components while still emphasizing natural patterns within the wood grain. A coat or two of protective sealer completes the process; this serves both aesthetical purposes of providing an even coating while also protecting your investment from daily wear-and-tear all while retaining its special character that makes every piece unique unto itself.

Distinguished Projects

Fine Woodworkers of Austin is a collective of craftsmen who provide custom woodworking services. The collective offers a variety of woodworking styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and works with residential, commercial and institutional clients. Their work can be seen in public buildings and private homes throughout the city. They create items such as kitchen cabinets, furniture, doors, bookshelves and anything else that requires the skill of a professional woodworker. Each replica made by their expert craftsmen is truly exceptional, designed carefully with well-thought-out details that turn an ordinary item into something beautiful.

The Fine Woodworkers Of Austin proudly showcase some of their most distinguished projects each year. Each project highlights the skill and creativity that goes into every item they make; from entrance doors with complex patterns to statement pieces for living rooms. These projects are meticulously crafted from start to finish with attention paid to both form and function so as to bring satisfaction to their clients for decades to come. With each masterfully produced piece comes stories about the creative process, personal passion and pride in craftsmanship that embodies the spirit of fine woodworking in Austin. From classic cabinetry designs inspired by traditional elegance to unique contemporary furniture pieces created using modern trends – no detail is overlooked when it comes


The Fine Woodworkers of Austin is known for the excellence and precision in the woodworking craft. The foundation and core of each fine woodworking piece lies in the quality materials used to suit an individual’s design, purpose, and aesthetic.

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Woodworkers at Fine Woodworkers of Austin are highly knowledgeable about different types of woods, hardware, glues, stains, lacquers, and varnishes. They understand the characteristics of various species of wood and create timeless works according to customer requirements. Their expertise extends to selecting quality materials that best fits their clients’ expectations, budget and vision.

Furthermore, their items can be highly customized or modified with a range of options such as quarter-sawn lumber, advanced joinery techniques using hand tools or machinery, expertly crafted dovetails and mortise & tenon joints and highly finished surfaces. They take pride in offering sustainably sourced woods certified by national regulatory systems like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council.) Additionally they also provide services such as furniture repairs & veneering along with sharpening services to maintain saw blades & planers for all major brands including Craftsman Powermatic, Delta Porter Cable & more. All these things set apart the production value provided by Fine Woodworkers of Austin from other woodworking establishments.


Fine Woodworkers of Austin has been providing top-tier woodworking services to customers in the Austin area for over 20 years. Their team of experienced designers and craftsmen have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners realize their custom woodworking projects, whether they’re looking to add an eye-catching feature like a bar top or create an entire cabinetry set. From creating furniture pieces and architectural designs to cabinetry design, installation, and refinishing, Fine Woodworkers of Austin is the go-to source for high-quality craftsmanship in the region. In addition to their general woodworking website, customers can find dozens of helpful reviews from past clients attesting to their attention to detail, enduring quality, and unbeatable customer service that make Fine Woodworkers a reliable choice for any project. Many satisfied customers remark on how impressed they are with the end result and level of craftsmanship Fine Woodworkers provides, which has resulted in returning clients time and time again. With its wide range of services offered at competitive prices, it’s no surprise that people keep coming back to Fine Woodworkers when they have a woodworking project in mind. It is clear that if you’re looking for custom woodworking projects done right with quality workmanship and excellent customer service – then look no further than Fine Woodworkersof Austin!


Investing in services from Fine Woodworkers of Austin can bring an enormous value to any consumer. Their years of experience, collaborative work ethic and honest customer service create a solid foundation for quality craftsmanship and better construction. The results are higher-quality crafted products with more detailed designs that are tailored to fit consumer needs. Furthermore, a leading edge over competitors is garnered due to their unique approach. Combined with great customer service, cost effectiveness and quick delivery times, Fine Woodworkers of Austin set the benchmark for crafting excellence in the area and beyond. Their commitment to providing satisfaction while delivering excellent value makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for custom woodworking solutions.

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