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Dsm Woodwork is a family owned business that has been crafting fine furniture and cabinetry for over two decades. The company began in the basement of their family home in rural Iowa, where generations of knowledge of carpentry and woodworking passed through the generations, ensuring the quality of every product was well above standard. Today the company operates out of a much larger production center that serves customers all across North America.

What sets DSM Woodwork apart from other furniture or cabinet makers is their commitment to producing quality craftsmanship each and every time. All lumber used meets or exceeds industry standards, and each piece is inspected thoroughly before it is sent out for delivery. Attention to detail is key for DSM Woodwork, with carpenters hand-selecting each piece of lumber to ensure the best cut possible for each particular application. Their woodworkers also take pride in their ability to customize any piece based on customer specifications, making sure that their client’s needs are met and exceeded every time. From custom kitchen cabinets for an individual home to large corporate orders for retail stores, DSM Woodwork can accommodate any need.

In addition to their commitment to craftsmanship and quality, DSM Woodwork understands how important great customer service can be when it comes to long lasting relationships with clients. A dedicated team of representatives are available at all times to answer questions or provide advice on upcoming projects, as well as discuss design ideas or details on current projects they may be working on with customers. This dedication to customer satisfaction has established them as one of the premier cabinet and furniture makers in North America.

Quality Standards

Dsm Woodwork is committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship and materials in all of its woodwork projects. The company has a highly experienced team of skilled professionals who specialize in custom-made cabinets, furniture and interior decor items. Each item is crafted using the finest quality hardwoods, with precise attention to detail and craftsmanship that is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Our standard of good craftsmanship includes quality joint construction, smooth sanding finishes, reinforcement against weaker points and paint or lacquer finishing when required. We also take special care to ensure that no toxins are present in either the glues or stains used for our products. As part of our commitment to excellence we offer a wide variety of additional services including design, installation and ongoing maintenance. All work is completed on-site at our workshop in Copenhagen so clients can rest assured that their piece will be constructed correctly the first time around. Our commitment to upholding top-notch quality standards at every stage of production has allowed us to establish a reputation as one of the best woodworking companies in Scandinavia.

Design and Creative Process

Dsm Woodwork is a family business, established in 1960 by David and Melinda Smithson. The business quickly became renowned for its craftsmanship, designing and creating beautiful and intricate furniture that stands the test of time.

At Dsm Woodwork, the design process begins with passion”a commitment to create art from nature’s abundant raw materials and an eagerness to turn these natural elements into a product that has high value to the customer. Every piece of wood is carefully selected for its beauty, shape, and texture. Once the materials have been chosen, sketches are made using advanced computer software to visualize how each piece will combine and how it will look in its environment.

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The creative process also involves hand-carved elements depending on the project specifications which require precision skill and dedication requiring hours of work. The wood is then treated through custom finishing solutions which provide superior protection from abrasion, water-based stains are applied via airbrushing or spray technique along with additional coats of urethane or wax furnishing the distinctive quality associated with Dsm Woodwork pieces. Finally their genius comes alive as the details come together in a magnificent binding process where each part comes seamlessly together like a jigsaw puzzle creating one uniform piece.

The expertise invested in every step makes sure that products created by Dsm Woodwork are exceptional works of art perfecting every detail with attention to exactness while maintaining clean lines that gives can be admired for generations to come.

Showcasing the Most Impressive Projects

Dsm Woodwork offers customers the chance to showcase their most impressive woodworking projects in stunning photographs and videos. From custom furniture pieces to decorative mantels, you can show off all your hard work on the site and get recognition for years of dedication and craftsmanship. The platform allows customers to upload images or short videos that feature their projects, giving others the chance to experience the beauty of the artwork through photos or hear it by watching a video. Using their portfolios, customers can share what they’ve created with pride, as these works become a part of Dsm Woodwork’s catalog so others can appreciate them too. These collections of photographs and videos also serve as inspiration for those interested in beginning their own creations or wanting to finish something already started. Not only do customers have an opportunity to get recognition from brands or industry leaders but other home hobbyists or beginner crafters like themselves!

Cutting-Edge Technologies Used

DSM Woodwork is a leader in the woodworking industry, offering high quality craftsmanship and modern technologies to create truly unique products. At DSM Woodwork, the team strives for excellence in every job, no matter how big or small. They understand the importance of keeping up with new trends and advancements in technology, and have committed to incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into their work. The goal is to consistently provide clients with beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations that will last a lifetime while also enhancing interior design projects.

At DSM Woodwork, they use modern technology such as computer numerical control (CNC) machining systems to increase accuracy and efficiency when creating their intricate designs. This advanced machinery can accurately cut any shape out of materials including metal and wood with complete precision and ideal consistency. CNC machines are programmable which makes it easy to customize each project exactly according to customer specifications. Another piece of technology that DSM Woodwork uses is 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping and development during the product design stage. With this latest innovation, customers are able to get precisely what they want faster than ever before and also enjoy lower costs due to the efficient process of 3D printing. Also featured within their equipment offering is sound dampening booths that allow for intricate woodworking without the noise created from powertools which helps ensure peace for those who live near by or work in the same building as DSM Woodwork’s facility.

The crew at DSM Woodwork works hard to ensure their customers receive one-of-a-kind products that meet all expectations while being made with quality in mind – something they take pride in ensuring with every project they complete. Their commitment to modernizing their operations has allowed them set the benchmark for quality furniture production across industries, both commercial settings and residential households alike can be sure that when ordering from this company they will receive high quality pieces made through some of the most cutting edge technology available on the market today!

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Crafting the Future

Dsm Woodwork is a company dedicated to crafting furniture, home goods, and décor with the latest trends in design and creativity. From modern minimalism to bohemian furnishings, their goal is to create pieces that will not just look good but function well in any home. They use only the best materials and employ top-notch artisans to craft items that combine style and functionality. For custom builds, they work closely with clients to ensure their vision comes to life.

These days, Dsm Woodwork services extend beyond traditional furniture creations; they have recently created children’s play areas, outdoor living spaces, and unique wall art selections. They strive to add value to any space with designs that can be customized for personal tastes or commercial appeal. The expertly trained staff has kept abreast of the latest fabrics, colors, and styles; giving customers a wide range of options when considering a purchase from this company.

Using cutting edge technology such as CNC processing machines, laser cutters and 3D modelling software allows Dsm Woodwork to manufacture items of consistently superior quality at an economical price point. To keep up with customer demand, they also offer custom design options from either residential or contract clients who are looking for more control over the design process without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Additionally, all products come with a customer satisfaction guarantee ” ensuring peace of mind for buyers no matter what product they order from Dsm Woodwork.


At DSM Woodwork, we bring over 30 years of experience creating stunning hardwood furnishings and other wood products. Not only do we specialize in making beautifully crafted pieces tailored to our customers individual needs, but we use the finest wood varieties available. From high-end imported hardwoods such as mahogany and walnut to our unique Macassar ebony, each of these woods will give your items a distinctive look you cannot find elsewhere. Our staff is comprised of time-served crafts people who make sure that every single piece of furniture and product we create is correctly finished to absolute perfection. With top tier quality control processes, you can trust that your pieces will last for generations.

When it comes to distinctive woodworking, DSM Woodwork is your best choice. We take pride in our craftsmanship and the quality materials we use for each project. Our attention to detail is second to none and takes into account the unique characteristics of each variety of wood used. Whether you are looking for an exquisite dining table or a custom entertainment center for a particular space in home, at DSM Woodwork you can be sure that your expectations will be exceeded every time!

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