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Draw Horse Woodworking is a family-run business with an intriguing story behind our success. It all began when one of our founders, Thomas, was traveling through the plains of western United States. During his journey, he stumbled upon an old tool shed. To Thomas’ surprise, inside were vintage woodworking tools that had been lovingly preserved by its previous owners over the years. As an avid woodworker himself, Thomas was inspired to continue the legacy when he returned home. Soon after, Draw Horse Woodworking was established and became a well-known business in our area for its unique and quality products crafted with those same tools from long ago. Our passion lies in creating exquisite pieces of furniture that are not only aesthetically pleasing but can be passed down for generations to come. We believe each piece has a greater purpose – to honor those who crafted it and those who cherish its beauty now and in the future.

Add Photos & Videos to Highlight Craftsmanship

Draw Horse Woodworking wants to showcase their incredible craftsmanship and quality products. They can do this by adding photos and videos of the creative process for creating and finishing pieces in their workshop. Photos of the tools and materials used, demonstrations of the craftspeople’s skills, close-ups of details, final pieces on display”all these help show potential customers what it takes to make sure every product is a handmade heirloom quality piece. Videos which focus on the day-to-day activity at Draw Horse Woodworking when making furniture are key to giving insight into this special process; they can also include interviews with furniture makers so viewers get an understanding of where passion comes in with each piece made. A comprehensive media campaign like this allows purchasers feel fully satisfied with their purchase knowing they have chosen unique items created by highly skilled artisans. With added visuals, patrons can truly understand why Draw Horse Woodworking items are one-of-a-kind pieces built with great care, skill, and tradition.

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Feature Customer Spotlights

Draw Horse Woodworking Customer Spotlight:

Bob Walker

Bob is a local resident of Smalltown, USA who has been a fan of Draw Horse Woodworking for years. We talked to Bob about his experience with the company, and here’s what he had to say:

“I first stumbled upon Draw Horse Woodworking when I was looking for custom furniture pieces for my home. Everyone I interacted with was so friendly and helpful throughout the entire process, which made it very stress-free for me. In the end, I received a beautiful, ideal piece that has transformed my home! The craftsmanship and quality are top notch. I am always getting compliments on it from family and friends.”

Thanks Bob for sharing your story with us! You can follow Bob on Instagram @bob_the_walker

Incorporate Pro Tips

At Draw Horse Woodworking, we understand the importance of pro tips from experienced woodworkers. That’s why our team has put together a guide for those just beginning to work with wood, as well as for experienced woodworkers looking for ways to further improve their craft. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Prepare your tools beforehand: Take time before you begin your project to make sure all your tools are sharp and in good condition. Avoid any risks of accidents by cleaning and organizing your toolbox regularly. This preparation will help you save time and resources when completing a project.

2. Sharpen blades periodically: As part of tool maintenance, it’s essential to keep your blades sharp. Use the right type of file or grinding wheel depending on the type of blade you need to sharpen and if necessary, learn specific techniques like honing to reduce friction and residue on the surfaces that come into contact with cutting edges.

How to Remove Double Sided Tape From Woodwork

3. Measure twice, cut once: Always make sure that you measure twice and cut once when you start working on new projects; this small but important step can help prevent costly mistakes caused by miscalculations or inaccuracies in measurements.

4 Awareness is key: Pay attention to things around like noise or dust levels in order to avoid any potential harm caused by prolonged exposure to these irritants ” wear proper protective gear at all times! Safety must always come first at any shop environment so pay close attention whenever handling dangerous tools or hazardous materials such as chemicals and wear appropriate safety equipment accordingly.

5 Breathe life into wood: Instead of relying solely on modern machines or digital designs, adding some handmade touches will help bring life into your projects – sculpting curves with chisels, hand sanding corners or burnishing hardwood surfaces is a great way not only to add some extra character but also maintaining traditional techniques alive within the crafting community!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to jump into your next project with confidence! Good luck!

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Draw Horse Woodworking:

Website: https://www.drawhorseww.com/
Social Media Accounts:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drawhorseww/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrawHorseWW
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/draw_horse_woodworking/
Other important contacts:
Phone number: +1 (416) 815-5700
Email address: [email protected]

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