Rocking Horse Woodworking

Feature Interview

Q: So what inspired you two to start Rocking Horse Woodworking?

A: We both come from a long line of woodworkers and it was always something we both had a passion for. After working as apprentices under our fathers, we decided to venture out on our own and start our own business. We believed that rocking horses could bring joy and comfort to children, so we set about designing and crafting the best possible products with only the highest quality materials.

Q: What is unique about the Rocking Horse Woodworking experience?
A: Our products have endured countless generations and stand the test of time. We put great care into making sure each piece is crafted from the highest quality materials like steel-reinforced hardwoods, hand carved details, natural wax finishes, and finished with sturdy polyurethane coating. With all these features combined, our rocking horses remain a classic piece in any home that parents can pass down through multiple generations. We also offer several customization options so customers can design their ideal rocking horse to fit their style!

Unbox A Product

When unpacking a product from Rocking Horse Woodworking, the customer should open the box and inspect contents carefully. All pieces of the product should be examined to ensure that there are no missing pieces. The customer should also check for any damages or incorrect components within the kit. After verifying that all parts are present and in good condition, the customer can assemble the product according to the included instructions. Depending on the type of product, this could involve cutting, drilling, sanding and glueing pieces of wood together. If necessary, specialized tools such as saws and clamps may be required for assembly.

Once assembled, it is important to test out any features included in the items such as mechanics or mechanisms. This helps to ensure safety and longevity of use. The customer can then add their finishing touches using various supplies such as paint or varnish to achieve their desired look.

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Finally, after ensuring that everything has been properly tested and finished as desired, customers can start to enjoy their new item from Rocking Horse Woodworking!

Client Spotlight

Rocking Horse Woodworking has been making custom rocking horses for over three decades. One of our most loyal customers, Elie Schaffer, has been purchasing rocking horses from us for years. “My grandchildren absolutely love playing with their wooden rocking horses from Rocking Horse Woodworking! They’re well-crafted and made to last. Every year my grandchildren look forward to seeing what new horse I get them each time I visit!” According to Elie, the wooden rocking horses have provided countless hours of fun for his family and make the perfect gift for any little kid. Not only has Elie seen his grandchildren enjoy these handmade pieces of artwork, but he also expresses that they are hardy enough to withstand the test of time. “I know when I purchase a rocking horse from Rocking Horse Woodworking that it will hold up under rough play; it brings me great joy knowing that I can depend on them!”

Elie is just one example of how Rocking Horse Woodworking continues to produce beautiful works of art that bring families joy all over the world. We are proud to provide high-quality wooden toys that stand up to everyday wear and tear while providing joy (and a bit of nostalgia) to each customer we serve. All our custom orders come with full customization options so our clients can create a truly unique gift or heirloom piece that is sure to become a treasured item in any home.

Community Projects

Rocking Horse Woodworking has taken on a variety of initiatives and projects to benefit the community. These projects have ranged from creating educational wooden toys to donate to local schools, providing art classes for children at a nearby community center, and partnering with local charities to host toy-making workshops. Most recently, Rocking Horse Woodworking hosted an event at a nearby retirement home where a few of their instructors taught seniors about the basics of woodworking and had them create their own wooden rocking horses. The goal of these projects is to give back to the community by teaching them about woodworking and bringing joy through custom handmade pieces. Rocking Horse Woodworking also strives to empower others through woodworking skills by hosting complimentary classes for those who may not have access to such resources or knowledge otherwise.

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Rocking Horse Woodworking is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment by employing sustainable woodworking practices. The company sources all its timber from renewable, environmentally managed forests and implements a commitment to ongoing social and environmental responsibility. In the manufacturing process, Rocking Horse Woodworking uses sustainable methods such as energy-efficient machinery, careful tracking of raw materials, water conservation, and organic waxes and finishes to protect the furniture while preserving its natural aesthetic beauty. Furthermore, the company recycles sawdust and excess timber into furniture components or shavings which can be used as animal bedding. All paper used in the office is 100% post consumer recycled paper. This level of sustainability has allowed Rocking Horse Woodworking to create high quality furniture that will last for generations without compromising their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of their production processes.

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