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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is an expansive MMORPG that brings together players from all across Tamriel. With the introduction of the Woodworking profession, ESO players now have a new way to craft and upgrade their items with new resources found in various regions of the game world.

Players who want to level up their Woodworking skill quickly can find plenty of strategies to guide them on this journey. From obtaining unique ingredients from harvesting nodes to patiently completing crafting writs, there are different methods available for savvy woodworkers looking to advance faster than their peers. Here, we’ll discuss some of the fastest ways to level up Woodworking in ESO:

1) Resource Nodes: Gather as many resource nodes as possible and turn them into valuable crafting materials like boards or planks. These materials can then be used when crafting furniture, helping you progress your Woodworking rank quickly and efficiently. You can also boost your experience points by refining raw ingredients into higher quality ones like Lumber and Steel Ingots.

2) Crafting Writs: Complete woodworking-centric daily crafting writs to gain experience points and Make Gold at the same time. This is one of the most effective means of leveling up your account since it rewards you for completing difficult tasks with tangible rewards that help improve your characters’ stature within this virtual society.

3) Researching Traits: Take full advantage of researching traits by using researched items as ingredients in recipes. Doing so gives you a chance to learn more about each item’s unique properties and how they interact with one another when crafting furniture pieces. The knowledge gained from this activity helps make you a better woodworker as well as contributes towards improving your overall Woodworking rank quicker than usual.

Conclusion: As we’ve seen, there are several ways that an ESO player can quickly level up their Woodworking skill depending on which path they choose to take. Resource nodes provide crafting materials which grant experience points while completing daily woodwork-related writing tasks also grants gold along with learning Traits through research further speeds up the process. And if done properly, combining all these strategies allows woodworkers in Elder Scrolls Online reach higher ranks faster than ever before!

What is Woodworking in Elder Scrolls Online?

Woodworking is one of the professions in Elder Scrolls Online. It allows players to craft weapons, armor and other items from various materials. Players can use material from trees such as spruce, maple or oak to create different items with various stats and enchantments. Woodworking also allows players access to a wide range of recipes that have their own unique attributes.

The fastest way to level up woodworking in Elder Scrolls Online is by using writs. Writs are daily quest rewards that offer a large amount of experience for crafting specific items within a certain skill line. It’s best to select the writs that cover your highest tier recipes as each writ completed will reward more XP than lower tier recipes. Additionally, participating in tier-based crafting certifications is an effective way to gain woodworking levels quickly as they provide extra XP and help you unlock more tiers in the skill line tree. Crafting furniture also yields experience dependent on complex size and quality — so try your hand at some interior design!

Benefits of Woodworking in ESO

Woodworking in ESO has many benefits. It allows players to create items that make the game easier, including weapons, armor and furniture; making it an incredibly useful skill to learn. Furthermore, it offers players a source of income by selling their creations while also giving them the ability to customize their items with enchantments and upgrades. Additionally, woodworking is an excellent way to level up quickly as the more items you craft, the more experience you gain, helping you progress faster through the ranks. Finally, crafting materials can be gathered from nodes scattered around Tamriel which adds further incentive to get involved with this skill.

What is the Fastest Way to Level Woodworking?

The fastest way to level Woodworking in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is by completing daily Crafting Writs. Crafting Writs are repeatable quest-like activities which give Crafting experience and Inspiration materials as rewards. By doing daily Crafting Writs, you can quickly level up your Woodworking skill without spending time harvesting resources or making items. Additionally, high-level players can complete Master Writs to significantly accelerate the levelling process while being well-rewarded for their effort. Furthermore, using an experience boosting potion on top of the daily Crafting Writs will provide additional benefits to leveling and allows players to level their Woodworking more efficiently.

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Step-by-Step Guide

1. Make sure you have the necessary materials to craft your woodworking items. This includes wood, various types of cloth and leather, thread, recipes, style material and motifs.

2. Know which type of items you want to craft when leveling your Woodworking skill so that you can achieve the most efficient results. It is possible to level while only crafting bows or staves, but be aware that some other items are also useful for leveling Woodworking quickly.

3. Craft the Master Writ quests you get from vendors whenever possible as they provide the highest amounts of experience from a single craftable item. Either look for them on the guild stores or take advantage of daily writ vouchers given out by certain guilds or check out Cyrodiil’s many traders for specific item requests sometimes offering high-level writs with increased rewards on success.

4. Buy materials before you start crafting because it is much more efficient to use multiple goods at once rather than running around looking for resources while in “crafting mode” as experience gains diminish if there are too frequent breaks in crafting sessions.

5. Use improvements like Orzorga’s Red Frothgar found in Imperial City’s Sewers; tasty dishes like Blood Tea and Witchmother’s Potent Brew bought from special vendors located near campfires throughout Tamriel; and herbal pastes bought from Provisioners as these will improve stats such as Health and Magicka regeneration rates, giving an edge in efficiency when managing lengthy crafting sessions on leveled up characters.

6. Look out for others who need help completing Woodworking tasks! You can often find people through friends or player chats who have a lot of Woodworking quests offering good rewards which will ultimately help fast-track your overall progress with this particular skill set!

Tips and Tricks to Level Up Woodworking Quickly

1. Have a Rotating Set of Materials: Having a variety of materials at your disposal can help you save time and make the most out of each task. Collect different types of wood and other resources along with special ingredients to use when unlocking traits and traits found in furniture pieces to level up quickly.

2. Take advantage of Offers: Stores often offer large discounts and bonuses on materials or even furnishing items, so be sure to take advantage of them while they last! These offers are great ways to stock up on materials or unique furnishings that you may need for crafting furniture.

3. Settle into a Crafting Routine: Once you have your materials collected and organized, set yourself into a regular routine for when you craft. This will help get stuff built faster as well as streamline your setup which will cut down on wasted time and energy gathering what you need from all over Tamriel.

4. Make Reusable Patterns & Templates: Create templates for any complex furniture pieces so that the same plan can be used over again when replicating it at higher levels or crafting something similar. This can speed up production significantly by having these ready to go rather than recreating them every time anew when crafting large items like castles!

5. Combine Orders with Guilds & Tradeskills: When working together with other guilds, tradeskills, or even players interested in buying your goods; scouring the trunk selection together can be especially efficient at finding bulk orders that everybody can benefit from and speed up leveling not only Woodworking but also other tradeskills at the same time!

6. Invest in Master Writs: If leveling Woodworking is taking too much time, Master Writs (completed through completing daily pledges) can grant loads of experience without the hassle of having to craft multiple pieces individually. These are especially useful if there are certain top-quality designs that require rare resources or investment but grant huge amounts of XP instantaneously upon completion in game progressometers!

Crafting Rotations for Maximum Efficiency

For those looking to maximize their Woodworking level quickly, utilizing proper crafting rotation is essential. Crafting rotations involve picking the most economical items that will give the highest amount of experience for each crafted item. This can be done through a process of trial and error, or you can use a lookup tool to easily find what items are the most profitable to craft. Once you have found the optimal combination of reliable results and profit, it’s important to stick with this combination as much as possible. This will help ensure that your Woodworking level is increasing at the quickest rate possible. Additionally, completing daily crafting writs, offered by in-game NPCs for bonus experience points is another great way that players can quickly increase their Woodworking level.

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Collectibles to Increase Woodworking XP

One of the fastest ways to level up your Woodworking skill in ESO is to engage in collecting and selling collectibles. Collecting furniture drops from enemies, sacks, and chests gives a great deal of woodworking experience compared to other sources. Additionally, you can purchase special furnishing materials, such as Planks and Crates, at local guild traders for a high return on investment. Selling named-style pieces with higher levels or rare ingredients will also give a large number of XP points when crafted and sold. Finally, if you are looking for fast XP gains from collecting resources it is recommended that you take advantage of the Delve daily bounties as they provide a significant amount of materials quickly in one area.

Quests to Level Up Woodworking

One of the fastest ways to level up your Woodworking skill in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is to complete the quests related to crafting. ESO has many quests that involve crafting items and materials, providing a great way to obtain Woodworking experience points as well as progress your character through the game’s story and dungeons. Additionally, some zones also have daily “world bosses” or collectibles that can be completed to increase your Woodworking skill quickly. You can also obtain additional Woodworking experience by completing repeatable vendor or guild quest lines. Finally, one of the best ways to level up your Woodworking quickly is to participate in group dungeons and trials, which often require players craft special items ahead of time or work together on mass crafting projects while inside the instance. The resulting XP gains from these activities are vast and provide an opportunity for faster progression of not only the Woodworking skill but all other skills associated with it.


The fastest way to level up Woodworking in ESO is by crafting items that require the most skill points. Look for recipes that have the three green dots next to it, as these provide the greatest point gain per item crafted. Additionally, research and prepare ahead of time to make sure you have enough materials and traits required to craft powerful items, as this will help you level up your woodworking considerably faster. You should also venture out into quest areas with your woodworking gear ready so you can take advantage of any chance to pick up potential crafting resources such as planks and claws. Finally, complete daily writs as they offer sizable chunks of experience when completing them.


If you’re looking for the fastest way to level up your Woodworking in Elder Scrolls Online, it is important to compile a plan and stick with it. Work toward finishing collections that give big rewards or doing Grind Quests but only after getting your basics down. Crafting an item of the same quality as your current skill level can be beneficial too; this will allow progress much faster. Finally, buying motifs from other players or guild traders is often times the quickest way to increase in this profession too. By following these steps, you’ll be able to make sure you have everything you need to get the most out of woodworking in Elder Scrolls Online. It won’t be long before you have successfully leveled up your skill at a quick rate and can move on to crafting more useful items for yourself or others in Tamriel.

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