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Fox Woodworking is a family-run business that has been crafting quality wood furniture for generations. Founded in 1974, Fox Woodworking has pushed the boundaries of modern design, developing new techniques and creating stunning pieces of art from wood. Family members have taught their trade to the younger generations, so that the skill and passion that had earned Fox Woodworking its reputation lives on each day.

Fox Woodworking’s dedication to using natural materials and traditional techniques to make their products not only gives them a distinctive style but also ensures quality items for many years to come. Today, the workshop boasts an array of machines both old and new which aid in creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Throughout its history, it has taken commissions from all over the world, its unique craftsmanship highly sought after globally. It has become renowned for its attention to detail in crafting exquisite cabinets, tables, dressers and chairs straight out of anyone’s imagination. The wide variety of finishes available allows clients to customize the look and feel of their furniture further adding an extra special touch to the end product!


Fox Woodworking is more than just crafting something special. It is a holistic art that encompasses a variety of processes and creative practices used to create wooden products or pieces. This creative field of woodworking involves many components such as design, materials selection, cutting, joinery, finishing and other related aspects of the craft. In addition to the physical process of creating items from wood, various art forms may be involved such as furniture making, sculpture work, and cabinetry making. In some cases, traditional tools are used such as chisels and saws while in others, newer technologies take precedence for producing intricate designs and shapes in wood.

Fox Woodworking is also well known for creating heirloom quality products as well as custom furniture and gifts. They achieve lasting beauty by using thoughtfully sourced woods combined with professional craftsmanship to make unique items that will stand up to years of use. Each item is carefully tailored with attention to detail taking into account functionality and aesthetics in order for the customer to end up with a piece of art that has been handcrafted just for them by highly trained professionals. Customers can feel confident knowing their custom made item will be built outstandingly well with an exceptional level of service throughout each step of its creation.


Fox Woodworking is a bespoke woodworking company that specializes in bringing out the natural beauty of wood pieces by crafting them with clever, one-of-a-kind designs. At Fox Woodworking, each project begins with careful planning and an understanding of unique wood characteristics that create visually appealing pieces. The craftsmanship in each piece is unparalleled.

Whether you are looking for custom furniture, cabinetry, decorative accents or artistic chandeliers, Fox Woodworking will work with you to design the piece that best embodies your style and complements your home. They continuously research market trends to ensure the best materials are used for any project at hand. Moreover, their experienced team of craftsmen utilize modern techniques and tools to construct and manage every aspect of their custom builds.

At Fox Woodworking we believe that no matter what type of design or style you’re looking for, there should be no limits on creativity when it comes to working with wood. With our team’s innovative skillset and knowledge we bring a limitless array of possibilities to life through skilled artisanal workmanship complemented by unconventional detailing. We strive to transform each clients vision into tangible results – ultimately creating one-of-a-kind pieces they’ll cherish for years to come. Whatever your imagination can dream up, we can make reality!

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Fox Woodworking is committed to providing quality craftsmanship with their detail-oriented manufacturing process. The team at Fox has a commitment to excellence when it comes to creating superior furniture, cabinetry, and architectural woodworking. The detailed manufacturing process begins with the selection of high-quality wood materials, which are selected receiving careful inspection before they are even cut or milled. Next, the lumber must pass through planing stages so that all pieces are machined straight and uniformly thick and the surface is perfectly smooth. Once the panels have been milled, they move on to joinery which utilizes superior craftsmanship in order to assemble the components together using dovetail drawers, mortise and tenon joints, and other high-end methods. The process doesn’t end there; Fox Woodworking also makes sure that each piece of furniture also goes through finishing stages such as assembly and sanding so that every product meets their rigorous standards for excellence. With this detailed approach in place, customers can be confident that any investment made with Fox Woodworkings will result in top-tier results that last a lifetime!


Fox Woodworking is a premium workshop from where customers can order bespoke woodwork pieces, crafted with impeccable care and attention to detail.

The company was founded by master craftsman Frank Fox, who had experience in traditional techniques but also kept up with the latest developments in technology and modern materials. It was his intention to create an uncompromisingly high-quality product that would stand the test of time – he achieved this by combining both classic joinery methods with more modern techniques.

While custom orders remain the main focus of the business today, Fox Woodworking has recently become renowned for their delightfully curated gallery space. This stunningly appointed showroom is filled with exquisite examples of fine craftsmanship where customers can explore unique, handcrafted creations such as tables, chairs, cabinets, clocks and much more. The gallery showcases not just some of their most popular designs but also one-of-a-kind pieces that have been custom made for special occasions or exhibitions. Visitors to the gallery will find complete replicas of period furniture pieces as well as creative twists on classical designs that embrace modern trends and express the craftsmanship of their makers. In addition to showpieces visitors can purchase via catalogue; these eye-catching displays serve both as inspiration for prospective customers as well as homage to Frank’s vision for an unparalleled quality product combined with exquisite design.


Fox Woodworking is a company that specializes in custom woodworking solutions for customers. They offer a wide array of services, ranging from creating complex wooden furniture pieces to crafting smaller items such as toys, home decorations, and shelves. As well as being able to create individualized products for clients, they also offer advice on the best materials and techniques to use to ensure that each project is of the highest quality. Furthermore, they provide detailed instructions on how each piece should be built and the proper methods of finishing and maintaining the final product. Fox Woodworking’s knowledgeable staff will help customers through every step of the process while ensuring customer satisfaction with professional care and attention. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Fox Woodworking ensures that every customer’s commission receives their full dedication, including budget-friendly options using responsibly sourced materials such as Reclaimed Wood as well as non-toxic finishes. From one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to handcrafted trivets or cutting boards, Fox Woodworking is dedicated to providing lasting solutions for individual needs.

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Fox Woodworking has an extensive list of satisfied clients who have been willing to share their stories. Their testimonials span a wide range of projects, with each customer lauding the quality and craftsmanship of the finished product. Most notably, they reported being pleased with the level of communication they had with Fox Woodworking during their project, as well as the timely nature with which it was completed. Many customers also shared that Fox Woodworking went above and beyond in terms of offering helpful advice and solutions to any potential problems or questions that may have come up along the way. Beyond just doing great work, customers noted how enjoyable working with Fox Woodworking was and how it exceeded their expectations in every way possible. They were delighted by the exceptional attention to detail bestowed on their specific needs, providing them with a custom-made product that not only met but surpassed their expectations. Whether refurbishing antique furniture, or creating an entirely custom piece from scratch, clients can count on Fox Woodworking’s expertise to ensure an extraordinary finish every time.


Fox Woodworking is a successful business dedicated to creating beautiful quality furniture. They have earned an excellent reputation for the high-quality products they offer, setting an industry standard and becoming highly sought after.

But Fox Woodworking’s commitment doesn’t stop there. Not only do they strive to make beautiful high quality products, but their commitment to environmental sustainability is unparalleled. Their strict standards ensure that all of their wood is sustainably sourced and responsible forestry practices are taken into consideration at all times. They also use non-toxic glues and dyes, contributing further to the sustainability goal.

Fox Woodworking goes beyond this to be active agents of change in their local community; they partner with various local initiatives designed to preserve and protect woodlands in the area, or provide education on this subject. They are also devoted to helping those who need it most by working with different charitable organizations which assist homeless individuals or help veterans find housing, job training and other resources needed for them to rebuild their lives. Fox Woodworking helps these initiatives both financially as well as providing skills training through apprenticeships and volunteer opportunities for employees willing to help out. Finally, Fox Woodworking contributes responsibly when necessary in order to encourage policy changes that benefit everyone, such as introducing new incentives for businesses who commit themselves to sustainable practices or sponsoring educational programs focused on teaching children how our actions affect the environment directly.


Fox Woodworking has taken great strides in providing quality furniture and products to its customers over the years. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, durable materials and craftsmanship has set them apart from their competition. They have outfitted countless homes with beautiful items that are meant to last for generations. With a widespread reputation of excellence, Fox Woodworking is sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who purchase from them. As a cornerstone of quality manufacturing, Fox Woodworking will undoubtedly continue to produce astonishing furniture for years to come.

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