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Highlight Projects

Hagen’s Custom Woodworking has a wide array of woodworking projects for clients to choose from, ranging from cabinetry and furniture to home renovation and remodeling. To demonstrate the quality craftsmanship that Hagen’s Custom Woodworking provides, they can showcase a variety of their recent projects with before-and-after photos or videos. For example, they could show a room before and after its renovation, along with pictures of any custom cabinets they designed and installed; in addition, they could provide videos highlighting the detail work on furniture pieces such as tables and chairs. By displaying the variety of work that Hagen’s Custom Woodworking has done previously, potential customers can gain an understanding of what sort of services they provide, as well as get inspired for how to best utilize their own spaces.

Executing Your Vision

Hagen’s Custom Woodworking has the ability to help customers create a unique, custom-made woodworking project of their dreams. Whether you are remodeling an existing property or building a home from scratch, our team of experts can guide you through every step of the process. We specialize in creating outdoor features such as pergolas, decks and entertainment areas, but we also offer interior services for shelving and cabinetry projects.

At Hagen’s Custom Woodworking, we understand that each customer is unique with different needs and desires when it comes to their woodworking project. That is why our experienced team takes the time to invest in individual consultation in order to help bring each customer’s vision to life. First and foremost, we start the process by getting to know our clients’ individual style preferences so that we can recommend options best suited for their tastes. During this phase and all throughout the installation process, we ensure that communication remains open between us so that any changes or adjustments needed can be made in a timely manner. This ensures your desired outcome is achieved just as you envisioned it.

Our goal at Hagen’s Custom Woodworking is satisfaction from beginning to end and beyond. Once your project is complete, our aftercare service offers necessary support if any additional work needs tending to down the road &# 53; Whatever your woodworking needs require – from design and structure – Hagen’s Custom Woodworking can make sure it gets done right. Contact us today with your ideas &# 45; let’s get started on executing your vision!

Promotional Code

Hagen’s Custom Woodworking offers customers top-quality custom woodwork at an unbeatable price, and now you can save even more with our special promotional code. Just use code “WOOD2020” at checkout to save 10% on your next order. We’re confident that you won’t find a better deal for the same quality of work. Thank you for choosing Hagen’s Custom Woodworking!

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Q: What type of custom woodwork does Hagen’s Custom Woodworking specialize in?
A: Hagen’s Custom Woodworking specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind projects. We offer top quality design and construction on everything from cabinets and furniture to architectural pieces.

Q: How long does a custom project typically take?
A: The length of time for each project will vary depending on the complexity of the design and materials selected. Generally, most custom woodworking projects take 4-6 weeks to complete but some projects may take longer.

Q: How much do the services cost?
A: The price of each custom woodworking project will depend on the size and complexity of the project as well as any special features that you would like included in your piece. Our team is happy to provide you with an estimate before starting any work so that you can feel comfortable investing in our services.

Showcase the Team

At Hagen’s Custom Woodworking, we have an experienced and passionate team of professionals who are committed to providing only the highest quality woodworking services. Our team is skilled in a wide variety of areas including furniture design, construction, restoration, and finishing.

John Hagen is the owner and lead designer for Hagen’s Custom Woodworking. John comes from generations of woodworkers in Germany and has over 20 years of experience crafting finely crafted furniture pieces. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge to our company as well as an eye for detail that makes each piece unique to his clients.

Dave Miller is an apprentice at Hagen’s Custom Woodworking and has been working with John since entering the business five years ago. Dave has a background in physics which helps him come up with new ideas for our custom projects. His engineering skill sets allow us to move projects that can sometimes become stagnant more efficiently through the entire process.

Chris Pearson is a master woodworker who specializes in antique furniture restoration. Chris worked for several other companies before moving around the world and eventually settling down here with us at Hagen’s Custom Woodworking. He brings a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years of experience specialized in restoration work from different countries giving him an insight not many others can provide when it comes to restoring antique pieces or reconstructing aged parts into heirloom quality keepsakes.

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Finally, Alan Brown has worked at our shop since opening day 10 years ago as the lead finisher and painter in our shop. Alan takes care in every aspect of his job ensuring that any piece leaving our shop meets his own high standard consistency long lasting because all products needs to last you years or decades! Alan ensures customer satisfaction by offering multiple finish options using both modern techniques as well as traditional finishing seasoned techniques perfected while traveling across Europe earlier this past year learning traditional methods used since time immemorial!

All together our team creates one-of-a-kind Furniture Pieces set apart from any other company you will find on the market today below nothing but the best polished finish them your loving hands will enjoy for many years to come!

Photos & Videos

At Hagen’s Custom Woodworking, we are proud to offer our clients the highest quality woodworking services around. From the moment you step foot inside our shop, you can expect to be received by friendly faces, plenty of helpful advice, and a relaxed atmosphere where learning is encouraged. We believe that our craft is an art that can help bring beauty and value to any home, office or business.

To show potential customers what sets Hagen’s Custom Woodworking apart from other woodworking shops, we suggest including a gallery of photos and videos of the shop in action. These could include images of experienced staff hard at work using all kinds of tools and machines to transform blocks of wood into stunning shapes, panels and designs. To highlight the creative spirit alive here at Hagen’s Custom Woodworking, it would also be great to have short clips showing intrepid craftsmen experimenting with new techniques or turning seemingly ordinary pieces into something truly unique and sometimes even spectacular! These visuals will give website visitors a real sense of what working with us is like before they even set foot in the door!

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