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One of the most impressive projects that Jh Custom Woodworks has undertaken is a custom mahogany bookcase for a client in Minneapolis. The detailed curved wood panels and intricate wood grain pattern of this project showcase the skill and attention to detail that the team at Jh Custom Woodworks is capable of.

A second tip-of-the-hat worthy project that Jh Custom Woodworks has completed is a bespoke wooden entryway for their client near Seattle, Washington. This beautiful entrance features wood paneling with custom inscriptions, intricate detailing on the columns, and ornate hardware; all of which serve to demonstrate again the level of craftsmanship and artistry within this company.

Lastly, another noteworthy piece by Jh Custom Woodworks is a walnut fireplace mantel they constructed for a historical home in upstate New York. As seen on the project’s finished product, this intricate construction displays multiple unique shapes and sizes that merge perfectly to contour smoothly around its designated area. All in all, it proves without a doubt just how highly skilled the entire team of Jh Custom Woodworks truly is.

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Jh Custom Woodworks offers a range of services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences, leaving you feeling secure in the knowledge that your project will be completed with professionalism and attention to detail. Our team has decades of experience in the industry and regularly surpasses our clients expectations with excellent craftsmanship.

Here are some reasons why Jh Custom Woodworks stands out from the rest:

1. Quality: We use only high-grade materials for all our projects, ensuring beautiful outcome every time. This means you receive furniture pieces, structures, and accents made to last.

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2. Creativity: Every product we produce is not just structurally sound, but also aesthetically pleasing, making it an integral part of any space where it is installed. We tailor each piece to our customers’ specific requirements and preferences, so your ideas truly come to life in our hands!

3. Timely completion: We understand how important deadline management is in executing projects successfully. All orders are given priority status without compromising quality of work since we understand ship dates must be met on time

4. Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality because we believe in delivering premium woodwork at budget-friendly prices for long-term customer satisfaction.,

5. Professionalism: As experienced craftsmen, we know how important it is to complete projects in accordance with safety protocols or industry standards; therefore our staff strictly adheres to best practices instructed by industry professionals .

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Q: What services does Jh Custom Woodworks offer?

A:Jh Custom Woodworks offers custom carpentry, furniture design and repair, and cabinetry services. We specialize in custom designs and unique projects.

Q: How much experience does Jh Custom Woodworks have?

A: Our team has over 15 years of combined experience in the industry, ensuring that all projects are handled with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision.

Q: What materials does Jh Custom Woodworks work with?
A: Jh Custom Woodworks works with a variety of hardwoods (ash, cherry, maple, etc.), as well as other construction materials such as MDF board, plywood, particleboard, veneer wood, laminates and more.

Q: How long do projects usually take to complete?
A: Times may vary depending on the scope and complexity of each project. However, we strive to finish every job as promptly as possible while also providing superior quality results.

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Jh Custom Woodworks offers a wide range of services aiming to provide customers with top-quality woodworking and carpentry services. The cost breakdown of their services is the following:

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-Design and Consultation: Charges depend on the size of the project; typically ranging around $50-$200.

-Custom Carpentry and Woodworking: Depending on the project, quotes may vary from $200 – $2,000.

-Expert Finishing Repairs and Restoration: Includes materials, labour costs, and finishing techniques. Prices can range from $100 – $1,500 depending on extent of repair/restoration.

Overall, Jh CustomWoodworks provides high quality services at a reasonable price point. It is well worth investing in such services for long-lasting performance and aesthetic value. Moreover, customers are encouraged to contact the company for an accurate quote following the details of the project because prices may vary. Customers can be rest assured knowing they will receive professional workmanship at great rates when hiring Jh Customwoodworks for their carpentry needs.

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Jh Custom Woodworks has been recognized for their superior craftsmanship and customer service. Since its inception, the business has been awarded numerous awards and accolades, including:

– The prestigious “Best of Woodworking” Award from the American Craftsmen Alliance (ACA) in 2020
– 10 consecutive medals at the International Woodworking Fair
– Named “Outstanding Craftsman” from the Wisconsin Association of Woodworkers in 2019
– Honored with a Reader’s Choice award from Fine Woodworking Magazine in 2016
– Numerous 5-star customer reviews on popular woodworking websites such as Lumberjocks.com and Yelp.com

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