Jd Lohr Woodworking

Introduction to Jd Lohr Woodworking

Jd Lohr Woodworking is a custom woodworking company founded in 1982 with the mission to “provide excellent customer service and offer beautiful, high-quality, custom products with the best value and satisfaction.” We are committed to helping our customers create their dream spaces with the highest quality craftsmanship through making a variety of well-made furniture, features, and accessories.

Our customer testimonials are second to none. They speak for themselves about the quality of work we produce and the dedication that goes into each and every piece we make. We believe that if you receive excellent service from us it should be noted, which is why all customer reviews are more than welcome!

We offer a wide range of services including cabinet repairs, furniture construction, countertop installation, carpentry and construction modifications. Whether you need an entire kitchen designed from scratch or just some repairs for your existing furniture we can provide it for you. Additionally, we offer many finishing services such as painting and staining so you can make sure your project has its own unique look. As one of the leading suppliers in custom woodworking, we guarantee that when you enlist our help you will get top quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Highlighted Projects

Jd Lohr Woodworking offers custom-made bespoke wooden furniture, art and decorative accessories. Each of the works crafted by Jd Lohr is unique and integrates many small details that come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. From handcrafted cabinets to designer tables, from decorative sculptures to personalized jewelry boxes, every creation of Jd Lohr Woodworking speaks of craftsmanship, innovation, skill and passion.

The highlight portion of the website showcases some of the most recent works crafted by this team. Visitors can view an image gallery featuring examples of all sorts of exquisite creations ranging from coat racks and shelves to bookcases, outdoor furniture and even poolside benches or rockers. All pieces are quite finely finished with intricate touches such as dovetail joints and fretwork. In addition to functional objects like desks and chests, visitors will also be able to enjoy creative sculptures such as animal figurines or abstract shapes created out of wood.

The Jd Lohr Workshop

Jd Lohr Woodworking is a unique workshop that produces custom furniture pieces and other woodworking projects. Run by master craftsman, Jim Lohr, the workshop provides educational services and private lessons in the fine art of woodworking. With each project that leaves the shop, a part of Mr. Lohr’s passion for traditional and modern carpentry methods is evident in its quality and design.

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The Jd Lohr Workshop offers visitors a look at the creative process behind each piece from start to finish. Through interviews with the craftsman, viewers get an intimate understanding of how years of practice and dedication come together when creating something new or restoring heirloom furniture. A tour of the workshop features footage detailing the assembly process, tools used, and a look at some classic hand-crafted pieces. For enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about this hobby, private classes are also offered where they can gain hands-on experience with all aspects of woodworking.


Customer success stories and awards have been a hallmark of Jd Lohr Woodworking since our inception.
From the very first day when we finished our first piece for a local family, we have made it a top priority to exceed customer expectations with exceptional craftsmanship and excellent customer service.
And through the years, our efforts have earned us numerous accolades and positive reviews that recognize our workmanship and customer service excellence.

We are proud to showcase several of the awards we have earned over the years:
• Most Outstanding Craftsman in 2018, awarded by California Customworks Magazine
• National Honors Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship and Service in 2017, recognized by The National Woodwork Association
• Regularly featured articles in national publications such as Woodworkers Magazine, National Carpentry Magazine and Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Our customers also attest to the quality of Jd Lohr’s products and services. We invite you to read their reviews on our website or contact them directly to learn more about their woodworking experiences with Jd Lohr!

The Business Model

Jd Lohr Woodworking is a small but rapidly growing furniture business based in California. Since its founding in 2014, the company has strived to craft unique and artistic pieces of furniture that stand out from the mainstream and make truly innovative contributions to the industry. At Jd Lohr, we are committed to honoring our customers’ expectations with each product we craft. We strive to be honest, consistent and transparent with our clients ” providing only the best quality products and services possible with each transaction.

Our commitment extends beyond providing excellent products and services – we also prioritize sustainability initiatives within the production process. We embrace responsible forestry sources by utilizing eco-friendly materials whenever possible”such as FSC certified woods”which helps reduce our environmental impact without compromising on quality. In order to further reduce our carbon footprint, we partner with suppliers that use renewable energy sources in their production process, minimizing pollution generated from our sourcing activities. Additionally, we employ strategies that combine economic efficiency measures and a focus on material waste minimization to optimize operations for minimum energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation phases. These core values have enabled us to stay competitive while still doing right by the environment ” demonstrating both an understanding of human-ecological constraints and an appreciation for nature’s bounty.

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At Jd Lohr Woodworking, sustainability is at the center of our philosophy ” it drives not only how we construct furniture, but how we interact with one another as well. We strive for excellence across all areas of the business ” from design through distribution ” integrated into every product we create for a lasting mark on each piece crafted.


Jd Lohr Woodworking is proud to be a leading provider of high-quality, custom woodwork services. For over 25 years, the company has been commissioned for jobs ranging from large commercial projects to small residential projects. John Lohr and his dedicated team are committed to providing exceptional product quality and a great customer experience from start to finish. This commitment has earned Jd Lohr Woodworking their reputation of excellence in the industry.

Recently, Jd Lohr Woodworking posted customer testimonials on their website highlighting the great work they have done over the years. The reviews showcased how customers were always pleased with the final result and many mentioned how impressed they were with John’s professionalism, creativity, and knowledge of the craft.

As we look ahead at the future of Jd Lohr Woodworking, we can certainly be excited about what is yet to come. With such a strong dedication to excellent craftsmanship and customer service, we have no doubt that they will continue their success well into the future.

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