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Feature Unique Projects

Katz Woodworking offers a variety of custom woodworking projects, from furniture to home accents. Many clients come to Katz Woodworking knowing exactly what they have in mind and need someone to bring their design to life. Other clients are truly unique and have unique requests, which Katz Woodworking strives to make reality. Showcasing some of the unique projects that have been completed can help potential customers get creative ideas for custom pieces as well as build trust in the quality of work Katz Woodworking is capable of producing. In addition, it can be an additional source of inspiration for existing customers that may want something different than what they initially had in mind. Examples could include custom headboards, bar tops, elaborate entertainment centers, or anything else you can dream up-these projects illustrate the true craftsmanship and capabilities behind Katz Woodworking.

Address Popular Concerns

Katz Woodworking specializes in creating high-quality, custom pieces of furniture. We understand your concerns about finding the right company to trust with what can be a large investment in having something custom made for your home or business. Our team of experienced professionals have decades of combined experience and have worked on some of the most exciting custom pieces the industry has seen. We understand that creating personalized furniture requires attention to detail, which is why we thrive to get it right every time. Not only that, but we also use premium quality materials so you can be sure that each item is built to last for years to come. Additionally, our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have before, during and after your project from start to finish. Katz Woodworking guarantees satisfaction and a product made with excellence each and every time you trust us with your order.

Showcase Awards & Accolades

Katz Woodworking has been widely recognized for its quality craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. The company has been the recipient of numerous awards, accolades and recognitions including:

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-Awarded “Seal of Excellence” from the American Guild of Woodworkers for its outstanding leadership in high-quality woodworking.

-Named one of the top 25 furniture makers in North America by Furniture Today magazine.

-Highlighted as “Master Craftsman” in the Annual Design Awards Competition hosted by Interior Designer Magazine.

-The only woodworking shop featured in House Beautiful magazine’s feature story on interior design trends.

-Recognized by Architectural Digest as one of the leading suppliers of custom cabinetry and furniture.

-Given an outstanding customer service award by Consumer Reports magazine based on survey feedback from customers.

Include Videos & Images

Katz Woodworking is a family-owned business specializing in handcrafted furniture and custom wooden products. To fully appreciate the skill and craftsmanship behind their pieces, we suggest utilizing videos and images to show customers the process of how each item is created. From the first carving of the wood to sanding, staining and finishing, customers will be able to see the lengths that Katz Woodworking goes through to make each piece unique. Videos could also highlight their selection of woods, stains and finishes available for custom orders. In addition, high-resolution photographs showcasing the finished product could not only supply customers with ideas but also create an emotional attachment with each item before it even arrives at their doorstep. By putting together a digital portfolio of Katz Woodworking’s craftspeople & creations; we believe that customers will have a better experience when exploring all they have to offer!

Provide Case Studies

Katz Woodworking has been providing quality furniture for over five years. Their expert craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry, having received multiple awards for excellence. In order to better engage their customers and showcase their expertise, Katz Woodworking offers the following case studies:

1. For a local couple, Katz Woodworking designed and built custom bookcases to perfectly match the style of the couple’s home. The team took precise measurements and crafted each bookcase with an eye for detail that could only be achieved by experienced woodworkers.

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2. Katz Woodworking recently renovated a historic building, restoring it to its former glory while staying true to its mid-century design aesthetic. From creating custom doors to repairing original millwork, no detail was overlooked as the team worked diligently for weeks to ensure everything was perfect once completed.

3. With a need for space-saving functionality and modern vibe, Katz Woodworking designed a series of floating shelves for a corporate office space that fit seamlessly into the existing decor while still looking chic and stylish. The entire installation was done in under 3 weeks with minimal disruption to daily operations within the space.

These cases studies demonstrate the unique capabilities that Katz Woodworking offers, encompassing both historical-style renovations and cutting-edge designs suitable for any environment or taste. Customers can take comfort knowing that whatever their vision might be, Katz Woodworking has the expertise and skill level necessary to bring it to life!

Offer Special Promotions

Katz Woodworking offers special promotions to customers support, motivate and encourage them. These can include discounts, rewards, or other incentives. The aim of such initiatives is to attract new customers while also encouraging repeat business from existing ones. Special offers may include promotional specials on certain products and services, limited-time discounts, or rewards programs such as providing a free item every time someone makes a purchase. Katz Woodworking looks for ways to maximize customer satisfaction when it comes to special offer initiatives by frequently offering unique promotions that provides customers with an excellent value. Additionally, the company uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to broadcast special promotions to both current and potential customers alike.

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