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Katz Moses Woodworking Shop is more than a business. It is a valued part of the local community. Established in 2012, Katz Moses Woodworking Shop has been serving the town of Greenville and its surrounding area ever since. The shop offers quality craftsmanship and unique, customized creations as well as custom-made furniture to help families bring their dream homes to life. Artisanal woodworking items on sale range from tables, beds and cabinets to plates, glasses and clocks made from locally sourced wood. This small family-owned store is owned by Dan and Nancy Katz, who both have a background in design and carpentry that dates back generations. They source all the materials for their projects from local farms with sustainability in mind. In addition to providing employment opportunities for locals, it also provides business opportunities for other artisans and craftsman in the area. Over the years it has become one of the most popular shops in town and has enabled many individuals, families, as well as businesses to realize their dreams when it comes to interior design or furniture pieces that are unique and special.

History of Katz Moses Woodworking Shop

Katz Moses Woodworking Shop was established in 1987 by experienced woodworker, Moshe Katz. With over 20 years of experience designing and producing custom furniture and cabinetry, Katz opened the shop in an effort to combine his passion for woodworking with a lifetime of experience.

The early years of the shop were positive and successful; Katz drew on his previous relationships with clients who were eager to invest in unique, handcrafted pieces that satisfied their specific tastes and needs. Over the next few decades, Katz Moses expanded its capacity by staffing additional craftsmen and utilizing new technologies. This allowed the shop to produce updated, innovative designs that appealed to an even wider client base.

In 2000, Moshe passed away but left behind a legacy of inspired leadership within the industry. His son Yehuda took over the business operations while paying homage to his late father’s commitment to excellence. Under Yehuda’s leadership, Katz Moses continued to diversify its offerings, sourcing additional materials from abroad as well as implementing cutting-edge automation techniques that enhanced overall production speed.

Today, Katz Moses Woodworking Shop is one of the most recognized names within its craftsmanship community due to its tasteful designs and high-quality workmanship. The shop continues to serve customers both locally and across the globe thanks to its well-established reputation for superior craftsmanship. It is a true testament to Moshe’s vision and has become a shining example of dream coming full circle into successful reality – all thanks to Moshe’s determination, hard work, and dedication!

Souvenirs from Katz Moses Woodworking Shop

Katz Moses Woodworking Shop is a locally owned and operated woodshop located in Salem, Oregon. Founded by master craftsman Adam Katz and artist Jonathan Moses, the shop offers custom-made furniture, sculptures, artworks, keepsakes and more. All items are made from scratch using only the finest quality lumber sourced from local sawmills. Customers have the opportunity to collaborate with the artists themselves to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. The shop also sells an array of souvenirs that can be customized with special requests such as logos or engravings – perfect for memorable gifts or corporate branding. Whether you’re looking for that special statement piece to decorate your home or a unique token of remembrance, Katz Moses has it all. Visit their showroom to view an unparalleled selection of handmade artisanal creations today!

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Products Offered at Katz Moses Woodworking Shop

Katz Moses Woodworking Shop specializes in providing clients with high-quality woodworking products. The shop is renowned for its specialized tools, materials, processes and techniques used to craft custom projects. Custom projects may include furniture, such as bookshelves and cabinets; carvings; jewelry boxes; birdhouses; decorative items; sculptures; and more. The methods used produce an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and precision that can only be found at Katz Moses Woodworking Shop. Furthermore, the shop also offers a variety of pre-made items such as cutting boards, clocks, frames and other home décor pieces. From quality raw lumber to finished goods, clients can find everything they need to make their desired woodworking project come to life at Katz Moses Woodworking Shop. With experienced woodworkers on staff who are more than happy to share knowledge and advice on any project, Katz Moses Woodworking Shop has become the go-to resource for both experienced woodworkers and newbies alike.

Life at the Shop

Katz Moses Woodworking Shop is run by the Katz family; a dynamic group of artisans and furniture makers who bring their unique love of woodcraft to life through their stunning handmade creations. Each craftsman or woman at the shop brings something special to the team, from the broad range of skills they apply to each project, to their adaptability in tackling new challenges, and always with an inventive spirit.

Whether it’s crafting intricate canoes out of mahogany that practically float on air, or hand-carving intricate panels featuring exotic animals out of solid walnut, each craftsman brings a signature touch that adds another layer of excellence to the final product. Likewise, they approach each new challenge with enthusiasm and commitment; whether it’s a high-end bedroom suite or a non-traditional custom piece.

The craftsmen and women at Katz Moses are also well known for their eagerness to take part in collaborative projects such as creating masterpieces for famous musicians or top film directors. These partnerships demonstrate just how far these professionals will go to stretch the boundaries of woodworking expertise and create truly unique works of art. Working hard together helps foster renewed respect for the environment too, with each member striving to minimize wastage from their efforts whenever possible.

At Katz Moses Woodworking Shop you’ll find more than just great furniture makers – here is a congregation of like-minded minds driven by curiosity and passion that result in much more than ‘just furniture’ – every single piece crafted tells its own story that’s bespoke to its creator and comes alive like never before! From start to finish, every aspect is expressed through technical precision and heartfelt emotion combined into one beautiful culminate which speak volumes about those who bring them into fruition. The sheer dedication which goes into crafting each creation provides an unparalleled experience both visually but also intellectually where its maker’s passion can be felt through every inch of its being!

Experiences at Katz Moses Woodworking Shop

Katz Moses Woodworking Shop has been a staple in the community for many years, providing professional services and highest-quality craftsmanship. Customers who visit are consistently amazed at the skill level and expertise showcased for their projects. Many reviews about Katz Moses Woodworking Shop mention the friendly staff, excellent customer service and superior quality of workmanship. Photos posted by customers show the pride they have in their custom woodworking projects created by Katz Moses Woodworking Shop.

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Customer reviews provide an exceptional insight into what people get out of visiting Katz Moses Woodworking Shop, including a sense of wonderment at the creative potential of wood combined with expert craftsmanship to create magical pieces that can be enjoyed for generations. Guest posts from those who have had experiences with Katz Moses, such as wedding presents or furniture sourced from there highlight not only the products but also special memories associated with them. Outlining special moments associated with wonderful gifts from Katz Moses allows others to understand how much it can mean when getting something crafted from the shop. All these combinations – customer reviews, photos and guest blog posts – help give an insight into all that one can receive when visiting Katz Moses Woodworking Shop and provide evidence of just how special this place is for those involved who help to revive old craftsman skills and traditions.

What Makes Katz Moses Woodworking Shop Stand Out

Katz Moses Woodworking Shop is a family-owned business which has been in operation since the late 1800s and it offers a full range of services to its local and international customers. Its products hold an excellent reputation within the woodworking industry due to its attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

In order to gain better insight into Katz Moses Woodworking Shop, survey responses from expert craftsmen, woodworkers, and other experienced professionals have been collected. Responses have revealed that Katz Moses Woodworking Shop stands out due to its variety of options for custom works, timely completion of projects even with complex requirements, great customer service, comprehensive estimates provided before undertaking any work, use of high-quality wood materials such as oak and walnut instead of cheaper alternatives like pine or plastic composites, attention to detail including accurate cuts and precise measurements for intricate detail design work, clear communication in the planning process about cost and timeline commitments for each project among other things.


The Katz Moses Woodworking shop has been a cornerstone of the community for over decades. Since their founding in 1935 when founder Felix Katz began wood crafting and selling his beautiful furniture pieces, the shop has been at the top of their craft. A visit to the shop today reveals why it is so beloved; visitors get an firsthand experience of its history and craftsmanship.Visitors can observe the same traditional tools being used as they were decades ago – from saws to planes and chisels, along with other innovative techniques that continue to provide the highest quality products—all while being accompanied with knowledgeable answers to questions regarding woodworking techniques. As you explore this piece of living history you’ll see why the Katz MosesWoodworking Shop is one of our most treasured landmarkshas earned such a remarkable reputation among its many loyal followers across generations.We invite you to pay a tribute to this piece of history by visiting the Katz Moses Woodworking Shop and witness first-hand how generations of craftsmen have shaped what we admire today. As part of your visit, be sure to pick up an item or two—it’s sure to become part of your family for years to come!

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