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Logos Woodworks is a family-run business that has specialised in custom woodworking projects since 1978. With decades of experience in crafting everything from cabinetry to handcrafted furniture pieces, Logos Woodworks offers high quality service and unique, unparalleled craftsmanship. Utilising top of the line tools and techniques, skilled artisans design beautiful, tailor-made pieces with tremendous attention to detail that are sure to meet expectations and exceed them. All of their woodworking products are handmade in their workshop using only the finest woods and materials sourced locally. This ensures the highest possible standards to guarantee excellent finishes without compromising durability. Furthermore, each piece is finished with traditional carvings or period decorations to give maximum beauty and character that adds elegance and value to any home. Logos Woodworks ensures all their customers will be delighted with their custom creations as they have been appreciated by customers for over 40 years!

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At Logos Woodworks, we pride ourselves on the culture we’ve created from the ground up. We are a tight-knit group of individuals who strive to provide excellent service with the ultimate devotion to detail and precision. Just as every piece of wood is unique, each one of us plays an important role in building these beautiful works of art.

From our shop manager Cody, who has over 30 years of experience and brings his expertise to every project he takes on, to Tom, whose lightning fast speed and careful eye for quality make him an invaluable asset for custom projects. Brandon’s vibrant energy and enthusiasm livens up any room and makes it a pleasure to go into work each day, while Sandy offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing the best materials for any job. Not only do we all bring unique strengths to Logos Woodworks, but more importantly we all share a commitment to creating stunning pieces meant to be enjoyed by many over generations.

We understand that it is our attention to detail, passion for perfection and respect for craftsmanship that make our services so impressive. It’s this commitment that has earned us recognition within our industry as well as admiration from loyal customers throughout the years; ultimately setting us apart from others within our field.

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Emphasize Attention to Detail

At Logos Woodworks, we believe that attention to detail is key to the success of any project. We hand select only the finest materials for our projects and our team of expert craftsmen are devoted to ensuring each piece is built to meet our exacting standards. Our artisans take great care in ensuring every edge and joint is perfect, every nail or screw is flush and there are no gaps or open spaces. It’s essential that we create beautiful, functional pieces that will last through the test of time and fit perfectly into any space. You can trust us to go above and beyond on each project, no matter how large or small. For Logos Woodworks, precision comes first and this helps ensure we always deliver the best to our customers.

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Logos Woodworks is a custom furniture shop that specializes in creating high-quality, customizable pieces to fit any style. Theirproject showcase gives a breakdown of the materials used, techniques employed, and other details for each of their featured projects.

Their featured project material can range from light or dark woods such as birch, oak and mahogany to exotic wood species like teak or rosewood. They also feature a range of metal styles including brass and steel accents. Logos Woodworks puts emphasis on sustainability while sourcing their materials; they only use reliable certified suppliers to ensure that all woods are responsibly harvested.

Techniques include traditional woodworking methods such as crafting dovetail joints or using mortise & tenons with dowel pins. They also have experience with modern finishes such as conversion varnish & catalyzed lacquer top coats or create rustic looks by hand-rubbing edges with waxes and oils. The detailing is something Logos Woodworks prides itself on; each piece is carefully finished with exacting standards so that it lasts for generations to come.

Logos Woodworks team members have years of experience and apprenticeships under their belts so that you can be sure your piece will be built with master craftsmanship and the highest quality materials available.

Include Before and After Images

Logos Woodworks is a high-end custom woodworking company that specializes in creating beautiful and quality pieces of furniture. They have created everything from coffee tables and chairs to filing cabinets and armoires.

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This photo shows a bare, unfinished piece of furniture with visible imperfections and an overall dull appearance.

This photo displays the same piece of furniture after Logos Woodworks’ work is complete. It has been sanded and treated for a smooth finish so that no pieces stick out or feel uneven, then stained with a rich hue that brings out each detail on the surface of the wood. The legs also feature polished metal accents for a touch of timeless elegance.


Logos Woodworks offers extensive educational resources to help readers become better woodworkers. They offer a variety of instructional videos, tutorials, step-by-step instructional guides, and digital books created specifically for woodworking enthusiasts. The resources provide detailed information on topics such as woodworking safety procedures, tool selection, maintenance and upkeep, accurate cuts and measurements, joining methods, furniture building techniques, finishing skills and more. Logos Woodworks also hosts several woodworking classes throughout the year that cover an array of topics. Attendees get to learn from experts in the field and have the opportunity to ask questions about any concept or problem they encounter during their project. In addition to these educational resources, Logos Woodworks has created various online communities that allow members to post questions related to their projects and interact with other experienced woodworkers. This gives them access to valuable advice that helps ensure their final product turns out exactly how they envision it.

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Make Logos Woodworks your go-to destination for all of your woodworking needs! Whether you are an experienced woodworker looking for a new project or an amateur just getting started, we have the tools and resources to help you. From planning and preparation to building and finishing, our dedicated team is here to take your crafts to the next level. So call us today or visit our website to learn more about how Logos Woodworks can help you accomplish your dream project! Take the next step and contact us today to get started!

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