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Manual Woodworkers Wholesale is a family-owned business that has been operating in the material textile industry since 1932. Following its founding, Manual Woodworkers started out as an embroidery and quilting business, initially focussing their efforts on producing aprons and quilts for local markets. During the 1940s and 1950s, it transformed into a much larger operation, becoming the largest producer of embroidered household items in the United States. This became possible thanks to both the hard work of their staff, who kept up with customer demands through meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative technological advances like automatic cutting machines which allowed them to manufacture high quality goods in a fraction of the time. After 60 years of experimentation and growth, Manual Woodworkers now produces a range of products including housewares, gifts, furniture covers and clothing accessories across facilities in North Carolina and Alabama. Today, Manual Woodworkers does business in over 90 countries worldwide.

Building Materials

Manual Woodworkers Wholesale is fully committed to source their furniture and home goods in an environmentally sustainable manner. To achieve this, they use a number of conservation practices throughout the production process. All of their suppliers are required to follow strict policies regarding resource conservation and sustainability, so that products are produced with as small an environmental impact as possible. In addition, they actively promote the use of certified, sustainably-sourced materials, such as FSC-certified wood from recycled sources or timber from responsibly managed forests. They also incorporate several innovative practices into our manufacturing process including ventilated waste liquors to reduce emissions and wastewater recycling for reuse in their factory processes. Manual Woodworkers Wholesale strives to ensure that their products not only look stunning and last for many years but that also provides a minimal negative impact on our planet’s fragile environment.

Specialized Production

At Manual Woodworkers Wholesale, the craftsmanship and customized fabrication of pieces is given utmost importance. From using the finest quality fabrics to employing intricate embroidery details and hand sewn finishes, quality materials are used in order to create truly special pieces. With teams of experienced master artisans and experienced needle workers, every final product that goes out is made with great attention to detail and precision. Customized orders are welcomed as well and customers can request desired designs or personalization shall they want something extraordinary. No matter the size of order, each piece is handled with extreme care to create a one-of-a-kind final product that will stand out among all other items in any room.

Designers and Artisans

Behind every piece of artwork, furniture, and product manufactured by Manual Woodworkers Wholesale lies a passionate and experienced team of designers, artisans, and craftspeople. It is their vision and skill that produces the brand’s stunning home decor pieces.

Woodworking Concepts

Manual Woodworkers Wholesale understands the importance of training its team so that they have the right skills to bring ideas to life. The individual strengths of each designer feed into their creative process. There are various methods used to ensure their creative journey remains inspiring including classes in drawing, painting, photography, color theory, marketing and business practices. The collective team knowledge also draws on life experience to create products with purpose.

The passion for design holds no bounds at Manual Woodworkers Wholesale; everything from current fashions to ancient styles inspire the design processes of each item created by the group empowering them with the ability to tap into contemporary trends or those from any era regardless of the style being referenced in an existing product line.

Furthermore, with trend analysis playing a central part in the design philosophies employed at Manual Woodworkers Wholesale constant attention is paid to shifts in tastes as well as aesthetic preferences in order to stay ahead of changing desires and demands from customers both generally and specifically for each individual piece produced. This provides cutting edge products for all markets served by Manual Woodworkers Wholesale worldwide as well as unique brand experiences that reach across generations seeking a connection between lifestyle and trend with our artisanal hand touch craftsmanship finish providing an unequalled feel and look.

Distinctive Styles

Manual Woodworkers Wholesale is proud to offer customers a vast selection of attractive and unique home decor styles and pieces. From classic, antique-inspired designs to modern, minimalistic styles, there’s something to suit all tastes. Our range includes furniture such as sofas, armchairs and dining suites; walls and shelving units for displaying mementos, artwork or books; and excellent quality textiles: rugs, curtains and throws to add the finishing touches. We also stock a range of stylish accessories including lamps, mirrors, baskets and clocks. With everything made from quality materials and finished by experienced craftspeople with exquisite attention to detail you can count on us for fashionably chic pieces that will stand the test of time. Whatever your style preference; rustic charm, vintage elegance or contemporary chic Manual Woodworkers Wholesale has the collection for you!

Innovative Approaches

Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, often referred to as “MWW”, is a leading wholesale supplier of home décor and gift items in the United States. The company has taken great strides in their product development and production processes with their commitment to environmental sustainability at the forefront of all considerations. MWW has implemented several innovative approaches in their mission to reduce environmental impacts on society.

For example, MWW has looked into using recycled materials for certain product components such as fabrics. They also use low-impact or zero-chemical dyes in some of their textile production. As part of their overall approach to minimizing water waste, they have invested in technologies to collect rainwater which can be put to use during the manufacturing process while simultaneously reducing runoff that would otherwise enter nearby waterways.

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Perhaps most excitingly, MWW uses renewable energy sources for much of its facilities’ electricity needs thanks to a unique partnership with local utility companies who are willing to invest in large solar panel projects located on the company’s property. This arrangement enables MWW to use natural sunlight energy instead of draining fossil fuels from power plants for operation.

In addition, these environmentally friendly practices extend beyond exclusively renewable resources like wind and solar energy. For example, manual workers consider what happens after they have sold products: plastic bags and other packaging materials are carefully chosen based on recyclability factors so these items can be properly reused or repurposed at the end of its life cycle instead of simply being thrown away into a landfill site.

Quality Assurance

At Manual Woodworkers Wholesale, quality assurance is of utmost importance. We take a thorough and thoughtful approach to ensure our finished goods meet stringent standards of quality before they leave our facility. This includes extensive in-depth research into the material production processes, as well as testing each individual part used during manufacturing. Our staff assesses the strength and durability of each component that makes up the finished product. We also provide specialized treatments to items designed for outdoor use to ensure long-term weather protection. Once all quality assurance checks have been conducted, we thoroughly inspect every single finished good again prior to release for further verification and testing. This means every product shipped from Manual Woodworkers Wholesale is guaranteed to meet or exceed expectations for both safety and quality.


Manual Woodworkers Wholesale provides a unique and innovative offering in the home décor industry. The company’s products are of the highest quality, with elegant and timeless designs that evoke character and charm. They feature rich materials sourced from around the world in order to provide a wide range of unique looks to suit any decorating style. They offer wholesale pricing on all their products, allowing customers to get great value for their money. Additionally, Manual Woodworkers Wholesale offers fast and reliable delivery throughout the entire United States, ensuring you receive your new home décor as quickly as possible. With Manual Woodworkers Wholesale’s selection of stunning pieces and unbeatable prices, you can complete your dream home without any hassle or fuss.

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