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Manual Woodworkers, originally founded in 1932 as Manual Weavers, has been a family-owned and operated business for three generations and is currently run by the Manzano brothers. The company, headquartered in North Carolina, produces quality textiles such as throws, quilts, rugs, curtains, upholstery fabrics, and more. While hand weaving was the initial focus of the company when it began operations in rural Hendersonville, over time they have shifted focus towards screen printing their products. In addition to selling directly online to customers all around the world, Manual Woodworkers also has partnerships with major retailers across the U.S.

The mission of Manual Woodworkers is simple: to provide quality fabric products that feature intricate designs crafted by skilled artisans. Every item they produce is designed to be a work of art that can be enjoyed by their customers for years to come. To ensure top quality craftsmanship and style in their products each design goes through an extensive development process before ever making its way out of the production workshop. Their designers create patterns from scratch using digital technology and then those patterns are closely examined for accuracy before being transferred onto fabric using expertly crafted print screens. Finally the fabric goes through a careful finishing process including washing and cutting so that each product meets their exacting standards prior to being shipped off to customers worldwide.


Manual Woodworkers North Carolina is a family owned business located in the small mountain town of Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Founded in 1932 by two brothers, Joseph and Judson Anderson, Manual Woodworkers has been providing quality handmade products for over eighty years.

The company started out selling simple quilt frames from their garage door and now owns two manufacturing facilities totaling 150,000 square feet and employs more than 520 workers. Specializing in handwoven tapestries, decorative accent pillows, window coverings, shower curtains and lazy susans; Manual Woodworkers is one of the largest home décor suppliers in the United States. The family’s commitment to excellence can be seen in their dedication to quality craftsmanship and beautiful designs.

Manual Woodworkers not only produces high quality products but also prides itself on its commitment to the communities it has served since its inception. In addition to providing jobs with competitive wages and benefits they have also made significant donations to local charities as well as sponsoring numerous arts initiatives throughout western North Carolina. part of the Manual Woodworker’s story is their commitment to continuing future generations of skillful artisans right there in Spruce Pine surrounded by friends and family which helps keep alive their rich heritage that has come to define them so much throughout the years.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Manual Woodworkers North Carolina has been crafting quality home décor and gifts for the past 80 years. Their products are handmade with care and attention to detail, making each piece reliable and of the highest quality. Each of their pieces is designed to evoke nostalgia, giving customers a feeling of comfort and class. Traditional skills such as hand embroidery, crochet, weaving and quilting are still used in creating each product, ensuring that it will bring beauty and joy into any home. Every item produced is filled with love and artistry, showing off their dedication to producing items in line with their core values of creativity, craftsmanship and quality. Consumers can be assured that they’re buying an item made with durable materials designed to stand the test of time. All Manual Woodworkers’ North Carolina products come from designers proudly based in the heart of Appalachia. With roots grown deep into this region’s rich culture and heritage, generations have come together in pursuit of delivering unique pieces for your home.

Making a Statement

Manual Woodworkers North Carolina is an American manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of home décor and quilted items. The company was established in 1932, and although it has since undergone changes in ownership, the spirit of crafting fine quality products for customers remains part of its core values. Manual Woodworkers has a wide selection of products that are perfect for those looking to add charm to their home or make a special gift.

One popular Manual Woodworkers North Carolina product is their accent pillows, which come in numerous sizes and patterns. These pillows feature unique designs like embroidery on flocked fabric, as well as traditional patches featuring nature-inspired motifs. Another must-have item from Manual Woodworkers North Carolina is their throw blankets made with 100% cotton and bright colors that can easily fit any color scheme. These throws are equally stylish draped over armchairs or sofas, or even used as a cozy addition during chilly evenings.

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In addition to accent pillows and throws, Manual Woodworkers offers woven tapestries that showcase scenes from nature along with other popular prints like solids and stripes. Wall hangings and floor coverings are also available from the company’s extensive range of products. While these beautiful items bring a touch of sophistication to any room in the house, they can also be a great source for gifting loved ones during special occasions. No matter what brand of quality home décor you might be looking for, Manual Woodworkers North Carolina offers something special for everyone’s needs!

Eco-Friendly Practices

Manual Woodworkers North Carolina is proud to offer eco-friendly practices for the betterment of environmental sustainability. Their extensive use of sustainable raw materials help their products achieve the highest standards of quality and longevity. Using precision engineering processes combined with manual labor, they are committed to manufacturing goods that embrace renewable energy sources while also reducing their carbon footprint.

From workshops fueled by solar power to using state-of-the-art LED lighting systems, Manual Woodworkers North Carolina has taken significant steps to reduce their consumption of conventional electricity. They have also streamlined and optimized their production processes to reduce water usage and minimize waste from fabric dyeing activities. Additionally, all effluents generated from fabric dyeing as well as wastewater from other production-related activities are thoroughly treated in a modern treatment plant before being released into the local river in compliance with environmental regulations set by the government.

Apart from these initiatives, Manual Woodworkers North Carolina has undertaken pioneering projects such as the installation of electric vehicles with charging stations at workplaces and encouraging its employees to participate in tree plantation drives across rural parts of North Carolina. The organization hopes to continue working towards more sustainable solutions while simultaneously promoting greener attitudes among their workforce in order to create a better world for generations to come.

Take a Tour

Manual Woodworkers North Carolina is one of the leading producers of home decor and textiles in the United States. The factory is located in Hendersonville, a small city near Asheville, NC. Inside the factory walls, you can find workers busy at sewing machines filling orders for Manual’s products, which are sold by retailers across the country. The factory has been in operation since 1932 and continues to operate around-the-clock to meet customer needs. The staff also works with some of today’s top designers to create fresh, trend-forward fabrications that stand apart as unique and beautiful pieces of art.

At Manual Woodworkers North Carolina visitors can take a closer look at how their products are created from start to finish. After stepping through the main doors you’ll find yourself standing in a vast production space filled with big machines, colorful fabrics and specialized sewing tools. As you make your way around the factory floor you’ll be able to observe each step of the process up close; from cutting out fabric designs, to working with intricate patterns or quilting materials, all before it goes on to be assembled for final packaging and shipment. Along your journey you’ll get a chance to meet some passionate craftsmen who take great pride in creating Manual’s world class pieces that have endured countless changes over time. Take a tour inside Manual Woodworkers North Carolina today and see first hand how these talented artisans bring home décor ideas and dreams into reality every day!

Design Tips

When it comes to working with Manual Woodworkers North Carolina, some tips and best practices can help you improve the outcomes of your design projects. One thing to keep in mind is that Manual Woodworkers North Carolina has a huge range of wooden furniture for use in commercial and residential spaces. Finding pieces that match the style you’re trying to achieve can become overwhelming. To make the selection process easier, try having an itemized list of all the materials you need, as well as specific measurements of what type of space you’ll be working with. This will give you an idea of what to look out for while searching through the store’s vast catalog. Additionally, working with professionals at Manual Woodworkers North Carolina can be beneficial. They provide excellent customer service and have a lot of woodworking knowledge and experience at their disposal, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions. When prepping your piece for construction or repair, always wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when necessary and make sure to sand down rough surfaces before staining or finishing them for a smooth surface finish. Finally, never underestimate how powerful natural light is- try placing pieces near windows if possible to bring out any unique touches on them before showing them off!

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Buying Guide

When shopping for Manual Woodworkers North Carolina products, there are some key factors to consider to ensure you’re making the right purchasing decision. First, make sure to double-check product dimensions, both length and width, as these items can often need specific measurements in order to properly fit in your home. If the dimensions are not listed with the product description, be sure to ask a sales rep before committing to purchase the item. Additionally, when making the selection of material finish options, take into account any existing decor theme or color palette so your Manual Woodworkers North Carolina product will blend seamlessly into your home’s atmosphere. Consider looking at photos or trying out similar showroom pieces in person prior to purchase if possible so you can get a full sense of what each option will look like in your space. Finally, review all warranty information included with Manual Woodworkers North Carolina products as a way of protecting your investment from potential damage due to manufacturing defaults or defects that occur post-purchase.

Final Thoughts

Manual Woodworkers North Carolina is known for providing the highest quality furniture and home goods to customers since 1932. Not only are their products of the highest caliber, but their commitment to customer service, skill in design and craftsmanship, and attention to detail means that you can trust them to create the perfect item for you. Whether you seek home or business furnishings, Manual Woodworkers North Carolina has something for everyone. Their array of modern and contemporary designs offer a choice for any taste or lifestyle.

At Manual Woodworkers North Carolina, they don’t just source top-of-the-line materials and hardware that guarantee the highest quality – they also strive to ensure their skilled craftsmen have everything they need to reach your specifications. By working with artisans all over the region, they are able to tap into traditional regional techniques which provide a unique touch while also relying on modern fabrication processes in order to make sure each piece is as perfect as possible as it ships out the door. Each item is made one at a time with painstaking attention given to every detail.

In addition, Manual Woodworkers North Carolina offers personalized services such as custom design services and color matching options so that customers can get exactly what they want from each purchase. They are committed to creating a positive customer experience which starts from first contact through post delivery communication in order that buyers feel supported throughout the purchase process — an extra layer of care that sets them apart from other companies where these matters often fall by the wayside throughout production moments.

For these reasons, Manual Woodworker North Carolina stands out as an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality furnishings for their home or business needs. With years of trusted experience in creating customized pieces from premium materials, along with personalized services such as custom design and color matching — all backed up by stellar customer support — it’s clear why those who seek only the best choose Manual Woodworkers North Carolina again and again!

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