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Woodworking is an ancient art form that has been practiced for centuries. Woodworking refers to the building or repairing of wooden objects. The craft involves a variety of tools, materials and skills. In Raleigh North Carolina, woodworkers can find the supplies they need at Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina. This store offers an extensive selection of tools, materials, finishes and supplies for any type of woodworking project you might have in mind.

At Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina, they provide everything needed to get your projects done with ease and efficiency. They offer quality hand tools such as chisels, planes and saws from some of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry. Their selection of power tools ranges from routers to bandsaws and jointers to sanders ” all designed for precision workmanship and accuracy. Customers will also find a variety of wood including hardwoods like maple and cherry, softwoods such as pine and cedar, plus veneers, moldings and laminates that can be used for a variety of different projects.

In addition to their vast selection of supplies, Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina offers knowledgeable staff who are available to answer questions and offer advice on which materials will best suit your needs. Their employees also have decades of combined experience in the industry which makes them invaluable resources when it comes to safely handling machinery as well as offering advice on finishing techniques.


Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina was founded in 1974 by local woodworker and carpenter, Bob Jones and his partner George Smith. The pair had experience in woodworking and furniture making so they decided to open a business which could provide supplies to other local woodworkers as well. In the early years, Woodworkers Supply sold many basic tools like chisels, hand saws, hammers, and other small tools. Since then they have become one of the premier woodworking shops in town by offering more comprehensive products such as drill bits, doweling jigs, sandpaper blocks, CNC router parts and birch lumber stockholders.

Over the years Woodworkers Supply has invested heavily into increasing its range of products with new lines added almost weekly. Their focus on quality products is evidenced by their large loyal customer base that has grown over four decades since its founding. Aside from selling supplies for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers around Raleigh North Carolina, Woodworkers Supply also provides wholesale supplies for local businesses like furniture makers or cabinetmakers as well as professional contractors throughout the region.

Woodworkers Supply has become a pillar of the local community through hiring locally, holding classes and events at their store geared toward education of woodworking techniques and safety protocols while handling equipment. They also host volunteer work days throughout the year to help preserve Raleigh’s rich architectural history by refurbishing antiques or maintaining local historical buildings.

Products and Services

Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina is a resource for all kinds of woodworking projects. They offer a large inventory of tools and supplies that help with every step of the process, from design to finish. Services include consultation regarding project design, suggestions on tools and products for specific projects, hardware installation, cabinet assembly, and finishing services.

Their product inventory includes power tools including routers and saws; hand tools such as chisels and scrapers; clamps and vises; woodstock in various shapes, sizes, breeds, and colors; abrasives; sandpaper sheets and disks; working surfaces such as benchtops; cabinetry supplies such as pulls, knobs, handles, hinges, drawer slides; fasteners; adhesives; finishes like oils and varnishes; safety equipment such as respirators and eyewear; bits for routers specially made for each kind of project needful information.

Common projects achieved with Woodworkers Supply Raleigh’s help include furniture building (tables, chairs, stools), photo frames & picture frames construction,, molding installations & frame applications., cabinets making & shelving assembling., DIYer wooden toy creation To name a few.

Expert Advice

Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina offers an in-depth range of knowledge to professional and hobbyist woodworkers. The staff at Woodworkers Supply are experts who can provide advice regarding different aspects of the craft of woodworking, such as proper joint design techniques, the best types of saw blades for various projects, sanding techniques to make surfaces smooth, the best types of glue for binding joints together, safety tips when working with tools and machinery, selecting the right type of wood for a specific project, staining and finishing processes to bring out the natural beauty of wood grain patterns and colors, how to sharpen chisels and other cutting tools, how to properly maintain shop equipment, and much more. No matter what level or type of woodworking you are doing ” from crafting dovetailed drawers for custom cabinetry to building a wooden replica sailboat ” these expert tips will give you an edge in your craft.

Medieval Woodworking Tool


Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina offers a wide variety of projects that you can make yourself or purchase pre-made. There are many easy and quick projects, such as candleholders and shelves, that take just a few minutes to assemble. For those with more time, there are larger craft projects like dressers and beds. You can customize your furniture using the woodworking supplies at Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina. With this store, there is something for every skill level. The detailed instructions and images include step-by-step guides on how to create designs for practically any project. Even if it’s your first time working with woods, you’ll find plenty of guidance from the experts working in the store. Also available are various hand tools and power tools necessary for completing more complex designs. Everything from saws to sanders and drills can be purchased here; in addition, specialized items such as router bits, blades, dowels, planers and chisels are also available for purchase. Whether you’re a beginner looking to create simple home décor crafts or an expert looking for specific woodworking tools or ideas ” Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina will meet all your needs!


Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina offers customers a variety of benefits for their woodworking needs. From high quality products and materials, to competitive prices and knowledgeable staff, there are a number of advantages that come with choosing Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina.

The showroom at Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina features samples of many different types of wood products, including furniture, doors, cabinets and more. Customers can examine the pieces in person in order to make sure they are exactly what they’re looking for before making their purchase. The knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions and provide advice regarding various techniques or materials used in the woodworking process.

At Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina pricing is competitive for the high quality woodworking supplies customers receive. They offer price match options so customers can be sure they are getting the best value for their money. In addition to great prices, free delivery is available within a certain radius from the store encouraging customer to shop locally by saving time and money on transportation costs. There are also online ordering options as well as both standard daysail delivery and rush order options with smaller shipping fees depending on customer needs and demands.

Lastly, Woodworker Supply Raleigh North Carolina hosts hands-on classes that teach people technical skills such as basic carving or complex joinery construction while introducing them to bandsaws or using power tools safely. Registering for these classes helps customers get more familiar with key concepts ranging from sawn lumber selection, machinable material selection, proper gluing techniques as well as safe tool usage practices. These classes offer invaluable insights into the world of woodworking craftsmanship while fostering an appreciation of fine hand-crafted workmanship which gives shoppers helpful information on how best to approach each project they take on in the future whether it’s constructing furniture pieces or replacing windowsills around their home

Community Involvement

Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina has been an invaluable part of the local community since its inception. They offer customers a wide selection of quality woodworking supplies and accessories in an effort to facilitate creativity, self-expression, and excellence in craftsmanship. Over the years, they have taken an active role in supporting local schools and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Through their generous donations of materials, tools, and time, Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina has helped foster a sense of community pride throughout the area.

The company also offers regular classes and workshops on woodworking fundamentals – from basics-level to more advanced topics. Classes encourage members of the community to come together to learn new skills while socializing with likeminded individuals. In addition to this hands-on learning experience, Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina offers educational seminars which provide valuable information concerning working with different varieties of lumber and how to properly use tools as well as safety tips.

For those looking to get further involved in the community, Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina also supports volunteer initiatives such as homeless shelter workdays and educational programs that promote awareness about sustainability within the region’s natural environment. Customers can participate by helping out during these events or by donating items As well as offering advice on DIY projects which might be helpful around homes or businesses .

Grizzly Woodworking Machinery

Finally, Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina encourages its customers to spread the word about their products and services through positive reviews online or by hosting craft days/supply sales at private gatherings/ away from their physical store location.. This allows other members of the community not only become acguainted but supports networking efforts amongst various organizations who share similar interests .


Customer reviews of Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have praised the expertise and knowledge of the staff there, commenting on their helpfulness when deciding on tools and products, as well as advice on how to complete their projects. The quality of the items for sale has also been commended, and customers have been impressed with the value for money offered by Woodworkers Supply. Employees of the store have described it as a welcoming place where they can ask questions and find answers quickly and easily. The atmosphere inside is always quite positive, with customers stopping by to chat and ask questions while they shop or take classes. Many customer reviews state that they come back to Woodworkers Supply time and time again because it offers great products, superb customer service, competitive prices and enjoyable experiences every visit.

Contact and Locations

Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina is a full-service retail supplier of high quality tools, supplies, and materials that cater to the needs of professional and hobbyist woodworkers. It has been providing services to the community since 1982, and its four retail locations are located in Wake Forest, Garner, Harrisburg, and Holly Springs.

The store stocks a wide selection of woodworking machinery, lumber, hardware, finishing products, jigs and fixtures as well as specialty items for turners, carvers and furniture makers. They also offer seminars on techniques from some of the most renowned woodworking professionals from around the country. The staff is knowledgeable about the products offered in each location and can assist customers with their purchasing decisions.

In addition to the retail locations throughout North Carolina, the company also has an online presence which offers a larger selection of items shipped directly to consumers or businesses. Customers can find product details including specs, pricing information and customer reviews on each item. Customer service is provided through email as well as telephone should customers have questions or seek additional assistance with an order.


Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina has been an innovative powerhouse in the woodworking industry, since its inception more than a decade ago. Since then, they have introduced several revolutionary products that have changed the way woodworking is done, such as tools and materials specifically designed to make the entire process of woodworking more efficient, durable and precise. Their achievements have not been limited to just the technical innovation of their products; through creative marketing strategies and excellent customer service, the company’s reputation has spread far beyond Raleigh North Carolina. Woodworkers Supply Raleigh can now be found in countries around the world.

In addition to its impressive innovations in product development and worldwide reach, Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina has also made a positive impact on local economies by providing well-paying jobs for skilled workers; this in turn has helped create vibrant communities throughout Raleigh NC and beyond. Furthermore, Woodworkers Supply’s commitment to sustainable practices ” such as ethically sourced materials used to produce their wares ” has earned them praise from many environmental advocacy groups. The company is also known for providing educational resources and community outreach programs that promote good stewardship of natural resources and help encourage the growth of new woodworking knowledge among its community members.

There is no denying that Woodworkers Supply Raleigh North Carolina has had an incredibly positive effect on woodworking globally as well as locally; however, looking toward future successes will take much more than just continuing what has worked so far. There is still potential for further growth and innovation within the company ” particularly regards shifting towards technological advancements ” which could propel them even further into a successful role as one of the preeminent leaders in their field. With thoughtful business planning built on a foundation of respect for people, nature and technology alike, there is no telling how far or wide-reaching Woodwork Supply’s influence might go!

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