New World Woodworkers Set


The New World Woodworkers Set is an essential tool for any woodworker, whether you are a beginner or have been at it for years, offering high quality and convenience. This set contains all the components you need to complete different woodworking projects such as desks, furniture, bookcases, toy boxes, shelves and more. Each piece is made from sturdy materials and built to last.

For beginners, the New World Woodworkers Set includes detailed instructions with helpful tips on how to start creating your project. Experienced professionals will appreciate the high-quality items included in this set that they can use like a chisel, saws, drill bits and hammers.

It also comes with clamps and hand planes that allow you to further refine your projects without having to purchase additional equipment. The set’s level of detail offers a great way to learn new techniques or hone existing skills as it can be used as an all-encompassing learning system when it comes to woodworking.

The portability of the entire set makes it perfect for taking along wherever you may be going – ensuring that projects are completed no matter where you might be situated. By having this set on hand at all times, there is no excuse not to work on any project even while travelling!

What’s in the Set

The New World Woodworkers Set includes a variety of tools and materials to help you bring your woodworking projects to life.

Tools included in the set are:

-A 16″ hand saw with comfortable ergonomic grips to provide easy maneuverability and precise results.

-An adjustable vice with a quick-release mechanism that allows you to easily secure pieces of wood while working.

-Two different sizes of chisels (1/2″, 3/4″) to allow for detailed carving or cutting needs.

-Galvanized nails and screws (sizes ranging from 6 gauge up to 10 gauge) for proper building, joining, and fastening inside or outside of a piece of wood.

Materials included in the set are:

-One 4’x8′ piece of plywood, allowing you to create anything from a simple shelf unit to more complex furniture pieces without having to purchase an entire sheet of material.
-An assortment of wooden dowel rods, helping you make jigsaws, spindles, support beams and more.
-One 12′ length of doweling rod perfect for levelers on furniture or creating raised flower beds in the garden.
-Pre-drilled leg plates that allow you to quickly attach legs onto furniture items such as tables.

Benefits of the Set

The New World Woodworkers Set is an invaluable resource for woodworkers of all skill levels. It includes multiple tools, such as saws, drills, and sanders, which are essential for completing woodworking projects quickly and efficiently. The set also includes several books on traditional woodworking techniques to help hone craftsmanship and build a stronger foundation of knowledge. Furthermore, it offers guidance on the safe operation of these tools, providing detailed step-by-step instructions to ensure projects are completed in a safe and secure manner. Finally, the set provides online access to reference materials that contain helpful tips and tricks for even the most experienced users. This access can help them increase their efficiency with projects and better understand their craft. With its comprehensive package of tools and resources, the New World Woodworkers Set is a great choice for any aspiring or established woodworker seeking to strengthen their skillset and improve their craftsmanship.

What Is Woodwork Finishing

Examples of Projects

1. Wooden Photo Frame: Begin by choosing the desired size of frame to make. Using a mitre saw, cut four pieces of wood in the sizes needed for each side of the frame. Connect two pieces together using glue and two screws at the corners of the joint. Once all four sides are joined together to create a rectangular shape, reinforce the corners with additional screws. Sand any rough spots before staining or painting the frame as desired. Finally, affix mounting hardware to the back of the frame and add a Plexiglas box insert (optional).

2. DIY Desk Organizer: start by gathering your wood pieces and measuring your materials according to size preference with a tape measurer. Lay out these pieces in order on a flat surface such as a workbench and use wood glue on edges that need to be brought together while clamping them tightly with C clamps until fully dried. Pre drill holes on connected pieces and use screws or dowels to secure them further if necessary before sanding down any uneven surfaces or sharp edges with medium grit sandpaper followed by a light finish sanding to create smooth surfaces. Using paints or stains it can be finished in your desired color or sheen for an added touch.. The last step is using small nails or brads on the back board wall to hold pens, pencils, scissors etc…in place

Putting Together the Set

The New World Woodworkers Set comes with a slew of tools and hardware for aspiring woodworkers. To put the set together and get started with your next woodworking project, start with the video tutorial included in the set. This tutorial will provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to assemble your woodworking tools and set up your space so you can begin crafting. The handy video walks you through each piece in the New World Woodworkers Set including the clamps, drill bits, saws, chisels, planes, drill presses and other essential items. It will include step-by-step instructions to ensure that your new workshop is complete so you can start working right away. Furthermore, each tool will be clearly displayed and explained to ensure that you are comfortable with its functionality before beginning any project. Don’t let the intimidating nature of putting together a home workshop hold you back—follow along with this tutorial and get ready to join the world of woodworking today!

Safety First

Safety should be the most important priority when using tools from the New World Woodworkers Set. Before working with any of the tools, it is important to familiarize yourself with each tool and how it works. Make sure to wear appropriate safety clothing such as goggles or a face shield, and hearing protection. When using power tools, take extra precaution to ensure that all guards are in place before switching the tool on. For circular saws, never remove the blade guard without first checking if the saw is still connected to a power supply. Always make sure that you are in full control of the tool when cutting, avoid excessive force and never use an adjustable wrench in place of a spanner for tightening or loosening plus screws or bolts. Hold your work firmly between both hands when operating hand held tools such as planers and routers. Properly secure materials leaving enough room for operators to move around easily without risking contact with sharp blades and tooth picks

4 H Woodworking Projects

Whenever possible use clamps to hold your material in place while cutting or boring holes, doing this helps prevent slipping which may cause serious injury. Follow all instructions provided with each tool and if unsure of how something works seek advice from someone more experienced or consult a manual before attempting any operation that could be potentially hazardous. Once finished with a task always clean up afterwards; put everything away correctly minimize risks associated with slipping or tripping on loose items laying around the workshop space. Lastly go over all tools one last time before turning off any electrical equipment to double-check that they are switched off properly as well as unplugged from any sockets where possible. By following these measures we can ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved in woodwork activities!

Woodworking Tips

No woodworking project is complete without troubleshooting some common issues. When working with the New World Woodworkers Set, here are some tips to help you get started:

• Ensure that all pieces of the set are properly secured and tightened as much as possible, including screws, bolts, and nuts. This will mitigate any potential movement while in use which may cause problems down the line.

• Use the right tools for each job. Having the right tool for each task ensures that everything goes smoothly when creating objects with your New World Woodworkers Set.

• Be aware of any sharp edges. Trim off any rough or sharp edges using sandpaper to create a smoother finish and reduce splintering or other injuries.

• Take advantage of additional resources such as online tutorials and videos on how to best work with your set’s materials. Additionally, there are also various forums where experienced woodworkers can offer tips on proper use of the Set and answer questions about its components or results.

• Don’t forget about safety. Always use proper eye protection when operating tools from your New World Woodworkers Set, to protect against dust, debris, or splinters getting into your eyes while working on projects. Keep in mind that although these tools are designed especially for new woodworkers, they can still be dangerous if not used properly or safely!


The New World Woodworkers Set is a great choice for those interested in learning the craft of woodworking. This set features an array of essential tools and supplies needed to get started, including a miter saw, jigsaw, drill, router, clamping system, sandpaper assortment and more. The set comes with detailed instructions as well as helpful tips and tricks on how to use each tool effectively. Its robust construction provides strength and durability while its easy-to-use design makes it perfect for both beginner and experienced woodworkers alike. It also includes safety features like adjustable blade guards and an ergonomic handle that help ensure safe operation. With its comprehensive collection of essential tools and supplies this set has everything you need to start woodworking projects with confidence.

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