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Nk Woodworking Seattle is an interior design firm specializing in custom-designed bathroom and kitchen renovations. They are the leading source for high-end bathtubs, vanities, showers, and other custom hardware. Their services are customized per project to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Nk Woodworking Seattle’s bathtub selection is comprehensive and varied. From luxurious jetted tubs to the popular drop-in models, the company carries something for everyone’s tastes. The majority of their tubs are made with durable cast iron or acrylic material and feature beautiful designs that can be integrated into traditional, contemporary, or modern decor. The team at Nk Woodworking put special care into every project they take on to make sure it meets each customer’s individual needs.

The experts at Nk Woodworking work together as a close-knit team to ensure a successful installation of your new tub. Their attention to detail results in an immaculate product that will perfectly fit the space while providing you with years of enjoyment. As well as offering quality products at competitive prices, Nk Woodworking also offers personalized customer service with friendly assistance available whenever needed. Customers often turn to their reviews page to read about real experiences from others who have purchased their backtubs and have been happy with their experience. With so many positive testimonies, consumers can feel confident when making purchases from Nk Woodworking Seattle.

Benefits of Purchasing Nk Woodworking Seattle Bathtub

Design: NK Woodworking Seattle Bathtub has a modern design that fits in seamlessly with any bathroom decor. It features cleaner lines and is crafted with durable materials that are designed to last.

Materials Used: The tub is constructed from high-quality acrylic, which is both strong and lightweight. It also has an epoxy-reinforced coating for added strength and durability over time.

Installation Process: Installing this bathtub is simple and straightforward and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as all the necessary parts included (drain and overflow cover).

Customer Satisfaction: NK Woodworking takes great pride in offering top quality products with unbeatable customer service. They strive to satisfy their customers needs and provide prompt response times for inquiries and support requests.

Options Available

Nk Woodworking Seattle offers a variety of bathtub styles, materials and designs for customers to choose from. Additionally, there are customization options available such as size, color and finishes. Some styles the company has available include corner tubs, two-person soaking tubs, walk-in tubs, rock tubs made from premium granite or marble, textured wall bathtubs. Customers can also save money by buying prebuilt standard tubs from major brands like Ariel and Reebok. Nk Woodworking Seattle also offers coating services so you can customize your existing tub with either enamel or acrylic finishes in any color of your choice. Furthermore, they provide free interior design consultation to get their client’s ideal idea conceptualized into reality.

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Price Ranges

Nk Woodworking Seattle provides a wide range of bathtub options with reasonable prices to suit all budgets. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the size, style, and materials chosen. All of their products come with a warranty, so customers can choose the right one for their needs without worrying about reliability. In addition to their reasonable prices, Nk Woodworking Seattle offers superior craftsmanship and often uses the most advanced and environmentally friendly materials available. This makes their tubs both attractive and durable, so users can have peace of mind that they are getting a quality product at an affordable price.

When compared to other woodworking companies, Nk Woodworking Seattle stands out for offering great value for money. Their online shop makes it easy to compare different models and decide which one best fits customers’ needs as well as budgets. They also ship products quickly and provide excellent customer service should any questions or issues arise during installation or usage of the bathtub. By choosing Nk Woodworking Seattle’s various models customers will be sure not only get an attractive and durable tub but they can also rest assured that they are getting an excellent deal as well!

Maintenance & Aftercare

We recommend that your bathtub is cleaned and maintained every two to four weeks, depending on its activity level. We suggest a mild soap and non-abrasive cleaning agents, such as a gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for bathtubs and showers, or a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. Both should be applied with a soft cloth or sponge rather than using any sort of abrasive scrubbing pad. It is also important to regularly check for any water seepage or damage around the tub’s fixtures or plumbing lines. If you notice any issues arise, it is best to contact us immediately so we can ensure a quick resolution and optimal performance.

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With your purchase of an NK Woodworking Seattle bathtub you’ll also receive our 1-year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase which covers any defects in craftsmanship or materials due to normal use. This limited warranty excludes electrical components, abuse and misuse of the product. Additionally routine maintenance is not included in this warranty and must be conducted at the cost of the customer following normal operating procedures as described above in order to keep the product functioning optimally beyond 1 year’s time.


When purchasing a bathtub from Nk Woodworking Seattle, you may be eligible to receive complimentary fixtures such as a hand shower, faucet spout, and drain cover to match the chosen model. Some packages also include additional amenities like an adjustable kneeling stool or shelf for storage. You may also have access to installation and repair services as well as a variety of finishes and fixtures available in varying sizes, heights, depths, and styles. All these features will come at no extra cost if chosen with the purchase of your new bathtub.

Final Thoughts

Overall, customers have reported having a very positive experience with Nk Woodworking Seattle. Their bathtubs are said to be of high quality and at an affordable price. Customers have also commented on their friendly and helpful staff who strive to make sure that customer satisfaction is their priority. With the customer reviews raving about Nk Woodworking Seattle, we can confidently recommend them for anyone looking for a great bathtub for their home. Customers have been really pleased with the quality of the tubs, as well as the excellent value for money that it offers. If you’re in need of a bathtub with superior customer service, Nk Woodworking Seattle is your best bet!

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