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Nyc Woodworking Shop is a custom woodworking shop located in New York City specializing in crafting high-quality, handcrafted wood furniture. With expert craftsmanship and quality materials, every piece is made with an attention to detail that ensures it’s as unique and well made as the one before it.


At Nyc Woodworking Shop, we offer a variety of services for any of your custom woodworking needs. We specialize in creating beautiful pieces of furniture such as dining tables, bedroom sets, office desks and hutches, sideboards and cabinets, bookcases, and accent pieces like headboards and more. We also provide restoration services on existing furniture including repairs, refinishing, touch-ups and more.

The Nyc Woodworking Shop opened its doors in 1983 by dedicated woodworker Nick Mavrides who has since crafted his own style of craftsmanship that has been passed down generations ever since. Since then the shop has become synonymous with crafted pieces focused on quality rather than quantity which was something that resonated with clients across the country. The team at Nyc Woodwork Shop are highly knowledgeable and always eager to assist you in finding the perfect piece no matter what your vision may be or project may entail.

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Nyc Woodworking Shop is a full service woodworking shop. They specialize in custom finishes, furniture restoration and design build services.

Custom Finishes: Their team of carpenters can match unique colors, stains, and polishing rounds on varied materials. They can also customize a finish to match any style you have or create one from scratch.

Furniture Restoration: The shop is dedicated to bringing back your treasured pieces’ elegance and longevity without compromising its character and beauty. They pay close attention to structural integrity while preserving the original metal hardware during the process.

Design Build Services: From one-of-a-kind originals to mass production of custom pieces, Nyc Woodworking Shop can bring any project concept to fruition with their artists’ expertise. Their craftsmanship and passion reflect in each piece they create using high quality raw material such as hardwoods and steel that adds value to any design. Their team has built custom furniture pieces in antique, modern and contemporary designs ” chairs, tables, benches, desks, bar tops etc.

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Examples of their work include:

– A bar top made from salvaged walnut wood with iron accents for an industrial bachelor pad

– An intricate design featuring reclaimed teak wood for a businessing office lobby

– An intricate hand painted dresser for a family’s home décor

– Outdoor furniture crafted from maple wood for a restaurant terrace

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At NYC Woodworking Shop, we are dedicated to creating custom, durable and aesthetically pleasing projects. We understand the importance of using natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship to elevate every project. Our experienced artisans invest in every piece with their expertise and attention to detail, resulting in exquisite products that last generations. Not only do we strive to create unique pieces but also establish lasting relationships with customers.

Why NYC Woodworking Shop stands out is not just due to the quality of our workmanship but also because of our customer service and care. We value our customers’ input, aiming for a collaboration-based experience when presenting ideas or working on projects together. Our goal is always to provide an unparalleled level of satisfaction for each one, which has been demonstrated by the positive feedback of satisfied customers throughout our history. In fact, many of our clients have had nothing but glowing remarks about their experiences with us! Hearing from them helps to further motivate us in striving for excellence and continuing making dream projects come true.

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The NYC Woodworking Shop is an amazing resource for everyone from first time hobbyists to seasoned professionals. Our instructors have years of experience in the art of woodworking and are more than happy to share their expertise with eager learners. As part of our blog post, we’d like to offer direct advice from our instructors to make sure that everyone who reads can benefit from their knowledge. You’ll be able to:
• Read individual tips, trends, and practices directly from experienced NYC woodworkers.
• Have access to unique insights that can’t be found anywhere else.
• Get answers on what tools and techniques will help your project succeed in the most efficient way possible.
• Be inspired by creative projects that are possible through woodworking DIYs.
These tips provided by our instructors will make it easier for you to confidently begin a new woodworking project or expand your current skill set without any guesswork involved. So check out our blog posts for advice from NYC Woodworking Shop’s knowledgeable team!

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Create an online shop to showcase their work

Some ideas to showcase the work of NYC Woodworking Shop in an online shop include:

1. Creating an eCommerce platform that showcases their products with detailed descriptions and photos, allowing customers to browse and purchase directly from the shop.

2. Hosting a live streaming event for customers to watch as pieces are constructed and completed, with opportunities for Q&A’s about the design process, materials used, etc.

3. Setting up a digital catalog of available pieces, along with options for customization/personalization of each piece, allowing buyers to craft their own unique item from NYC Woodworking Shop’s designs.

4. Running promotions where existing pieces can be purchased at a discounted price in exchange for customer feedback or reviews on the quality/craftsmanship of the product.

5. Posting video tutorials and instructional content on how to build items using woodworking techniques and tools that show off NYC Woodworking Shop’s signature style and skill.

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