Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise


For those in the woodworking industry, the Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise is a must-have tool. This vise easily attaches to any flat surface and can be used for a variety of applications including clamping, holding, sawing and more. The unique design allows for a quick release that helps minimize downtime when mounting and unmounting materials.

This vise has many great features that make it ideal for use in a wide range of projects. Its heavy-duty construction can handle even the toughest jobs while its swivel head makes it easy to adjust according to the project needs. The vise also comes with multiple mounting points so you can attach it on various surfaces giving you maximum versatility. Additionally, this vise has an adjustable jaw providing maximum holding power when clamping materials together as well as extra protection against material splitting or warping due to uneven clamping pressure.

The Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise is an ideal tool for all woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its versatility and ease of use make it perfect for any job, ensuring that all projects are completed quickly and efficiently with no loss of quality. With this vise by your side, you’ll have access to powerful clamping capabilities and precision adjustments – a must-have feature when tackling more complex tasks such as making furniture pieces or cutting various shapes from wood or plastic panels. Overall, this vise will prove time-saving and invaluable addition to your workshop’s toolbox.

Features and Benefits

The Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise features a drop forged steel frame with precision machined jaws, providing excellent strength and resilience for professional woodworking projects. The quick release handle allows for easy installation of the vise without needing to use additional hardware, saving time and energy. Furthermore, it has a locking device that provides the user with the control necessary for secure clamping.

This product is perfect for users looking for increased safety when using their bench vice. With its quick release lever, you can easily disengage the vise from any material without risking injury. Additionally, its precision-machined jaws provide superior grip on any surface and will not become loose or slip over time ” ensuring your items are safe while being worked on. Finally, its durable drop forged steel construction ensures long-term reliability against wear and tear in any workshop environment.


Installing a Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise requires several steps and the necessary tools, materials and time. Below are detailed instructions on how to install it correctly.

Tools and Materials needed:
• Phillips head screwdriver
• Drill
• Screws
• Pencil
• Level or ruler
• Metal plates (if needed)
• Hammer (if metal plates are used)
Estimated Time: 1 hour

Steps to install the Vise:

1. Secure an appropriate area on your workbench surface where you will be attaching the vise. It needs to be flat and level, so use a ruler or level to check it before proceeding. If there is not a suitable area, you may need to purchase some metal plates and attach them with screws at the desired level location on the wood workbench. This can be done by drilling holes in the metal plate slightly larger than your screws, using an electric drill with a metal bit and then hammering the screws into place with a hammer if metal plates are used.

2. Take your vise and align it up with the position you marked out earlier or on top of the metal plate(s). Mark out its four mounting holes with a pencil so you know where you will be drilling through for installation (on both sides for evenness). Then, drill 3mm pilot holes for each hole using an electric drill with a wood bit. Make sure they’re all aligned perfectly as per Yourvise manufacturer’s directions/recommendations; this will help ensure that your vise remains level during use.

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3. Finally, attach your Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise using screws inserted through drilled holes in the bench surface into pre-drilled holes in the vise itself. Tighten these screws down until they are secure but not overly tight as to strip any threads from either end of each one or strip out of their own material weak spot – if raised enough free play then must exist after tightening! . It is important that these screws are secured tightly or else your vise could slide around when working with it which could pose safety hazards during operation as well as damage finished products being carved nearby!

4. Once all four of these have been tightened sufficiently, do final adjustments necessary for proper alignment & even clamping pressure along entire length of vice jaws (for instances where adjustment bolts were provided by manufacturer). This should take no more than 5-10 minutes depending on model & user skill set related to set ups & adjustments required specifically this type hardware piece intended task application! This process should complete installation & enable user safe efficient utilization their new Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise system properly now congrats job completed!.


The Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise is a great tool for a variety of woodworking projects, but it can be customized to fit each individual user’s needs. For example, consider adding wooden jaws with mounting holes so that you can use clamps and cauls to secure your workpiece in place when cutting dovetails or any other type of joinery. You could also add removable plates for planing or sanding on either side of the vise.

In addition, think about adding a sliding steel jaw with guide grooves that mounts under the workbench top and fits into the bench vise to use as an in-feed and out-feed table for routing operations. Consider also attaching a hold-down clamp integrated into the movable jaw so you have another way to secure your workpiece while you’re cutting it.

Finally, you could add rubber feet at the bottom of each leg and anti-slip surfaces at the head of both jaws so that they grip wood better without damaging it. With these extra features, not only does your workbench become more multifunctional but also comfortable and safe for your projects.


1. Make sure to tighten the bench Vise securely as you don’t want it to move while working on your project
2. Check the jaws of the vise for any visible damage and make sure they are clean before attaching to the workbench.
3. Consider clamping a piece of scrap wood between your workpiece and the vise’s jaws to avoid marring your work surfaces.
4. Read through all safety measures, warnings, and instructions that come with your Vise before using it for the first time.
5. Utilize more than one quick release lever when you need a lot of clamping power. This will also help balance out uneven pressure between two items being clamped together in order to give you better results.
6. It is essential for projects requiring precision to use a protective insert made from rubber or softwood within the vice jaws when working with fragile materials such as expensive woods or glass items so that they are not damaged during use.
7. When not in use always store this tool away with all levers disengaged in order to prevent any unexpected operation of its mechanisms ” even if stored flat on its side, ready access can still be obtained within seconds which is one of the main benefits of this type of device!

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Benefits of Using a Quick Release

A Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise can offer a range of benefits that are particularly convenient for those working with wood.

First and foremost, the quick release feature allows you to quickly and safely hold pieces in place. This makes the vise ideal for fastening down boards, planks, and other long pieces as it reduces the chance of slipping or sliding during operation. The quick release provides increased safety as there’s no need to remove any parts from the vise when you’re done with one project or job ” simply close the clamping device, adjust if necessary and go onto your next step.

Having a quick release also adds an extra layer of convenience to tasks as it ensures that all surfaces of woodwork remain free from scratches. With traditional vises you have to spend time unscrewing or unbolting them before changing out pieces, but with the quick release function you don’t have to worry about ruining surfaces during work. This often means that multiple jobs can be completed without having to continually reposition items.

Finally, using a Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise is more efficient as it reduces setup time between jobs practically eliminating any downtime during operations. With this added efficiency, basic projects can be completed quicker while large and complex builds are more manageable due to its speedier installation process and improved organization when dealing multiple cuts.

Cost vs. Value

The cost of the Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise can vary, depending on the model you select. However, in terms of value, this product provides buyers with a great return on investment. This is because it has several features that make it an essential element for many woodworking projects. The quick-release feature allows for easy installation and removal without any tools or special skills required. The jaw faces also have multiple machined grooves which make it easier to hold irregularly shaped pieces securely in place. This makes the process much faster and more efficient than other products of its kind.

In addition to being easy to use, the Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise can potentially save you money in the long run because of its durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, it should last for several years without having to be replaced or repaired. This means that you won’t have to continually invest in new products or repair existing ones over time which can help reduce your overall costs associated with each project.


The Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise is the ideal choice for woodworking projects. It comes with a quick release feature, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the bench vise without the use of tools. Additionally, it has several customization options that let you customize your vise according to the project requirements. Moreover, installation and removal are simplified and convenient due to the easy-to-use thumbscrews. These features make this Quick Release Woodworking Bench Vise perfect for all levels of work when it comes to woodworking.

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