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Red Mountain Woodworking is a family-owned business that has been crafting custom furniture since 1978. Founded by John and Alice Sanders in the small town of Marshall, Tennessee, Red Mountain Woodworking began as a single workshop with only four employees.

Since then, Red Mountain Woodworking has expanded to include seven locations across the country and over 700 employees who specialize in various aspects of custom woodworking. Today, each piece from Red Mountain Woodworking is handcrafted with extraordinary attention to detail and features high quality woods and finishes. Every item offered through their showroom or commissioned for a custom order is delicately crafted with extraordinary craftsmanship resulting in timeless furniture that stands the test of time.

What sets them apart from other woodworkers is their commitment to producing beautiful pieces that are characterized by exquisite craftsmanship and unique styling. Red Mountain Woodworking takes great care in sourcing their materials from reputable lumber suppliers all over the country, religiously selecting domestic woods that are carefully processed in-house for originality and exceptional quality. In addition, they offer expert advice to customers who may have difficulty deciding on particular design elements or sometimes simply need some help making choices due to limited knowledge or experience in this field. Red Mountain Woodworking’s ultimate goal is to provide top-notch furniture with exceptional service which will exceed customers’ expectations each and every time.

At the Workshop

Red Mountain Woodworking is a premier woodworking shop located in the heart of Arizona. Staffed by experienced woodworkers, they specialize in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor pieces for residential and commercial spaces.

The workshop is bright and spacious, with plenty of sawdust and tools. Red Mountain Woodworking employs a team of skilled professionals who possess the technical knowledge to create heirloom quality pieces from a variety of materials. The staff brings an expansive knowledge of traditional woodworking techniques combined with modern advancements in tools, technology, and finishes.

Tools in the workshop range from basic hand tools to industrial hardware such as table saws, drill presses, bandsaws, planers, jointers, panel cutters, routers, air compressors and sanders. Finishing supplies include stains, lacquers and polyurethanes ” all made with environmentally friendly products when possible. Safety gear such as goggles and dust masks are always provided to ensure workers’ safety.

In addition to their knowledge of woodworking practices and techniques the staff at Red Mountain Woodworking also bring experience working on custom projects like handcrafted musical instruments or intricate marquetry pieces which require precision measurements and specialized skillsets that often come with decades of practice on unique projects. They also collaborate closely with clients to ensure that expectations are met along every step of the design process from conception to completion. This level of customer service sets them apart from other shops in the area allowing them to deliver top quality work that meets customer standards every time.

An In-Depth Look at the Craftsmanship

Red Mountain Woodworking creates unique and intricate wood products from a variety of raw materials such as hardwoods, wood veneers, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. Their shop is located in the beautiful mountain town of Red Mountain, North Carolina, so it’s no surprise that much of their work is inspired by nature itself.

Once the raw materials are selected and sourced, the crafting process begins. The first step is to bring the wood into the proper shape and size using a combination of saws and special routers. Then they begin sanding processes that involve hand planes and Sanders until perfect smooth surfaces can be achieved. To ensure durability, each piece is sealed with an oil finish.

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After construction steps are completed, Red Mountain Woodworking will complete their signature finishing touches on each piece”from specialized burning techniques to accents that highlight burls or knots in the piece. By doing these things, every single product created at Red Mountain Woodworking stands out from all others. Some pieces even come pre-cut or pre-drilled so that customers can put them together quickly and with minimal effort. A few pieces even come with jigs for easier assembly if required. The options are endless!

In addition to the expert craftsmanship provided by their team, Red Mountain Woodworking offers custom services for clients who want something completely unique for their home or business. Custom projects can often require extra time in order to create a one-of-a-kind product designed specifically for the customer’s needs; meaning that turnaround times on these orders can take longer than our standard product line items due to individualized attention given to each project we undertake. Ultimately however; this translates into an item you’ll be proud to display in your home or office as it is sure to draw plenty of admiration from everyone who sees it!

Unique Products & Projects

Red Mountain Woodworking specializes in creating bespoke and custom wooden products. With a skilled team of craftsmen, they can craft anything from small decorative pieces to large furniture items. They take pride in offering superior quality woodwork that is unrivaled in the industry. Their products range from rustic cabin-style furniture to modern handcrafted pieces made to order. For every project, Red Mountain Woodworking takes the time to make sure each detail is perfect and that every piece is finished with only the finest raw materials available.

When it comes to designing projects, Red Mountain Woodworking firmly believes that no two pieces are ever created alike. Every item is unique and serves as its own special momento for those who own it. The team goes above and beyond to create beautifully detailed profiles of each product and project arising from their workshops – complete with photos! These details are included alongside intricate design capabilities, such as specialized laser engraving for names or logos on any of their products, offering a truly personal touch to all types of woodwork projects.

Customer Testimonials

Janie L. had this to say about her experience with Red Mountain Woodworking. “I had been thinking about revamping my old, outdated kitchen for a while but I had no idea where to start until I came across Red Mountain Woodworking. From the moment I spoke to their representative on the phone and told them what I was looking for, they took the initiative and immediately began to design exactly what would fit perfectly in my kitchen. The materials they used were high quality and their craftsmanship was spot-on which made me excited to show off my brand new kitchen to all my friends! Every penny that I spent on Red Mountain Woodworking was worth it!”

Nora O. also decided to use Red Mountain Woodworking when she renovated her dining room area. She said, “What really impressed me about them was their attention to detail ” every inch of the furniture looked absolutely beautiful and truly made my dining room come alive! They were able to work within my budget and provided fantastic customer service throughout the entire process. Plus, they completed the project ahead of schedule which meant that I could start enjoying my new space much sooner than expected! Overall, if you’re looking for an amazing set up without breaking your bank, Red Mountain Woodworking is definitely the company you should go with.”

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Community Involvement

Red Mountain Woodworking is a company that has taken its community involvement mission seriously. They are committed to continuously investing in their local community to give back and enrich lives. Their outreach efforts range from fundraising events and sponsoring youth programs to participating in volunteer days, engaging in pro bono work, donating supplies, and partnering with local organizations. Red Mountain Woodworking knows that the success of their business hinges on a strong relationship within its community and works hard to ensure it’s held in high regard by being a true partner of the people that live there.

Gallery of Projects

Red Mountain Woodworking offers a gallery of projects that showcase their finely crafted furniture and carpentry pieces. The pictures provide customers with an insight into the types of pieces they can create. From tables and chairs to dressers and beds, every piece is crafted using only the highest quality materials. Customers can see exactly how their piece will look when it is complete by viewing projects from previous clients. This allows them to get an idea of what type of look they want their own piece to have. Red Mountain Woodworking assures all customers of excellent craftsmanship and pride in the finished product”a tangible reminder of their attention to detail in every job they take on.

Materials Used

Red Mountain Woodworking specializes in a variety of beautiful handcrafted furniture, built entirely from solid hardwood. The experienced and skillful craftsmen at Red Mountain proudly use species such as maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut ” all sourced from sustainably managed local forests. All types of wood chosen by Red Mountain are carefully selected to ensure quality construction and a long-lasting finish that will stand the test of time.

In addition to the beautiful types of wood used to construct each project, other materials used for the intended design are taken into consideration. For example, dovetail joinery is often employed, which uses careful and precise cuts that provide strong interlocking joints for cabinets and drawers. High quality hardware also plays an important role in any furniture piece crafted by Red Mountain Woodworking and a wide selection is available including finishes such brass, chrome and stainless steel. Additionally, drawer slides can be added to further support the overall construction. Lastly specialized adhesives are used to guarantee stability when putting together any kind of frame or structure ” allowing only the best results to come out of Red Mountain’s hands!


Red Mountain Woodworking is the perfect choice for anyone seeking high-quality woodworking services. Their team of expert artisans have decades of combined experience in creating fine wood furniture and pieces. From custom commissioning to unique designs, they have the expertise and an eye for detail that goes unmatched. They take care to ensure that each project is given the highest quality attention to meet customer preferences and needs. Moreover, their use of sustainable materials, eco-friendly practices, and green initiatives help them stand out among other woodworking companies. The superior craftsmanship coupled with their commitment to sustainability makes Red Mountain Woodworking one of the best woodworking companies in the industry.

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