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Black Fly Mountain Woodworks is a custom woodworking business that has been creating one-of-a-kind pieces for clients throughout the North Country since 1978. We specialize in building unique furniture, home décor and gifts for any occasion. Whether you need an end table for your living room, a hand-carved mantelpiece or even a rustic birdhouse to spruce up your garden ” we’re here to help.

Our team of skilled artisans have been crafting beautiful and unique wood products with care and attention to detail for over 40 years. Our craftsmen use locally sourced renewable lumber to craft their timeless pieces that are built to last generations. From sturdy outdoor furniture to custom office desks, we ensure all of our woodwork is made with the highest quality materials, designed right down to the last detail.

We also offer a wide selection of gifts, decor and art which makes perfect present ideas for any special occasion. So if you’re after something truly special ” an original piece of Black Fly Mountain Woodworks river-carved woodwork is sure to make someone feel truly appreciated! As well as our own range of handmade items for sale, we also offer customized design services so that our customers can realize their own creative vision when it comes designing their favorite pieces from our studio. And we never just leave it there “our professionals provide you with further advice on how best to preserve and maintain your legacy masterpiece crafted from Mother Nature’s Resources – So not matter which angle you look at it from, Black Fly Mountain Woodworks has got ya covered!

Background Information

Black Fly Mountain Woodworks was founded in early 2000 by brothers Jeff and Dave Matthews. The two had always shown an interest in woodwork from a young age. By the time they had approached high school, they already knew it was something they wanted to pursue professionally.

Jeff and Dave’s dedication to woodworking enabled them to create beautiful and meticulously crafted works of art out of wood for customers all over the country. Each piece is designed with precision, thought, care and consideration. All of their work is based on the belief that no two pieces of wood are alike and each piece should be treated with respect and reverence.

The Matthews brothers particularly specialize in custom furniture designs such as dining tables, chairs, sideboards, dressers and armchairs ” although they have been known to take on all sorts of unique requests from customers! They even create accessories such as lamps or jewelry boxes – all handcrafted to perfection based on the customer’s individual requirements and tastes.

The company also prides itself on its use eco-friendly materials whenever possible as well as donating 1% of its total profits each year to environmental charities dedicated to preserving native hardwood forests and planting new ones. Black Fly Mountain Woodworks consistently strives for excellence in design and customer satisfaction which sets them apart from other local woodworking companies .

Highlighted Projects

Black Fly Mountain Woodworks is a small craft business that restores, designs, and builds custom furniture pieces. They are based in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, where they harvest the woods and materials used in their pieces. The team at Black Fly Mountain Woodworks emphasizes the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each unique piece. Their core belief is that if you take your time and pay special attention to detail while creating something, it will be both beautiful and lasting.

From crafting farmhouse-style tables from reclaimed wood materials to creating exquisite desks from hardwood varieties like oak or walnut, each of Black Fly Mountain Woodworks’ projects is meticulously handcrafted with no shortcuts taken for quality or time frame. Though the process can be tedious, the results speak for themselves ” strong yet elegant pieces created with passion and precision. As part of their commitment to preservation of resources and pursuit of sustainability, Black Fly Mountain Woodworks uses only locally sourced wood obtained from responsible companies when making their items. Customers can rest assured knowing that each one-of-a-kind furniture piece is made with sustainable resources in a thoughtful manner meant to last generations.

Making A Template For Woodworking

Customize Your Projects with Black Fly Mountain Woodworks

Black Fly Mountain Woodworks offers an array of options to help you further customize your furniture and woodworking projects. Whether you are looking for a custom edge-profile, inlay pattern or using alternative materials and hardware, our experienced design team is here to help. We can craft virtually any type of edge profile imaginable ” from roundover to eased edges, custom section shafts and unique piece profiles. You can choose from standard or exotic grain patterns or have us create one specifically for you. We also specialize in detailed inlays with precise accuracy and expert craftsmanship. With today’s modern technology, we are able to reproduce patterns such as Celtic knots, flowers and animals with intricate detail. In addition to woodworking services, we offer custom metalwork such as custom door handles and cabinet pulls constituted with brass or bronze. You can even replace worn out hinges with interior doors made of aircraft grade aluminum that can be milled into different shapes and finishes. Have us build a set of one-of-a-kind furniture legs utilizing a range of woods including cherry, walnut and oak ” perfect for any traditional furniture look you want characterized by curved detailing . Our experienced team can help bring your vision to life ” whether it’s simple touch up work or the creation of entirely original pieces tailored based on your exact specifications.

Attention to Detail and Quality

At Black Fly Mountain Woodworks, we specialize in crafting durable quality pieces that stand the test of time. We pay special attention to detail and work closely with our customers to ensure each piece is crafted exactly to their specifications. From custom furniture to intricate decorative carvings, our expert team can craft any design you can imagine. Our team cuts, shapes and sands each piece of wood carefully until its perfect, adding a level of personalization and craftsmanship that many mass-produced items lack. We offer staining services too if desired. All of our pieces are built with sustainable wood from renewable sources ensuring the highest quality product. Additionally, we use only non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes that help protect each woodworking project for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a custom gift for someone special or need furniture for your home or business, you can trust us to craft quality pieces that are both beautiful and durable every single time.

From Log Houses to Sheds and more

Black Fly Mountain Woodworks is a family-owned business dedicated to providing you with quality custom woodworking projects. With years of experience in carpentry, cabinetry and building construction, we will work closely with you to meet your needs for a unique and personalized project. Whether it’s something as small as a shed or an entire log house, we have the skill to bring your dream to life. We understand that every individual has their own ideas about what their ideal space should look like, which is why we pay close attention to detail when listening to your preferences. We make sure that from design creation to final installation, everything satisfies your standards within your budget. Using only the highest grade materials and tools for each job, our team ensures that whatever you need is crafted with artistry and precision. You can trust our experts when it comes to creating custom woodworking projects; Black Fly Mountain Woodworks is committed to providing the best possible service in design, construction and customer satisfaction!

Eco-Friendly Practices

Black Fly Mountain Woodworks (BFMW) is a custom furniture and cabinetry shop located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are passionate about crafting products that are as beautiful and well-made as they are eco-friendly. Our commitment to green woodworking starts with sourcing sustainably harvested hardwoods. By partnering with local lumber mills, we have access to locally sourced hardwoods from managed forests, ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources.

Rowan Woodworking

In addition to our approach to sourcing wood, BFMW has embraced other eco-friendly practices throughout our workshop. We use non-toxic finishes that emit fewer VOCs than most traditional stains and varnishes. Instead of relying on electricity for our power tools, we opt for hand-powered alternatives to minimize our energy usage in the workshop. We also recycle every scrap of sawdust into biofuel briquettes which heat our shop during the colder months while reducing landfill waste. Finally, BFMW works closely with third party certification bodies like the Forest Stewardship Council and World Wildlife Fund in order to adhere to ethical standards with regards to customer service, pricing transparency, fair labor practices, and reducing our overall environmental footprint.

Looking Ahead

For the past 15 years, Black Fly Mountain Woodworks has been producing exquisite handcrafted furniture that captures the beauty of nature and pays homage to traditional craftsmanship. Founded by Mark Johnson and Susan Newman, their philosophy has been to create timeless pieces with quality materials that are built to last. Now as second generation owners, Kathryn Johnson and Brad Newman are taking on the reins, determined to keep the family business going with a commitment to quality and excellence in all of their creations.

Kathryn and Brad plan on taking Black Fly Mountain Woodworks into the future, more focused than ever on making beautiful furniture from sustainable forests. To do this they have researched several new methods for harvesting wood sustainably ” allowing them to minimize environmental impact while ensuring product longevity. In addition, Kathryn & Brad have implemented various training programs for their staff that emphasize value-based woodworking which promotes reuse of wood materials whenever feasible.

At Black Fly Mountain Woodworks there is a strong emphasis on continuing the tradition of quality craftsmanship through employing highly skilled artisans who understand how quality pieces are made ” similar to what Mark and Susan set out to do when they first founded the company. Even while utilizing modern technology and innovations in production processes, Black Fly Mountain Woodworks has able to kept true to its legacy by always striving towards creating items crafted with care and precision. With their plans for keeping up with technological advances in their industry while also preserving traditional craftsmanship techniques, Kathryn & Brad hope carry on the legacy left by Mark & Susan at Black Fly Mountain Woodworks ” always betting higher standards in design and construction excellence from generation to generation.

Wrap Up

When it comes to the design and craftsmanship of wooden pieces, look no further than Black Fly Mountain Woodworks. The passionate and expert staff at Black Fly create one-of-a-kind pieces that are crafted to the highest quality. With their own custom workshop, every piece is created from start to finish with precision and attentional detail in mind. Every product is made from sustainably sourced wood that comes from carefully chosen forests located in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Utilizing current technology including CNC routers and lathes, combined with traditional methods such as band saws and mortise machines, the artisans at Black Fly Mountain bring together old world style with modern efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a rustic furniture piece or something more contemporary, the team will not only help you find exactly what you’re looking for but provide your home or office with a timeless piece that will last a lifetime. So if you’re in need of wooden craftsmanship, trust in the experts at Black Fly Mountain Woodworks today and have confidence in knowing that your project is sure to be complete with quality results.

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