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Renaissance Woodworking was an artisan woodworking company that began in the 16th century Europe. It is believed that this style of woodworking began with Flemish tradespeople who migrated to other parts of Europe, particularly Germany and Italy. The popularity spread amongst the cities of Renaissance Italy where skilled craftsman recreated furniture with intricate details, ornamental designs and elaborate sculptural elements. These pieces of craftsmanship were constructed with a meticulous attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Renaissance artisans borrowed heavily from classical architecture while introducing new ideas and concepts, such as the tripartite system which added symmetry and balance to their creations. They also used a variety of woods, such as walnut, oak and other hardwoods to create beautiful furnishings for their clients. Many pieces featured inlaid or carved decorations like simple geometric shapes or more detailed scenes reflecting the culture and customs of various Italian regions at that time. They also experimented with paintwork, adding vibrant colors to their furniture in ways not seen before.

These exceptional pieces demonstrate how important craftsmanship and artistry was during the Renaissance period as it allowed individuals to bring their vision alive utilizing both traditional carpentry skills and cutting-edge technology for decorative purposes. From a functional perspective, Renaissance Woodworking provided its clients with high quality pieces made from long lasting materials that conveyed wealth and power in addition to creating exquisite works of art intended to last throughout centuries.

Mission of Renaissance Woodworking

The mission of Renaissance Woodworking is to produce high-quality, handcrafted wooden furniture and home accessories that are inspired by the traditional style of the old world. The core values of this company lie in perfecting craftsmanship techniques, sustainability and providing excellent customer service.

Renaissance Woodworking strives to provide beautiful pieces which represent the quality and timeless value of traditional woodworking. We focus on creating a product that not only looks great but also enhances our customer’s lifestyle and living environment. Through our commitment to workmanship, environmental responsibility, reliable delivery services and continuously improve our knowledge we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every piece we create.

We use only sustainable wood from trees obtained from responsible sources that do not compromise the environment or natural resources. We employ the best possible tools and techniques available so that each piece of furniture can last for generations if properly cared for. We make sure all of our products are designed with longevity in mind – using materials chosen for their durability, strength and beauty so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Additionally, we provide exceptional customer service whenever possible – attending to any questions or concerns our customers might have in order to ensure they obtain exactly what they need from us.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

At Renaissance Woodworking, we set the standard for fine woodwork and carpentry. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, custom pieces of furniture and home décor as well as restoring outdoor wood projects. No matter what you have envisioned, we are devoted to making it a reality.

Our talented team of artisans is knowledgeable in all aspects of woodworking and carpentry, allowing them to craft and finish any piece exactly to your specifications. In addition to their expertise, our craftsmen use only the highest quality materials available for all projects — from simple repairs to intricate designs — with an eye towards craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we employ a variety of techniques and processes when creating pieces that ensure the highest quality results — from hand-selected hardwoods to precision joinery methods such as dovetailing, mortise-and-tenon joinery, dowels and biscuits for strong yet beautiful corners. And each piece is individually finished using traditional methods like staining or painted finishes providing rich color and luster while maintaining the best protective qualities available on the market today. Ultimately, these premium materials combined with our old world craftsmanship help preserve your investment over time ensuring enjoyable use throughout its lifespan.

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Detailed and Creative Projects

Renaissance Woodworking is committed to providing unique and custom pieces that marvel the public. Whether you need a simple piece of furniture or a more intricate design, Renaissance Woodworking has something for everyone. We specialize in creating beautiful and innovative works of art that are of incomparable quality. Every distinct and handmade piece we provide is crafted with special attention to detail, made from the highest quality materials and constructed with experienced craftsmanship. Our projects come in a variety of shapes, sizes and wood species so customers can find the perfect item they were searching for without compromising on aesthetic appeal or functional requirements. Our custom designs also range in scope – no project is too large or small for us to take on! Additionally, every product is greener too; we use sustainable finishes, materials and practices whenever possible when crafting these extraordinary items. From basic tables to one-of-a-kind sculptures, Renaissance Woodworking offers an exceptional selection of finely detailed woodwork that will home decorators, business owners alike adhere to our creative dreams.

Design Options

Renaissance Woodworking provides customers with a wide variety of customization options to choose from. In addition to offering clients the ability to choose the species, style and size for their custom furniture pieces, clients also have the option to personalize the piece with detailing such as unique carving, dowel work and intricate joinery. There is also an array of finishes that can be added onto each piece from paint and stains, to French polish and lacquer. Custom metalwork can be integrated into pieces for those looking for extra creativity in their products. Additionally, Renaissance Woodworking offers bespoke upholstery services ranging in materials such as leather, cotton and velvet fabrics. With all of these different features that can be combined together on any specific item, customers are able to create one-of-a-kind furniture designs that fit both their lifestyle needs and wants.


Renaissance Woodworking is a small, family-run business that has been around for more than 30 years. Featuring a team of experienced and talented craftsmen, Renaissance Woodworking strives to combine traditional design with modern techniques to bring the highest quality craftsmanship to their clients. Their portfolio includes an impressive array of large-scale wooden furniture and architectural projects, ranging from custom built-in cabinetry for kitchens and living rooms, to winding staircases for high-end homes. From hand-carved details to intricately inlaid marquetry, each and every item produced by Renaissance Woodworking reflects an attention to detail that is difficult to match.

In addition to their extensive portfolio of past work, Renaissance Woodworking regularly introduces new creative ideas that further expand upon their already impressive scope of woodworking capabilities. Their dedication has resulted in a wide variety of imaginative concepts, including one-of-a kind bar tops made from intricate geometrical designs crafted into exotic woods; detailed designs which incorporate rare materials such as marble or bronze into stunning table accents; and playful lighting trends highlighted by carved wooden pendants or chandeliers made with reclaimed wood. No matter what the project calls for, Renaissance Woodworking takes pride in providing individualized consultation services tailored for each client’s unique aesthetic requirements.


At Renaissance Woodworking, we strive to provide excellent craftsmanship and exemplary customer service. We have received countless affirmations of this from our customers, who are always pleased with our work and dedication. Here are just a few examples of their input:

“The finished product was even nicer than we could ever have imagined! It was not only aesthetically pleasing, but structurally sound.”

“Renaissance Woodworking did an absolutely marvelous job on the custom piece I requested. Every detail was carefully crafted and the wood used is of high quality.”

“The craftsmanship was impressive, but what really sold us on hiring Renaissance Woodworking for the job was their quick response time!”

“We were extremely happy with the outcome of our project. The team at Renaissance Woodworking brought our vision to life.”

“The staff at Renaissance Woodworking made sure that every step of the process was fully explained to us so that we didn’t have any surprises in store during or after the work.”

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These are just a small sampling of the positive testimonials that customers have left for Renaissance Woodworking. Our team takes pride in ensuring that everyone who works with us has a great experience and leaves satisfied!

Shopping Experience

Customers at Renaissance Woodworking have a unique shopping experience as there are multiple ways to purchase materials, furniture and custom woodwork.

In-Store Shopping – Customers can browse through the showroom and receive one-on-one service from knowledgeable staff members. Here they can select from a variety of hardwoods, tools and items in stock or place special orders.

Online Shopping – Renaissance Woodworking also has an online store with detailed descriptions, pictures and prices of their products. Customers can make a selection from the comfort of their home, get personalized advice and order for delivery or pickup at their nearest store.

Onsite Services – Experienced technicians are available for on-site inspections, construction guidance and installation services for large projects. Additionally customers can take advantage of delivery services, consultation services as well as expert advice on selecting the right tools, supplies and hardware solutions. In addition to these services customers also have access to paid instructional classes taught by local artisans that cover many methods of woodworking such as carving or marquetry.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Renaissance Woodworking is dedicated to the sustainability and preservation of our environment. As part of this commitment, we use eco-friendly production processes that strive to minimize our impact on the planet. All of our woodworking materials are carefully selected from ethically managed forests or sources otherwise certified as sustainable. Our commitment to high standards mean that we only source wood from suppliers who practice conservation arboriculture and replant unused material whenever possible.

In order to reduce energy consumption, all of our equipment runs on renewable energy like solar, geothermal, and low-head hydroelectric power systems. All of our saw mills and processing machines have been custom designed by experienced engineers in order to improve efficiency and reduce waste during production. The waste generated throughout production is either recycled or else put into a biofuel system which converts it into heat used in other parts of the manufacturing process along with providing electricity for our workshops.

At Renaissance Woodworking, we are also committed to reducing water usage throughout all stages of production. We use special filtration systems and tanks that recycle wastewater over multiple uses rather than releasing it untreated back into nature which minimizes waste while simultaneously protecting local ecosystems. Lastly, we use VOC finishing products and special protective coatings that emit zero toxic fumes which not only protects our workers but also keeps them from endangering their communities with harmful gases released into the air during processes like sanding or board-cutting activities.


Renaissance Woodworking is committed to providing customers with quality products and services that exceed their expectations. With a team of highly skilled craftspeople, state-of-the-art technology, and a dedication to customer service and satisfaction, they create timeless pieces that will last for generations to come. They source the best materials available to ensure their unique designs, innovative techniques, and superior finishes are of the highest quality. Their custom creations are crafted with attention to detail, exacting standards and an eye toward preserving traditional woodworking techniques. The goal of Renaissance Woodworking is customer satisfaction – whether it’s a beautiful kitchen countertop or seating for a family dining room table – each commission is met with enthusiasm and extreme care. They strive to understand each individual customer’s needs in order to create something special and lasting. A passion for bringing new life into homes through their craftsmanship makes Renaissance Woodworking the perfect choice for creating heirloom-quality furniture and cabinetry for any space.

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