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Spring Mill Woodworking is an up-and-coming business located in the heart of the Midwestern United States. Founded in 2020, Spring Mill Woodworking provides their customers with high quality, custom-crafted wood furniture and décor for both commercial and residential buyers. Using the most up-to-date technology, their team of experienced artisans deliver exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece they create is unique and special.

Spring Mill Woodworking houses a full workshop with state of the art equipment, allowing them to take on projects of any size—from a simple coffee table to a complex commission furniture sets. Their intimate knowledge of woodworking techniques such as hand-carved accents and turnings, joined selected woods and gain matching, allows them to create beautiful pieces at an affordable price. Additionally, their experienced designers provide assistance in selecting styles and colors suitable for any space or budget.

Not limited to furniture, Spring Mill Woodworking also crafts one-of -a kind sculptures, carvings accents and other specialized wooden pieces that are perfect for gifts or home decorating purposes. Furthermore, their meticulous finishing ensures that every product has a high quality protective finish so it can be enjoyed for years to come. In addition to providing high quality products, Spring Mill Woodworking offers complimentary consultations on custom designs as well as unlimited customer support for any questions about existing orders or upcoming projects. These are just some of the reasons why customers keep coming back year after year!


Spring Mill Woodworking is a family-run business located just outside of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Founded over 40 years ago by siblings Robert and Cathy Craig, it has been successfully operated for within the Craig family ever since. Spring Mill specializes in the production of high-quality furniture made from domestic hardwoods such as oak and cherry, with each piece crafted with care, precision, and attention to detail. The workshop is stocked with state-of-the-art woodworking equipment that ensures every piece that leaves is of prime quality.

The company’s history dates back to the early 1950s when Robert and Cathy Craig were born into a family that encouraged creative expression. Growing up, both brothers were fascinated by their father’s hobby of woodworking and honed their skills under his tutelage. When they were teens, the two decided to start their own woodworking business under the guidance of their father and incorporate what they had learned along the way.

Since its inception, Spring Mill Woodworking has grown steadily into an award-winning business focusing on custom crafting high quality furniture pieces from domestic hardwoods like oak and cherry with precision and attention to detail. The brothers have incorporated new technology such as advanced computer controlled machinery and calculated operations for greater efficiency in production but still aim for handcrafted pieces at heart; claiming this approach provides the best in quality control when it comes to craftsmanship. As well as taking customer orders from across the United States, Spring Mill Woodworking also provides custom services such as upholstery services for residential customers looking for heirloom quality furniture that expresses individual style – staying true to the company’s heritage of creativity it was founded upon all those years ago.


Spring Mill Woodworking offers a full range of professional woodworking services. From custom cabinetry and furniture making to intricate architectural joinery and millwork, the experienced craftspeople at Spring Mill have the knowledge, skill, and quality control that customers can always rely on. No matter what type of woodworking project is in their hands, they have unwavering commitment to providing craftsmanship that exceeds customer expectations.

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The quality of service at Spring Mill Woodworking begins with the team’s commitment to excellence in every step of the process: beginning with a consultation where customer needs are clearly identified and discussed; thorough preparation of materials and project specifications; accurate measurements taken; detailed onsite documentation; meticulous workmanship; careful finishing techniques; efficient installation processes; and finally an inspection of finished pieces against exacting standards before they leave the shop. Customers can trust that when they choose SpringMillWoodworking for any given job, it will be done with utmost care and attention to specific details.

The proof behind SpringMillWoodworking’s excellent reputation lies in its extended track record of excellence in service quality throughout the year. As craftsmen who possess years of experience and mastery over different types of woodworking techniques, their crew is able to quickly size up any given project–putting them in the best possible position to deliver results exactly as promised on time. This means each piece is unique while still maintaining perfect balance within its context contributes to a well-executed project overall. Additionally, working closely with the specialised tooling provided by SpringMillWoodworking ensures that detailed aspects like bevels, mouldings or joins are executed properly from start to finish–guaranteeing superior results each time. Ultimately, it’s this combination of skillful technique, strong quality control processes & attention to detail which elevates work from this team above other woodworkers in the area.


Spring Mill Woodworking provides a wide array of custom woodworking services to its customers. From simple carpentry jobs, such as the installation of shelving or cupboards, to more intricate designs involving the crafting of custom frames, furniture and cabinets out of woods like mahogany, cherry and oak – they have you covered. They are equipped with some of the most advanced tools in order to create durable and aesthetically pleasing projects. With years of experience in crafting wooden products, they can help assist in turning visions into reality when it comes to custom furniture creations.

In addition to their carpentry work, Spring Mill Woodworking also offers other specialized services such as finishing, staining and painting for those who prefer a unique look to their woodworking projects. Their superior finishing services provide options from satin sheens to high-gloss acrylics which will bring out the maximum beauty of any piece. Furthermore, for works that require an extra level of expertise and detailed care such as refinishing antiques or restoring finely sculpted pieces – Spring Mill Woodworking has you covered too! Their extensive range services extend from applying French polishes for more natural finishes all the way to transforming pieces with faux painting techniques. All these methods coupled with careful attention to details ensure ever customer gets the highest quality results in their product without fail!


At Spring Mill Woodworking, the team is dedicated to sourcing high quality materials in an environmentally conscious way. They work with suppliers that enforce strict environmental and social standards and hold certifications such as FSC-certified, SFI-certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and a variety of COC/PEFC/FSCTM certificates.

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The company works directly with local sawmills to source their lumber from sustainably managed forests close to their workshop. When looking for exotic woods that cannot be obtained locally such as Teak or Mahogany, they seek out suppliers who can provide assurance that the resources are traceable, are coming from well-managed forests, and benefit the communities in which they originate. To guarantee this, any supplier must demonstrate a commitment to the core values of transparency, truthfulness and sustainability at all stages on their supply chain process. Furthermore, part of the selection process also includes physical inspections prior to shipping. This guarantees that only materials of premium quality are used by Spring Mill Woodworking in each project they create.


Spring Mill Woodworking is a company that provides high-quality woodworking services to customers. They have gained a great reputation from their customers who appreciate the high-quality of their work. People often refer to them as a reliable and innovative source for custom designs and precision cutting, sanding, and finishing of wood products. From furniture and cabinetry to moldings and architectural features, Spring Mill Woodworking does it all with craftsmanship that’s second-to-none.

Customers are consistently amazed by the flawless finishes, intricate attention to detail, timely completion of projects, competitive prices, and friendly customer service they get from Spring Mill Woodworking. This is not just reflected in their customer reviews but also seen in how quickly the company operates when clients have unique requests such as custom designs requiring specific dimensions or other special considerations. Clients speak highly of their experience with the company – they know they can depend on Spring Mill Woodworking for put together beautiful pieces every time. They especially love how easy it is to communicate with the team at Spring Mill who are always available to answer any questions and make sure their projects meet expectations even before they begin manufacturing them. The level of quality control is impeccable leading many returning happy customers time after time!

Final Word

Spring Mill Woodworking is the go-to source when you need custom-made pieces and furniture. With top of the line tools and materials, their craftsmen can create pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, customer satisfaction is always a priority at Spring Mill Woodworking, making it an ideal choice for home improvement projects. With a variety of designs to choose from, your project will be made exactly as you desire. Their extensive selection of species and finishes also ensures that any piece you choose will add beauty to your home or workplace. To ensure the highest level of quality, each piece is handmade by experienced artisans who take pride in their workmanship. And with their competitive prices, guaranteed on-time delivery, and friendly customer service team, you’ll receive the very best value for your money. So when you need superior quality woodworking done right, look no further than Spring Mill Woodworking!

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