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Walpole Woodworks has been in business since 1925 and is one of the oldest fencing, garden and outdoor products companies in the US. Located in Norfolk, MA, Walpole offers a wide selection of high quality fencing and outdoor products to suit any exterior décor or home design. Their impressive list of products include vinyl fences and gates, arbors, mail and lantern posts, pergolas, window boxes, garden edging and more. Walpole’s experienced staff is dedicated to providing customer service that goes above and beyond expectation. From helping customers select the right product to customizing designs based on customer needs and preferences – the staff have been trained to listen intently to customers’ needs so they can provide a unique tailor-made experience. They consistently find ways to increase the value for their customers by offering help throughout the entire process from design consultation to installation and completion.

Since 1925, Walpole Woodworkers has gained an extensive list of happy clients from across the country due to their commitment to crafting well-built structures with perfectly fitted components that last for years. Additionally, Walpole also sponsors seminars about home improvement projects such as Hardscaping 101 and Old World Craftsmanship that are free for all customers who purchase their products. Their commitment towards delivering outstanding customer experience has led them to become specialists in exterior decorating that truly enhances one’s home outdoors.

Benefits of Walpole Woodworks Products and Services

Walpole Woodworkers offer a wide variety of products and services for customers to choose from. Their high-quality materials, experienced craftsmen, and specialized tools allow for unique designs that stand out from the competition. Customers are able to customize their projects with one-of-a-kind details like intricate carvings, complex inlays, and colorfully stained woods. Walpole Woodworkers also offers expert advice on which types of materials will best complete their project. They provide samples before finalizing any order so that customers can be fully confident in the quality of their custom creations. In addition, their well-trained installation technicians ensure that projects are properly completed on time and within budget. Walpole Woodworks’ commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted by its excellent guarantees and warranty programs on all products and services rendered.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Walpole Woodworkers offers a wide selection of high-quality wood materials, custom design options and craftsmanship. Their products are handcrafted with great attention to detail and made with only premium materials. They have decades of experience in the industry making custom design furniture for customers all over the world and have earned a great reputation for their workmanship and quality. Their experienced staff is also able to provide excellent customer service as they walk each customer through every step of their furniture order from beginning to end.

Although Walpole Woodworkers has received overwhelmingly positive reviews over the years, there are some drawbacks to their services that should be noted. Their products tend to be more expensive than other similar retailers due to the quality of their materials and time spent crafting each piece. This can make their prices less attractive for those on a tight budget. Additionally, although they offer extensive custom designs, they do not allow customers to buy individual pieces which can leave them feeling limited by what is available on offer.

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Notable Features of Walpole Woodworks Products

Walpole Woodworks offers a wide range of outdoor living products, and each one is designed to be exceptionally durable and crafted with an eye for quality and detail. Their signature PVC fencing is virtually maintenance free, perfect for long-lasting protection in any outdoor space. Additionally, their selection of arbors, pergolas, planter boxes, window boxes, gates and more can help add a beautiful touch of decor to your yard or patio. Walpole’s wood boards are made from Western red cedar and include styles like board-on-board, shadowbox and French gothic picket fence options – allowing you the chance to customize your yard to your personal tastes. Furthermore, they also offer pre-built structures built by qualified craftsmen that can help make setting up your outdoor space even easier.

Optional Customizations to Enhance Your Home Project

Walpole Woodworkers offers extensive customization options for their customers. Whether you need a shed, pergola, fencing, or mailbox post, you can add special elements to make your project truly unique. Handcrafted wooden parts can be combined with your custom colors and shapes to create a design that is uniquely yours. If you’re looking to add special features such as accent trim or decorative finials, they have those available too. You can also choose from stained, painted, and natural wood finishes and even customize the type of hardware used. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect personalized piece for your home. Customers regularly give positive reviews about Walpole Woodworker’s and their commitment to providing quality products with exceptional customer service.

Closer Look at Wood Quality and Finishes

Walpole Woodworkers is one of the leading providers of custom woodworking products in the United States. They offer a large selection of wood materials, including cedar, pine, teak, mahogany and many more. The company provides quality woodworking finishes such as stains, sealers and paint for both interior and exterior applications. Customers have praised Walpole Woodworkers for their wide variety of options and ability to deliver on time. In addition to their selection of lumber, Walpole Woodworkers also offers handcrafted furniture pieces such as Adirondack chairs and benches, outdoor arbors, fencing, gates and window treatments. Customers have raved about the quality of their custom-built pieces as well as how easy it was to install them in their homes. Additionally, Walpole Woodworkers offers custom finishing services such as staining and painting for any piece that is purchased from them. This allows customers to order items that suit their individual needs perfectly without having to worry about applying finishes themselves or finding someone else who can do it. Overall, customers have been extremely satisfied with products they have purchased from Walpole Woodworkers due to the level of craftsmanship that goes into each product and the excellent customer service they receive during the entire process.

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Summary of Walpole Woodworkers Reviews

Walpole Woodworkers, a company that specializes in handcrafted outdoor products, has consistently received glowing reviews from customers since its start in 1993. People praise the quality of their garden displays as well as their attentive customer service. Many reviews also point out how impressed they are with the craftsmanship and durability of the products. Not only do reviewers enjoy having a custom-made, high-quality product for their outdoor space but also one that will stay beautiful for a very long time. In addition, reviewers appreciate Walpole Woodworkers’ dedication to being eco-friendly and involving local woodworkers in all stages of production. The majority of customers who have used Walpole Woodworkers would highly recommend it and plan to use them again in the future.

What Other Customers are Saying

Walpole Woodworkers reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have praised their attention to detail and excellent customer service. They comment on the quality of materials used and the fact that their products last for years. Many customers write about how easy it is to shop on the website and how responsive Walpole’s staff is when addressing any questions or issues that arise. They appreciate being able to customize their orders, as well as getting their product delivered quickly and safely. Others are impressed with Walpole’s commitment to environmentally friendly materials and practices, which helps customers feel good about buying from them. Overall, customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with both their experience shopping and using Walpole Woodworkers’ products.


Walpole Woodworkers provides unique, custom woodwork that can fit any home or office. Whether you are looking for an updated furniture piece to complete your living room’s décor, a creative centerpiece to add to the ambiance of your dining room, or high-quality cabinets to modernize your kitchen, Walpole Woodworks has it all. Their specialized staff handles each order with utmost care and precision, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that will leave you satisfied with their work for years. Furthermore, their dedication to customer service ensures that any questions you have during the building process will be answered in a timely manner. With attention to detail and passion from both the staff and craftsmen at Walpole Woodworks, it is clear why more and more individuals are consistently returning for more custom woodwork from this store; it simply cannot be beat!

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