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Gallery of Woodworking Projects

Western Ohio Woodworkers have been working tirelessly to create some of the most complex and exquisite wooden pieces imaginable. From intricate cabinets to hand-carved furniture, their masterful woodworking skills can be seen in every project they take on. To showcase this remarkable craftsmanship, the Western Ohio Woodworkers Gallery of Woodworking Projects displays some of their most impressive pieces. Guests can scroll through a gallery featuring a variety of materials like walnut, cherry, oak, maple, and much more. The craftsmen specialize in detailing such as woodcarving, custom design works, and unique embellishments that bring each piece to life and make them extraordinary. Visitors can also gain an appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into creating each individual masterpiece. From cabinetry to furniture restoration to turned pieces, the artistry is evident with every finished product. With attention placed on quality materials and detailed craftsmanship, they are able to produce beautiful one-of-a kind works time after time.

Expert Interview

Q: What can you tell us about Western Ohio Woodworkers?

A: Western Ohio Woodworkers is a woodworking and carpentry business that’s been around since 1997. They specialize in creating high-quality custom furniture, cabinets, and architectural pieces. Their team of experienced craftspeople are passionate about their work and take great pride in crafting products that will last for generations. They use traditional joinery techniques like mortise-and-tenon and dovetails to ensure the strength and longevity of their pieces. They also proudly use sustainably harvested lumber to create furniture that is beautiful and built to last.

Featured Woodworkers

Western Ohio Woodworkers is made up of a talented team of skilled craftspeople who create amazing works of art with only wood and tools.

One member of the team, Fred Smith, has been a professional carpenter for more than 25 years. He is passionate about his work and loves to share his knowledge and skills with others. His expertise lies in furniture-making, specializing in rustic styles that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. He also enjoys creating traditional items such as toy chests and birdhouses to make great gifts for friends and family.

Sandra Lee is another highly capable woodworker on the team. She has an eye for detail that can be seen in every piece she makes. She finds great satisfaction in hand-crafting intricate designs like her signature line of jewelry boxes, wishing wells, and other decorative items that are works of art. Her role at Western Ohio Woodworkers emphasizes adding beautiful details to new projects as well as restoring antique pieces so they can be enjoyed again.

A & H Custom Woodworking

Leo Santiago brings a unique perspective to the company as he focuses on creating stylish custom cabinetry solutions—essential pieces for any home or commercial space. He takes pride in his ability to make even the most mundane cabinets come alive with different finishes, techniques, and embellishments. With a desire to always strive for perfection, Leo created an entire series of two-tone kitchen cabinets that have become one of their most successful products yet!


Western Ohio Woodworkers is proud to offer special discounts on select projects or services! We know how it can be hard to move forward with your woodworking project and want to make the process easier by providing customers with exclusive deals. Our discounts range from 20-50% and are available for those who commit to working with us for a minimum amount of time. Purchases made through our store also qualify for free local delivery and a complimentary gift card when you purchase more than $500 worth of products or services. To learn more about these deals, please visit our website or contact one of our friendly representatives!

Behind the Scenes

At Western Ohio Woodworkers, every project starts with a blank slate. From there, they draw their ideas onto the wood using their pencils, rulers, and other tools. After all of the designs are drawn onto the wood, they start to use the saws and cut out the pieces that make up their products.

Next, the team begins to sand down each piece in order to get them smooth and ready for painting or staining. When everything is prepped and ready, they can finally begin painting or staining each individual part until they’re combined and ready to go.

The members of Western Ohio Woodworkers then work on assembling each new product. They have to delicately glue together each piece before clamping it together overnight in order to ensure that it will last. Finally, their hard work pays off as they finish up by adding any final touches necessary in order for their products to look great when it’s time for them to leave the workshop.

How Do I Train Cats Not Ti Scratch Woodwork


Western Ohio Woodworkers offers regular events and workshops throughout the year. These include beginner and advanced classes such as furniture making, carving, woodturning, woodworking for kids and learning about the different types of wood used by craftspeople. Additionally, there are special monthly courses on topics like finishing techniques, pattern making, tool maintenance and much more. There are also yearly seminars which cover the science behind woodworking, design processes and various other topics which prepare aspiring craftsmen to take their hobby to the next level. Every event or workshop held by Western Ohio Woodworks is an opportunity for people to learn something new, obtain tips from experienced professionals and interact with a community of passionate individuals who share a passion for creating with wood.

DIY Tips & Tutorials

Western Ohio Woodworkers offers DIY tips and tutorials to help new woodworkers get started. A great way to begin is by learning basic woodworking techniques, starting with fundamental tools such as a hammer, saws, drill, clamps, and files. Once these essentials are mastered, more intricate projects can be attempted such as furniture making, dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joints.

In addition to the basics of woodworking, Western Ohio Woodworkers provides helpful tutorials for other fun do-it-yourself projects including how to make bowls out of exotic woods or solar powered light fixtures for outdoor living spaces. Learn simple tricks for finishing off wooden surfaces such as staining and sealing that will make your pieces look polished and professional. With our step-by-step tutorials there is something for every aspiring woodworker whether they are new to the craft or just looking to refresh their memory on a forgotten skill.

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