Wheat Country Woodworks

Introduction to Wheat Country Woodworks

Wheat Country Woodworks is a family-owned woodworking company located in the rolling hills of South Dakota. Founded in 1978 by two brothers, Fred and Bill, their expertise was in making furniture for their own homes. Today, with specialized focus on creating custom-made, heirloom quality pieces of furniture, Wheat Country Woodworks has earned a reputation as one of the best wooden furniture makers in the industry.

What makes Wheat Country Woodworks unique is the attention to quality they bring to every piece they make. The selection of wood they use is handpicked from the most reputable suppliers, which helps ensure that each piece is constructed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. In addition to this attention to detail, what sets them apart from other manufacturers is that all process are executed by hand – with no machines being used during production. This allows for uniquely designed furniture that is built according to exact specifications and provides an unmatched level of stability and strength.

When it comes to customization options, Wheat Country Woodworks offers customers a wide variety of options such as different finish types, sizes and styles. Customers can also add decorative ornaments like carvings and inlays that can be tailored made for each product whether broad or subtle changes are desired. With over 40 years worth of experience, Wheat Country Woodworks has become renowned for their commitment and dedication to craftsmanship which guarantees clients will receive products that combine elegant design with superior quality craftsmanship each time.

Company Story and History

Wheat Country Woodworks was established in the early 1950s. The two brothers, Al and Sam, had a dream to create handmade wood crafts that brought beauty into people’s lives. They started out as hobbyists, selling their unique and one-of-a kind pieces at local craft fairs.

As demand for their work grew, Al and Sam decided to make it into a real business. They opened up their first shop in an old grain mill near their hometown. It was cramped quarters but they made it work, producing furniture and wood carvings that were seen in many homes across the region.

The brothers believed in three core principles: Quality, Innovation, and Dedication. These values helped give Wheat Country Woodworks a strong reputation from day one. Customers knew that if they bought something from the brothers, it would be beautiful yet durable enough to last for years. Al and Sam also committed themselves to constant innovation – always trying new ideas or techniques that weren’t available anywhere else on the market.

Today these same core principles remain just as important as ever before at Wheat Country Woodworks with employees carrying on the family tradition of quality craftsmanship, creativity, and dedication in every piece of art produced by them today!

Highlight Reel

Wheat Country Woodworks has received numerous awards and accolades since its foundation in 1991. Highlights from this impressive list include the Founder’s Choice Award from the American Furniture Makers Association (AFMA) for its “Luxury Living Room Collection” and their inclusion in the esteemed Hall of Honour by The Canadian Woodworking Manufacturers Association (CWMA).

In addition to the awards mentioned above, Wheat Country Woodworks has also been recognized on a global scale; they were named Sustainability Leaders at the 2018 International Environmental Excellence event in Rio de Janeiro. In 2019, they were invited to attend a special summit held by the United Nations wishing to further explore sustainable practices across multiple industries.

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Wheat Country Woodworks’ commitment to sustainability and excellence also saw them holding top design positions at events worldwide such as ICFF New York, Salone del Mobile Milan, Maison & Objet Paris and d3 Dubai Design Week. They have also been presented with awards from prestigious publications such as Wall Street Journal Magazine for their unique designs, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art facilities which have all added to their already established reputation within the industry. Not only have these awards and accolades helped showcase Wheat Country Woodwork’s skill set but they have also encouraged research collaborations with leading universities as well as charitable partnerships where social responsibility is key.

Dedication to Excellence

Wheat Country Woodworks stands out among their competitors in the furniture market due to their dedication to excellence. They strive to use only the best materials, the most up-to-date techniques and the latest technological advances when creating all of their hand-crafted furniture. Their commitment to providing the highest quality product comes through in each and every piece they make; from sturdy dressers, armoires and tables to delicate carvings, intricate marquetry and beautiful finishes. Their attention to detail ensures that each item is constructed with a level of reliability that you can expect from headcraftsmanship at its finest. They believe in using top-grade hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash and cherry – chosen for their rich grains and lasting longevity – as well as metals like steel or iron for an added level of sophistication. All pieces are assembled using traditional joinery methods so that customers can depend on every item’s solid construction year after year. Whether made for a business office, home library or art studio, Wheat Country Woodworks takes pride in knowing their products will provide years of enjoyment and beauty.

Selection of Products

Wheat Country Woodworks offers an array of products for whatever a customer’s needs may be. They have a variety of product categories to suit any project or desire. From desks and dining room sets to wine racks and benches, there is something for every kind of woodworking enthusiast. For those looking for something rustic, they offer hand-crafted furniture with unique details that are sure to make any home feel cozy and inviting. Additionally, they have choices ranging from traditional style pieces such as armoires and bed frames to more contemporary options such as media centers and fireplaces. There are also cabinets made from different kinds of wood, including Maple and Oak. Furthermore, the store provides custom work so customers can be sure they will get exactly what they need when it comes to their décor goals. The knowledgeable staff is on hand at Wheat Country Woodworks to answer any questions customers have so they can make the best choice that suits their individual tastes.

Designs that Impress

Wheat Country Woodworks is a family-run business that specializes in creating beautiful wood furniture and interior design pieces. With over 35 years of experience in crafting handcrafted wood furniture, Wheat Country Woodworks’ craftsmen have the skill and expertise to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Their designs blend classic styles with modern aesthetics to create timeless heirlooms that will add character and warmth to any home. From rustic farmhouse tables to contemporary shelving units, their unique designs help bring out the best in any space. Additionally, they offer upholstery services and can finish pieces with a range of stains and paints. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something a bit more daring, you’re sure to find an option at Wheat Country Woodworks that fits your style and preference perfectly.

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Making It Your Own

At Wheat Country Woodworks, we believe that furniture should be as personal and unique as you are. We offer custom build options that allow our customers to choose the materials, size, shape, and finish for each piece of wood furniture. Whether you are shopping for a kitchen table, bedroom set, media console or office desk, you can handcraft a piece of décor that is uniquely yours.

In addition to our custom building services, we also offer a wide range of options when it comes to detailing your purchase. Personalize your piece with engravings! Pick out an elegant font style and add words like your family name or a meaningful quote. Don’t want text? Choose from endless color combos and decorative embellishments such as metal accents to give your creation its distinct look. We also provide unlimited stain acceptance so pick whichever tone matches the rest of your existing furniture!

If you really want to take things up a notch, consider ordering one of our signature “His & Hers” versions – perfect for the couple who wants to tie in their individual personalities into one design! By choosing different shapes and sizes within the same design elements across both pieces (e.g., wide drawers for him; slim shelves for her), each can truly express themselves in the final outcome. Have even more demands? Just reach out to us so we can make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for!


Wheat Country Woodworks have consistently provided only the highest-quality handcrafted furniture with original designs and styles. From Wooden Tables and Chairs to high-end Artisan pieces, Wheat Country Woodworks offer something for everyone. Their products are unsurpassed in craftsmanship, beauty, and durability. The company also offers a variety of finishes to choose from, giving customers the ability to customize enhancing their rooms or homes.

Wheat Country Woodworks exemplifies a deep commitment to excellence that builds upon their passion for creating unique furniture products. The team is comprised of incredibly talented artisans who continuously cultivate their knowledge of woodworking principles and modern finishing techniques. This knowledge has enabled them to develop several signature pieces that have established Wheat Country Woodworks as a premier custom furniture maker in Southwest Ohio and the Midwest region. Additionally, they stand behind each product they produce by offering an exceptional warranty and satisfaction guarantee on all items purchased from their workshop.

Due to their impressive catalogue and dedication to unmatched quality standards, Wheat Country Woodworks should be celebrated as one of the top providers of premium quality custom furniture today. Everyone’s home deserves something special made just for them by these skilled artisans and no other furniture shop can offer such impeccable quality at reasonable prices– truly remarkable! A visit to their showroom in Oakwood reveals not only their exquisite pieces but also their enthusiasm for creating heirloom quality items that people will cherish for years to come!

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