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Bourbon Moth Woodworking is a small family-owned business established in 2007. Founded by two brothers, Brian and Brad Smith, the primary mission of the company has always been to create beautiful and durable handmade furniture pieces crafted with craftsmanship, inspiration, and care.

Brian brings experience and expertise in carpentry and woodworking while Brad brings business savvy that helps promote their products around the world. The company started out of a tiny garage located near Louisville Kentucky but in recent years they have expanded significantly. Today they are based in Lexington Kentucky where their woodworking shop is fully equipped to meet the needs of both commercial and residential clients. Bourbon Moth Woodworking specializes in custom furniture design and manufacturing as well as providing antique restoration services. The quality of their workmanship is reflected in their growing roster of satisfied customers who become repeat customers over time.

The business also prides itself on being eco-friendly through its sustainability practices such as using reclaimed woods for some of its finest creations, offering green finishes which rely less heavily on petroleum products than traditional methods, providing reusable packaging made from recyclable materials, adopting ethical production standards regarding its staff working conditions, minimizing waste via improved dust collection systems and sourcing materials locally whenever possible throughout the production process.

In summary, Bourbon Moth Woodworking was founded by two brothers with a passion for carpentry and providing beautiful wooden furniture pieces crafted with artistry, commitment to detail, sustainability values and customer service excellence. Their shop is currently located at 454 South Broadway Street in Lexington Kentucky where clients can view many samples of past works along with making custom orders for any type of furniture desired or inquire about antique restoration services if needed .

The Team Behind the Scenes

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is a small business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was founded by experienced woodworker and craftsman Chris Sipe, who has been operating for nearly 15 years. Chris employs a team of skilled woodworkers who bring their expertise and passion to every Bourbon Moth project. This team of five individuals boasts an impressive collective background in furniture design, crafting and restoration that spans centuries of time-honored technique from Europe and North America. Each craftsman brings their own individual touch to their work, ensuring that each piece produced is both beautifully designed as well as incredibly strong and durable. As well as Chris, the team currently comprises Jake Gemma, Troy Snow, William Sullivan and Dave Berwaldt. Members of the team have won numerous awards for their craftsmanship – including Guggenheim Fellowships – further illustrating the caliber of quality associated with Bourbon Moth Woodworking products. Through blending historical tradition with modern design sensibilities and technologies, the company creates some truly stunning pieces which stand out from the crowd. Each product is carefully crafted to last a lifetime; a testament to not only their collective skill but to their commitment to excellence in what they create.

Show-and-Tell Gallery

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is a small, custom woodworking shop focused on providing customers with the highest quality craftsmanship in United States. Located in rural Indiana, the shop has been around since 2014 and is owned and operated by Jay Sonntag & Brandy McGrady – both experienced cabinetmakers who bring years of knowledge and tradition to the table. Bourbon Moth produces projects ranging from full room builds (kitchens, bars, entry-ways) to single pieces of furniture and everything in between. The Show-and-Tell Gallery showcases some of their recent work with photographs and customer reviews. Featuring amazing woodwork including high-grade cabinetry and furniture made from reclaimed barnwood or locally sourced hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, oak, maple and more – each project is exquisitely crafted with immense attention to detail. From unique dining tables for settings such as a modern kitchen or a rustic retreat; to custom pieces tailored to fit perfectly into any living space – Bourbon Moth’s gallery provides inspiring ideas that have been skillfully assembled into exquisite designs.

What Is the Strongest Joint in Woodworking

Sustainable Practices

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is located at 2519 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205. It offers custom woodworking services with a focus on sustainable practices. Craftsmen at Bourbon Moth Woodworking work to ensure that the resources they use are grown, harvested and milled responsibly. The craftsmen use a variety of techniques and materials to create beautiful, high-quality pieces of furniture that add form and function to any space.

In terms of sustainability practices, Bourbon Moth Woodworking focuses on resource efficiency. Craftsmen use durable woods, smart designs and unique craftsmanship to create comfortable furniture that is built to last for generations. Instead of using glued-on particle board or composite materials in the construction process sediments from mills, the craftsmen utilize salvaged lumber whenever available. All the lumber used in production is kiln dried ensuring stability and temperature control which helps prevent warping, cracking or splitting of furniture over time. During the finish process, a low VOC top coat is applied on each piece and no harmful chemicals are used when staining or finishing woods such as walnut, cherry or oak; this further reduces their environmental footprint. By implementing these practices throughout the manufacturing process, Bourbon Moth Woodworking is committed both to creating high-end furniture while being mindful of the impact it has on our environment.

The Woodwork Philosophy

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is a business established in 2016, located on historic Main Street in Provo, Utah. It was founded by Heath and Kris Galaway, who have been working together for more than 17 years with woodworking and cabinetry projects. They source high-quality materials from local sawmills to ensure superior craftsmanship. The focus of their work is on traditional methods and detailed handcrafted furniture designs.

The philosophy of Bourbon Moth Woodworking emphasizes the use of honesty, quality, consistency and attention to detail. Each piece they produce contains the artisan’s commitment to quality material selection, precision manufacturing techniques, and unique designs that provide lasting beauty and functionality. Their goal is to create heirloom pieces that will become part of families’ lives for generations. In order to achieve this exceptional level of craftsmanship and design, they strive to find the perfect balance between old-world techniques and modern computerized CNC technology.

Bourbon Moth Woodworking also strives to maintain a sustainable green-friendly approach in their woodworking process by utilizing reclaimed wood from various sources whenever possible. This helps them minimize environmental impact while still providing premium quality products that are economical for their customers. Last but not least, their commitment to customer service ensures complete satisfaction throughout all stages of each project plan or custom order. From initial inquiries through the creative design process down to the final finishing touches, customers can rely on Bourbon Moth Woodworking’s holistic approach to creating fine furniture pieces that will bring beauty into any home or office space.

Community Outreach and Support

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is dedicated to giving back to the community through their volunteer efforts and donations. Each year, Bourbon Moth organizes volunteer events with local non-profits that are focused on anything from building houses for families in need, to planting trees in parks around the area. In addition, Bourbon Moth donates a portion of its profits to these organizations and can often be found providing furniture pieces to charities and churches for fund-raising events. They also provide free workshops for those who might need assistance with small home improvement projects or want some education on how to do basic carpentry work. It’s important for them that local people understand that not only are they able to buy great quality furniture from Bourbon Moth, but that they are helping out their own communities every time they do so.

Challenges and Adversities

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is currently located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team has gained an immense amount of success since opening their doors back in 2014. Despite the challenges that small business owners often face, they have managed to weather the storm and continue to operate a successful shop.

Who Will Buy My Woodwork

One of the biggest challenges that Bourbon Moth had to cope with during its early years was the rising cost of raw materials needed to build their pieces. This led them on an extensive search for good quality yet fairly-priced lumber suppliers that could support their workshop’s needs without making them break the bank. After months of research and trial-and-error in sourcing processes, the group eventually found suppliers who provide them with quality materials at prices that make sense for their mini-manufacturing endeavors.

Another obstacle came when it came time to scale up production so that they could accommodate more orders from clients. This meant investing in machinery and tools that would improve speed and cutting accuracy while reducing risk for error in woodworking projects. By researching and slowly filling their workshops with state-of-the-art equipment, Bourbon Moth was slowly able to increase production times while maintaining the same quality control standards that have made them renowned around town for unique furniture pieces where no two are alike but all come from exceptional craftsmanship.

The difficulties experienced by Bourbon Moth over the years have given them a knowledge base on how to navigate through challenging times while still providing high levels of customer satisfaction through every piece they create. The boutique design studio continues to apply what they learned as individuals working together towards a common goal – creating not just furniture but memories reinforced within every table leg or chair arm brought out from the workshop each day.

Reputation and Reviews

Bourbon Moth Woodworking is a family-owned business located in Bowling Green, Kentucky that specializes in the craftsmanship and manufacturing of custom furniture, sculpture and art. The company prides itself on their commitment to sustainable practices and crafting top quality pieces, while staying true to their original founding principles of supporting their local community. Since opening, they have become widely known for their handcrafted wood furniture items with modern yet timeless designs. Customers love how each piece is uniquely crafted with an attention to detail unmatched by any other vendor in the area.

Industry insiders also know that Bourbon Moth Woodworking uses the highest grade materials and techniques to ensure durability and longevity of all their constructions. They work closely with regional lumber mills to ethically source locally-harvested woods for all the products that are made to order, which gives each product a unique look and flavor due to its regionally sourced materials. Quality control is at the top of Bourbon Moth Woodworking’s list of priorities as well; both before shipping out orders and in ongoing care for furniture purchased from them. This strict adherence to quality has earned them numerous awards from professional industry organizations who recognize exceptional craftsmanship within the field.


Bourbon Moth Woodworking is an experienced, highly reputable woodworking business located in Lexington, Kentucky. With over a decade of expertise in the industry, Bourbon Moth Woodworking provides one of the highest-quality products and services to their clients. They leverage advanced technology with unique design, functionality, and durability all while keeping cost effective processes, materials, and tools that make all projects last longer than expected. Their commitment to customer service ensures complete satisfaction when working with them on any wood related project. Due to their combination of experience and dependable craftsmanship, bourbon moth woodworking should be your go to choice for any wood related project needs. By opting for such a reputable business like Bourbon Moth Woodworking you can rest assured your plans will turn into reality, leading to completed projects that exceed all expectations both in quality and timeline delivery.

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