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The Woodworkers Journal Ezine has been providing the finest woodworking resources for over 25 years. Our mission is to make woodworking accessible and enjoyable for professionals and hobbyists alike. We are proud to have a growing number of subscribers from all over the world who love what we do with our ezine.

Our subscribers share their experience and satisfaction when they use our materials and resources:

“Woodworkers Journal Ezine was such a great help in perfecting my furniture projects! I found this to be an incredibly useful resource since it provided detailed instructions, tools, tips, photos, and more. I’m so glad that I subscribed ” it’s a great investment!”

“Since signing up for the Woodworkers Journal Ezine, I have been blown away by how much information I can get! The library of project plans made my work easier than ever before. Plus, the subscription makes it easy for me to stay up-to-date on new trends.”

“For anyone looking to learn more about woodworking, subscribing to Woodworkers Journal Ezine is definitely worth your while! After one month of subscribing, I already noticed results in my projects. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with the right resources at your disposal.”

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Create an interactive element

You could set up a poll or survey asking readers what their favorite type of woodworking project is, what type of tool they use the most, or ask for any input about their own DIY projects. You could also include a link to a workshop or tutorial that readers can follow along with to help them with their project. For a fun twist on an interactive element, add a quiz where readers can test their knowledge and answer questions related to woodworking; this will give your ezine content an entertaining twist. Offer readers an incentive like exclusive discounts at local lumberyards or online stores as reward for participation in your polls and surveys.

Add media

Including media in your Woodworkers Journal Ezine can be very beneficial as it adds a visual element to your content. Visuals, like infographics, help break up the text and can make it easier to digest the information. Additionally, images of featured projects can give readers a glimpse into the work that is being done and potentially inspire them. Visuals also draw in viewers, giving them more incentive to keep reading your ezine. With visuals, you are able to provide an interesting combination of text and graphics which will make your woodworking ezine stand out from other publications in the genre.

Create a resource page

Creating a resource page for the Woodworkers Journal Ezine is a great way to provide additional support and guidance to our readers. The page should be designed with the reader in mind, providing a comprehensive list of resources that contain helpful information related to woodworking. These resources could include links to tutorials, blogs from experienced woodworkers, podcasts from industry professionals, books on woodworking techniques and tools, videos demonstrating how-to use equipment safely and effectively, recommended websites for buying materials, forums for discussing topics with other like minded craftspeople, instructional guides on specific projects or customizations, finder tools for locating local suppliers and much more. By investing the time into creating an extensive resource page full of relevant content and useful information we can help equip our readers with the knowledge they need to excel as woodworkers.

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