Woodworker’s Journal Dvd

Introduction to Woodworker’s Journal DVD

The Woodworker’s Journal DVD is the perfect introductory guide to learning all the basics of woodworking. This comprehensive DVD contains over nine hours of instructional videos that will take you from the beginning stages of woodworking all the way through mastering more advanced techniques. It includes everything from picking out and purchasing the right type of saws and chisels, to building furniture, basic house repairs, and more. From step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow demonstrations to full color photo galleries, this DVD covers it all – ensuring that anyone can understand the details behind a wide variety of woodworking projects.

In addition, this DVD also features a collection of stories and interviews with experienced woodworkers discussing their own crafting experiences. Everything from history, culture, craftsmanship to industry standards are discussed in depth in these conversations making this an ideal resource for both professional and hobbyist alike. As if that wasn’t enough already – each purchase also comes with exclusive access to woodworking software as well as bonuses like coupons for related tools and supplies.

For those looking to learn more about the wonders of woodworking – this comprehensive Woodworker’s Journal DVD is simply one of the best resources available! People who have purchased and used it have consistently given high praise for its detailed coverage & user friendly layout coupled with affordable price point. It truly has something for everyone interested in taking their skills up a notch!

What Topics Does The DVD Cover?

The Woodworker’s Journal DVD offers in-depth instruction on a variety of woodworking techniques and projects. Its content is divided into five instructional segments that cover topics such as setup and safety, joinery options for different types of joints, fundamentals of finishing, working with veneer and laminates, and the ABCs of sharpening tools. The DVD also contains bonus material such as interviews with master woodworkers, excerpts from woodworking books, reviews on specific woodworking projects, a how-to guide on applying glues and adhesives, tips and tricks to get more out of woodshop machines, as well as reviews on hardware geared especially to woodworking. All these topics are supplemented with detailed illustrations by expert graphic artists to emphasize key points even further. The overall goal is to help viewers gain the knowledge they need to become successful in creating unique pieces with beautiful craftsmanship. Ratings and reviews from users of the DVD give feedback about the effectiveness of its content for specific topics.

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Benefits Of The DVD

The Woodworker’s Journal DVD is an incredibly advantageous and comprehensive tool for anyone who loves to work with their hands and practice diy projects. Not only does the DVD provide clear demonstrations and explanations of various woodworking methods, it will also save those who are doing DIY projects time and money. The introductory price of the DVD makes it an especially attractive choice for those looking to break into the world of woodworking, as it offers a wide range of knowledge regarding tools, techniques, and materials at a fraction of the cost compared to more in-depth workshops or classes.

The Woodworker’s Journal DVD is sure to yield multiple tangible benefits for any user, who can easily follow along with different projects while parts are laid out and explained step by step. Additionally, users have access to high quality video footage on specific topics such as mortise and tenon joinery that would otherwise require in-depth research or experience. Furthermore, outstanding visuals will make learning easier as projects are discussed in terms that can easily be understood by all levels of woodworkers. It should also be noted that while the detailed project instructions may make even complex tasks look effortless, tackling them yourself will not only improve your understanding but also help you gain confidence when working with different materials.

Who Can Benefit From Woodworker’s Journal DVD

Hobbyists: For individuals just starting out in woodworking or looking to deepen their skills, the Woodworker’s Journal DVD offers a comprehensive range of useful projects and instructions that are organized around the specific goals and interests of those just getting started. From traditional joinery to hand-carving, this resource provides step-by-step guidance that makes it easy to get started and build on basic woodworking knowledge.

Professionals: Many working woodworkers find the Woodworker’s Journal DVD to be an invaluable resource as they look for ways to increase their skill set or learn more about advanced methods and techniques. With over 70 project tutorials, detailed plans, how-to demonstrations, access to a worldwide community of professionals for advice, tips, and support, and so much more, this comprehensive collection is sure to have something useful for even the most experienced woodworker.

Up-and-Coming Woodworkers: For those looking to pursue a career in carpentry or fine furniture making, the Woodworker’s Journal DVD can serve as an invaluable guide. It can provide both technical instruction on crafting complex pieces using traditional joinery methods as well as insights from successful professionals in the field who can offer advice on how best to approach issues such as pricing jobs or working with clients.

Those With Limited Budget: Not everyone has access to high quality instruction when it comes to learning about woodworking but with the Woodworker’s Journal DVD anyone can gain professional-level insight without breaking their budget. The vast array of topics covered make it especially appealing for beginners who want a solid foundation in all of the basics before moving on more complex techniques

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Other Uses For The Woodworker’s Journal DVD

The Woodworker’s Journal DVD contains useful how-to guides for woodworking projects and techniques, but its applications go beyond woodworking. It can be used for other crafts as well, such as metalwork, leather craft and bookbinding. The DVD can also be used to repair old furniture or repurpose it into a new form. With the provided diagrams and instructions, a creative person can build custom furniture or decorative art pieces from discarded wood items, further enhancing the value of the DVD. Additionally, it has far reaching applications when it comes to doing DIY repairs around the house; users are able to experiment with designs and construction systems that can help them complete those repairs while ensuring they are safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. The DVD is not limited to purely providing step-by-step instructions either; its videos also feature demonstrations of certain techniques that allow users to witness various processes in action before replicating them on their own projects.


The Woodworker’s Journal DVD is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to learn woodworking, from beginner to advanced levels. The over 40 lessons provide comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to safely and accurately use every tool a woodworker needs to create beautiful projects. The variety of topics also make it easy to tailor the DVD’s content to a person’s individual needs. Having unlimited access to a comprehensive library of lessons also makes the DVD a great resource for those wishing to hone their existing woodworking skills or explore outside the realm of traditional carpentry. By incorporating alternative techniques such as spray finishing, router table jigs and setting up saw blades, viewers can bring expert standard projects in no time at all. With these features and more, the Woodworker’s Journal DVD is an invaluable tool for learning about the craft of woodworking and bringing your project dreams into reality.

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