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Woodworker’s Journal has a long and storied history. What started out as a small monthly magazine in 1975 eventually grew into a leading authority on woodworking and the best source of comprehensive information, plans, tips, tricks, and ideas for woodworking enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The driving force behind Woodworker’s Journal was its founder Roy Underhill—a passionate woodworker who wanted to share his love and knowledge of the craft with others. Over the past four decades, Roy has written hundreds of articles and columns, published numerous books, hosted several TV programs devoted to the art of woodworking, and become an icon of the industry.

In 2019 Woodworker’s Journal stopped printing articles in its monthly journal but continued operations by converting all their content—past, present, and future—to digital format. This marked the birth of the Woodworkers Journal Archive; an online resource for anyone wanting to access years worth of expert insight on woodworking techniques and trends. Additionally, users can look up specific topics or keywords using the website’s powerful search engine or browse archived issues by year. The archive also includes several videos featuring many of Roy Underhill’s projects plus streaming video covering basic and advanced skills like building furniture joints or creating intricate carvings. Whether you’re just starting out in woodworking or are experienced enough to tackle more complex builds, this complete resource supports hobbyists looking to make beautiful pieces that will stand

Overview of the Archive

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive offers a unique collection of woodworking projects, techniques, and products through its digital magazine archive. With this comprehensive resource, woodworkers are able to access past issues of the magazine from any device—including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. In addition to the full-color photos and detailed plans for thousands of projects and techniques, users also benefit from educational articles, helpful how-tos, detailed reviews of materials and tools, inspirations for new designs, expert tips for success in the workshop, inspirational stories about woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike, as well as extended video content. This archive provides a wealth of knowledge that gives readers an edge in helping them plan better projects and equipping them with smarter techniques so they can work more efficiently and confidently when attempting new challenges.

The Benefits of Using the Archive

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive is an incredibly valuable resource for woodworkers of all skill levels. By accessing the archive, users can browse through decades of published articles, plans and tips to help them improve their skills, find new projects to work on, and discover the best materials and techniques.

The use of the archive enhances user experiences in several ways. The first is by providing access to a library of content that encompasses different eras in woodworking history. This gives users a better understanding of how woodworking has changed over time, allowing them to learn from both modern-day techniques as well as information from earlier historical contexts. This knowledge can be invaluable when taking on tougher projects and tackling unique challenges that come with any craft.

In addition to providing access to historical information, using the Woodworker’s Journal Archive can also give users insights into current practices within the woodworking industry. With topics ranging from design trends, advanced techniques, and stories from experienced makers, there is no shortage of information available on new topics or trending styles that could benefit anyone looking to refine their craft. Finally, because it is an online archive housed in one place where everything is easily searchable and accessed, the convenience cannot be understated. User will have quick access to quality information without having to search through countless other sources trying to find what they need—a valuable time saver for any eager learner!

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Woodworking Projects From the Archive

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive is a complete treasure trove for aspiring and experienced woodworkers alike. The archive holds an extensive collection of videos, articles and plans featuring projects from a wide variety of categories like furniture, toys, storage, shelving and decorative items. Each project clearly outlines the cutting sizes, assembly instructions and any special tips or techniques needed to make each piece successful. The great thing about going through the Woodworker’s Journal Archive is you can find projects for all skill levels whether you’re a beginner or an expert. And if you don’t have the right tools, no problem! Each project also has suggestions on what kind of tools you need to ensure everything goes smoothly. Plus, all the projects featured in the Woodworker’s Journal Archive are designed by professional woodworking experts so you won’t have to worry about amateur mistakes! So take advantage of this fantastic resource today and start creating breathtaking masterpieces with challenges that meet your skillset.

Tips for Navigating the Archive

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive is a great resource for woodworkers of all skill levels. The Archive consists of tens of thousands of articles from the Woodworker’s Journal magazine covering topics on woodworking related to tools, techniques, safety, and project plans. Within the archive, you can search several different ways to locate the information you are looking for.

One way to navigate the Archive is to browse by category. Arrayed along the left side of the page are 18 main categories with some having several sub-categories that further refine your search and help narrow down your results. Many viewers find this an easy way to explore as it quickly leads them right to their intended topic area.

Another easy way to search within the Woodworker’s Journal Archive is by keyword search which allows you to type in any word related to what you need and view a range of results from various topics grouped by what is most relevant. This method gives users access to a wide selection of information quickly and easily.

Lastly, you can also filter your searches within the Archive based on manufacturer or material types used in projects or specific tools discussed or recommend such as table saws, band saws, router tables etc…allowing you to tailor your search even further if warranted. Taking advantage of these filters will help pull up only exact results pertaining to your unique needs..

Exclusive Access to Resources

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive is a comprehensive online library full of valuable woodworking resources. Subscribers to the journal enjoy exclusive access to materials that are not available to non-subscribers, such as detailed plans for comprehensive projects, high quality video tutorials, as well as tips and tricks for building furniture or cabinets. In addition to this exclusive access, subscribers also receive discounts on items purchased through the journal store, extended versions of magazine articles, and access to community forums where they can ask and answer questions related to their woodworking endeavors.

Non-subscribers still have access to a wide range of resources in the Woodworker’s Journal Archive. These include updated monthly reviews of new power tools, online buyers’ guides for classic hand tools, and step-by-step instructions for completing beginner woodworking project. Additionally, non-subscribers have access to special reports on topics like green lumber sourcing and the best ways to set up a workshop.

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In conclusion, both subscribers and non-subscribers have access to great resources in the Woodworker’s Journal Archive. Subscribers have additional exclusive access to projects plans with detailed diagrams; video tutorials; tips, tricks and discounts on purchase from the store; extended magazine articles and community forums where they can seek support from fellow woodworkers. Non-subscribers are not excluded either as they get access to monthly tool reviews; buyers’ guide for tools; step by step instruction on projects completion; special reports on various topics related to woodworking–all at no extra cost!

Customization Options

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive offers a nice selection of customized options. It’s possible to customize the look, feel, and content of the archive by selecting one of several themes, such as dark and light modes or a classic white background. Each theme has its own advantages, letting you tailor the website’s colors and fonts to fit your specific style or individual tastes. Additionally, the Woodworker’s Journal Archive has a great selection of resource material available. You can explore different topics such as carpentry techniques, furniture making tips, design inspiration, workshop organization ideas, projects for beginners and many more! The archive also provides access to past issues of Woodworkers Journal for those who are looking for in-depth information about select tools and topics. With these customization options and resources, it is easy to make the archive your own personal haven for woodworking knowledge.


By making the Woodworker’s Journal Archive more accessible and encouraging more people to take advantage of this incredible resource, we can empower those who craft with wood to create stunning works of art. We can use the Archive as a platform for anyone interested in learning or teaching the skills needed to build their own bedroom furniture, outdoor chair sets, or intricate wall carvings. The possibilities are endless when we use the Archive’s detailed instructions, classic plans and innovative designs to our advantage. In addition, by gathering and showcasing others’ work within this platform we can showcase the amazing creations that have been accomplished with these resources. With a bit of creativity and motivation, people of all ages can use the Woodworker’s Journal Archive to unique pieces that they will be proud to show off for years to come.

The Woodworker’s Journal Archive provides us with an invaluable opportunity to bring together woodworking enthusiasts from all around the world, share their stories and foster a community of inspired crafters. By providing tutorials on topics such as wood security features, finishing techniques, sharpening tips and safety advice – novice woodworkers can delve into this wondrous realm with confidence. We should talk about our experiences using the Archive wherever we can- through social media posts, newsletters or written articles – so that more woodworkers realize how beneficial it is in bringing their own artistic visions into reality. Shining light on its contents empowers others to jump into this community with both eyes open and have confidence in what they are able to accomplish!

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