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The Woodworkers Podcast is a one-of-a-kind podcast that is specifically designed to help and inspire woodworkers of all levels. The Woodworker’s Podcast is hosted by woodworker Jeff Miller, Jr., who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise in woodworking. Each episode offers tips and tricks to assist with all aspects of woodworking, including the selection of tools, which woods to use, how to join and shape pieces, maintenance tips and much more. As well as providing practical advice on completing projects, Jeff focuses on the entire journey from idea conception to project completion. Additionally, the show features interviews from experienced professionals and experts in the industry who share their experiences, insights, personal stories and secrets for success. This helps listeners gain insight into remarkable projects that have been successful as well as those that are still developing. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced pro looking for new ideas or techniques – there’s something for everyone at The Woodworkers Podcast!

The Hosts

The Woodworkers Podcast is hosted by two leading figures in the woodworking industry, Marc Spagnuolo and Shannon Rogers.

Marc has been a hobbyist woodworker for over 20 years and is an experienced carpenter. He was previously an editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine, where he developed and expanded his knowledge of traditional hand tools and methods of joinery. Marc’s expertise includes furniture making, cabinetry, sharpening and safety.

Shannon is a professional furniture craftsman with years of experience. She was trained in New England Carpentry with extensive practice in timber frame construction and green building design using reclaimed or responsibly managed sources of sustainable lumber. Shannon’s skillset extends far beyond craftsmanship to encompass artistic dialogue, problem solving, creativity and designing spaces that challenge woodworking fundamentals.

The dynamic between the hosts creates an engaging setting full of helpful tips that encourages listener participation. They push each other to think outside the box while sharing their collective perspective on woodworking techniques, products and topics affecting artisans of all backgrounds”from novice to professionals. Each episode captivates its audience through the variety it offers; ranging from discussions on techniques such as dovetail joints to interviews with featured guests to reviews on the latest saws and power tools on the market today.

Listener Demographics

The Woodworkers Podcast caters to the international community of woodworking enthusiasts from all skill levels, from novice carpenters to experienced cabinet makers. Their content is tailored according to the different skill levels with beginner-oriented tips and tutorials for novice listeners, as well as detailed discussions about specialized tools and techniques for the more advanced listeners.

Current listeners of The Woodworkers Podcast are comprised of traditional hobbyists, aspiring professional woodworkers, professional furniture makers and even interior designers – who all use their knowledge for building furniture and cabinets, masonry and restoration projects. Many of their viewers also take part in contests or competitions that focus on aspects such as design creativity and quality craftsmanship.

These diverse communities shape the weekly content hosted by The Woodworkers Podcast. While conversations range from specific technique-focused topics like joint types to broader industry issues such as emerging technology impacts on the trade; everyone enjoys lively dialogue with like minded individuals who share a passion for unlocking new potentials with woodworking projects.

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The Woodworkers Podcast is one of the leading voices in the woodworking industry, delivering insights and interviews with professionals from across the world. Each episode strives to bring valuable tips, techniques, and advice on how to advance your woodworking skills. Episodes feature long-time woodworkers, newcomers to the craft, and even those who simply have an immense passion for the craft.

The podcast offers topics ranging from tool talks and project reviews to discussions about design inspirations and technical processes. Whether listeners are just getting into woodworking or are well-versed pros looking for some fresh ideas, this podcast has something for everyone seeking to expand their skillset. Other segments of the program include interviews with professional lumberjacks, furniture makers, and other expert craftsmen who open up about their experiences in this trade.

New episodes of The Woodworkers Podcast are released every other Wednesday at 5 am PDT. Additionally, each month features a new guest speaker that shares stories detailing his/her history within this amazing craft. The show also includes various related gear reviews that can help people decide which products work best for them when undertaking projects. The entirety of previous episodes are available online on various streaming platforms for easy access anytime by anyone interested in learning more about the art of woodworking.


The Woodworkers Podcast has featured many experts over the years. These experts have discussed topics such as woodworking techniques and tools, design ideas, tips and tricks to getting the best results out of projects, and even instruction on using software systems to streamline production. Additionally, they’ve also had conversations with professionals from all other areas of the woodworking industry like furniture makers and small business owners. They have discussed topics such as setting up shop, growing a successful business or just improving your skills. Many seasonal specific events have been discussed in detail giving listeners some great ideas for the upcoming holiday season or whatever special occasion that may be approaching. Some interviews even include demonstrations on how to make certain items like tables, chests and more. In addition to these topics and guests, the podcast has also hosted casual conversations about topics related to woodworking like wood selection, caring for your tools and building a community among woodworker hobbyists.


The Woodworkers Podcast provides woodworkers with the best tips, tricks, and ideas on how to become a better woodworker. Not only does it provide invaluable insight on various topics ranging from sharpening techniques, sanding, jigs, finishes and more, but it also provides an opportunity for woodworking enthusiasts to issue questions directly to professionals in the field. This gives listeners an unparalleled opportunity to learn new skills and further develop their existing ones through personalized advice straight from the pros. In addition to this, the podcast serves as a creative platform where woodworkers can come together and discuss their projects, trade secrets and generally talk shop with one another. As such, it is undoubtedly an effective way for subscribers to stay ahead of the game when it comes to their craft!

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Supporting Content

The Woodworkers Podcast provides an array of resources for listeners to explore further, including written blogs packed with tips, tricks and techniques from industry professionals and experienced woodworking experts. There are also downloads available of all episodes in both audio and video formats. Listeners have the option of sharing on social media as well as subscribing to the podcast feed so they can stay up-to-date on the latest content. Additionally, viewers can join live Q&A sessions with experts through the podcast’s Facebook page and interact with other woodworking enthusiasts from around the world. Finally, monthly contests are open to participants who submit photos of their favorite home improvement projects or completed works of art in order to win exclusive prizes.


The Woodworkers Podcast has been highly praised by peers in the woodworking industry. Practical guidance, useful advice, and valuable insight from the host, along with real-life stories from woodworkers all over the world, make the podcast a must-listen for those who love making and creating things with wood. Professional craftspeople have commented on how it often helps to spark new ideas and projects after listening to the podcast. Seasoned DIYers also appreciate its comprehensive look at tools, tricks of the trade, shop safety tips and more. Beginners have found comfort in being connected to a like-minded community who share challenges and successes that they can relate to and learn from. In short, everyone agrees that this resource is a great addition to any woodworker’s library.


Listening to the Woodworkers Podcast can help you become a better woodworker in many ways. First, it can provide you with insider knowledge and tips on various projects, tools, and techniques that you may have never considered before. Second, by listening to the podcast interviews, you can gain insights from other experienced woodworkers who have years of experience. Third, the podcast often features guest speakers from all around the world who are experts in their field and offer unique perspectives that you won’t find elsewhere. Fourth, there is usually a show for every skill level or style of woodworking , so no matter what type of project or process you’re looking to tackle, there should be guidance for it on the podcast. Finally, by subscribing to the podcast and listening regularly, you can increase your confidence in your own abilities as a woodworker as well as stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends in the industry. All of these benefits make it worth checking out the Woodworkers Podcast and tuning in each week.

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