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Woodworks of Wilmington is a premier woodworking and carpentry firm offering custom furniture, cabinets, and millwork for residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Wilmington area. They specialize in unique design solutions that meet the needs and vision of their customers. With a team of experienced artisans and decades of industry experience, they bring projects to life while providing exceptional customer service.

Since their establishment in 1995, Woodworks has received numerous awards and recognitions for its quality craftsmanship, dedication to sustainability and preservation of natural resources. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is members of various professional organizations such as the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair (IWF). They are also certified by IWF as well as several other woodworking institutes across the country. Woodworks proudly follows green building processes and endorses programs promoting responsible forestry managed in an ecologically sound manner. Their commitment to sustainability also extends to their support of local farmers who provide materials for their products. As such, Woodworks ensures that all materials are sustainably harvested from sustainable sources whenever possible.

Products and Services

Woodworks Of Wilmington is an established business specializing in renovations and transformations designed to beautify both the interior and exterior of homes. From flooring to cabinetry, paining and roofing, Woodworks offers experienced craftsmanship paired with superior results. To show off the work that they do, Woodworks of Wilmington showcases before and after images of their work on their website under ‘Portfolio’. These images feature stunning details of homes that have been refurbished, fully renovated or partially transformed with Woodworks’ skillful handiwork. The photographs are as impressive as they are beautiful, demonstrating the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each home. In addition to seeing what they can do before and after a transformation, prospective clients can also view close-up pictures of color samples, stains, patterns and finishes that the experts at Woodworks Of Wilmington can create for them. This allows customers to truly get a feel for the aesthetic value that Woodworks can provide in each project.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The craftsmen at Woodworks of Wilmington take great pride in creating their pieces, so much so that they have developed specific techniques and processes to make sure every piece is perfect. From start to finish, each piece starts with selecting and gathering high-quality materials to begin the process of cutting and shaping the lumber. The wood is then hand-sanded until a level of smoothness and uniformity is achieved. Once up to the craftsmen’s standards, a finishing product is applied – often non-toxic, vegetable oil ingredients like linseed oil and beeswax – which helps ensure that every piece has a unique shine while also protecting it from any wear or weather damage. Finally, individual attention is given to each detail – such as hinges, handles, or locks – following classic joinery principles that help the piece last throughout generations.

How to Get Woodwork to Shine

Thanks to the skillful workmanship put into every work at Woodworks of Wilmington, customers can be sure that their masterpiece will turn out just as beautiful — if not more — than when it was first created by artisans many years ago.

Customer Reviews

Woodworks of Wilmington may be a small business, but their services have made a huge impact on many customers. Numerous people who have hired Woodworks have gone as far as to leave video customer testimonials showcasing how the team has helped them bring value to their lives. These testimonials include stories of how Woodworks’ services helped create a home that felt warm and inviting, or how they breathed new life into old furniture through refinishing and revamping. Customers also go on to explain how working with Woodworks has been both a seamless experience and highly affordable. All in all, these video testimonies demonstrate the greatness of the entire team at Woodworks of Wilmington and the satisfaction they bring to its customers.

Behind the Scenes

Woodworks Of Wilmington strives to provide their customers with high quality products and services. Their staff works hard and puts in extra effort to ensure that every customer is happy with the end product. This dedication to excellence makes Woodworks one of a kind. Interviews with the behind-the-scenes staff at Woodworks will give customers a better idea of everything that sets them apart from the competition.

The interviews can cover topics such as: the process for designing pieces, what kind of materials are used, how the pieces are finished, how long orders take, and any other questions that come up from customers. Interviews with the staff will give customers insight into all of the details that go into making each piece unique and customized to suit their needs. In addition, customers can get an understanding of what goes into quality control at Woodworks Of Wilmington and why they stand by their products regardless of size or cost.

Customers can also gain knowledge about what sets Woodworks apart from competitors not just within the industry but in terms of customer service as well. Woodworks truly goes above and beyond for its customers, offering more than just expertise in carpentry – it is truly a relationship between customer and craftsman built on trust and mutual appreciation of craftsmanship. Customers can get practical advice regarding product care, suggested maintenance schedules; they even receive complimentary products if they make a larger order!
Oftentimes, interviews also give insight on some interesting stories behind various projects or partnerships between Woodworks Of Wilmington and other local businesses. Moreover, featured employees offer advice for those wishing to pursue woodworking as a career or hobbyist interest – providing valuable lessons learned along the way to save time and money down the line when taking on large projects yourself!

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Showcase of Custom Pieces

Woodworks of Wilmington offers customers a unique array of custom pieces. Whether you are looking for a new coatrack, barstool, or anything in between, there is guaranteed to be something perfect for your home. Our experienced craftsmen and designers will work closely with you to ensure that your vision comes to life. Before placement, each customer has the opportunity to review and approve their design via charts and diagrams. These provide an overview of the materials that were chosen, as well as the measurements and features of their finished product. You will even receive photographs during different stages of production so that you can spot any inaccuracies prior to the completion. To sum it up, Woodworks of Wilmington allows customers unprecedented freedom in designing the perfect piece for their home and provides them assurance that their dream project will become realized exactly how they want it each step of the way.

Contact Information

Woodworks Of Wilmington can be contacted by calling their toll free customer support line at 1-800-234-5678. Their customer service team is available Mon – Fri from 8AM to 8PM EST, and Saturdays from 9AM to 5PM. You can also send an email with your inquiry to [email protected], or fill out the online contact form located on their website at www.woodworksofwilmington.com/contact .

Successful customer inquiries have ranged from simple technical questions about ordering procedures, product availability and specifications, to complex inquiries about custom orders and making changes after purchase. The customer service team can provide answers in a timely manner and address any issues that may arise with speed and efficiency.

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