5 Woodworking Projects That Sell


Woodworking projects can make great money-makers for the crafty individual. Not only do they produce items that are often functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing, but they also have relatively low start-up costs when compared to other craft projects. Additionally, due to the natural look of wooden products, there is often a high demand for custom furniture pieces and other special woodworkings. This article will provide five woodworking project ideas that sell well at craft fairs, online marketplaces, and even as gifts. Although each project may require a different skill level or cost to put together, all five are suitable options for aspiring woodworkers who are looking to make some extra income while enjoying their hobby. Whether you’re an experienced carpenter or just beginning your journey into the world of woodworking, these project ideas will help you get started on your way to creating great money-making items.


If you’re interested in starting woodworking projects, there are several projects that are popular sellers for those with a knack for creating beautiful and functional items out of wood. Here is an overview of five common and profitable woodworking projects that you can easily start today depending on the tools available to you:

1. Furniture Making – Many people enjoy building custom furniture pieces from scratch as opposed to purchasing from stores. With some basic tools or minimal skills, you can create a variety of items like chairs, tables, beds, dressers and cabinets. With the availability of free plans online and detailed instructions for any skill level, furniture making is one of the most popular markets for selling your work.

2. Wooden Toys – Great for children’s birthday gifts or holiday presents, wooden toys are becoming more popular nowadays due to society’s focus on healthier non-toxic materials. If you have strong experience with woodwork, these toys can be relatively simple such as puzzle boxes or more complex like miniature dollhouses and rocking horses.

3. Cutting Boards – Working with hardwoods can be quite rewarding as it provides great opportunities to experiment with different shapes and designs while still performing its main task of providing a cutting surface while cooking in your kitchen. One should keep in mind intricate designs may require greater woodworking expertise but overall these two features might make their cutting board stand out from others in the market.

4. Birdhouses – These charming structures not only provide shelter and safety for birds visiting your backyard but also an eye catching accessory to display in one’s garden or patio area; making them ideal for ornamental decorations around any exterior setting. Plus by focusing on bright colors, unique shapes and sizes which can increase the chances for sales amongst customers looking for a specific design which best suits their own needs or look they desire most .

5. Wall Art – Last but not least creating wall art from shapely patterned wooden panels is one way sure to attract attention amongst any consumer shopping around this often expensive item category. This could range anywhere from plain geometric designs built into abstract compositions all seamlessly crafted together using various materials such as acrylics and lacquers expertly applied over each panel offering consumers a chance to craft something entirely personalize to their own vision at home offered even further distinguished touch than what’s found in department stores without sacrificing quality required when hanging upon contact absorbing walls around any interior space

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Bird Houses

Bird houses are some of the most popular woodworking projects that can be easily sold for profit. For those just starting out, bird houses crafted from pre-cut wood planks offer a great opportunity to learn the basics of woodworking. All that’s required is a few tools and materials, along with an understanding of the steps for creating a beautiful and practical structure. Start with a one-piece pre-cut back and use four nails or screws to attach two matching sides at the bottom for stability. Attach other two matching sides at the top, measuring in between to figure out how much space is needed for both nesting and ventilation. Next, construct the roof with two pieces of pre-cut wood sloped so rainwater will run off; attach it to each side using nails or screws. Finish off by using glass beads, craft paint, or even small pebbles to decorate your bird house; adding decorative features can also significantly increase its saleability.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an incredibly popular woodworking project. Not only can they be used in the kitchen, but they also make great gifts! Plus, with so many different types of woods and styles available, it’s easy to customize and personalize a cutting board for someone special. With just a few basic tools and some of your own creativity, you can create something unique that will last for years to come. For those looking to set their cutting board apart from the rest, there are several ways to customize them. From laser engravings for monograms or logos to using different colored woods for contrasting patterns, the possibilities are endless! Another fun way to personalize a cutting board is by adding specialized functional pieces such as knife rests and juice grooves. If you have access to a CNC machine or router table, you could also cut out shapes in various ways—you’d be surprised what can be created with wood! Whether you’re designing simple monograms or intricate designs, these customizations make cutting boards truly stand out!

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are among the most popular woodworking projects that sell. They are versatile as well as practical, adding flair and a unique touch to any room. Shadow boxes come in many styles ranging from minimalist frames with no decorations to highly ornate cases filled with memorabilia and keepsakes. Crafting these shadow boxes comes with learning techniques such as properly measuring, cutting, joining the wood pieces and finishing. Knowing how to use different paints and stains for maximum effect is also important for those looking to customize their designs. Many people find shadow boxes attractive because they can be used as a centerpiece or brightening up an otherwise dull corner. With some practice, skillful handiwork and understanding of desired effects, anyone can master this craft quickly.

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Toy Storage Solutions

Toy storage solutions can be a lucrative woodworking project that gives a reliable source of income. This type of craft is not only practical but also highly durable if crafted with quality materials. Woodworking enthusiasts can craft quick and practical designs such as an open shelf unit, roll-out toy chest or even a large armoire style box. To take this project to the next level, the exterior of the piece could be painted in multiple colors to make it more appealing. Decorative handles and knobs can also be added for extra detail. As with all types of woodworking, ensure that your measurements are precise in order to ensure that you have a safe and high-quality product. Additionally, choose only quality woods that have been stabilized so as not to warp or deteriorate over time. Toy storage solutions can be a great way to earn some extra money while helping make parents’ lives easier!

Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is a hot seller, and it doesn’t take an experienced woodworker to transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something special. With just a few tools and some simple construction techniques and materials, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind rustic pieces that will be sure to impress your customers. Start by sanding down the piece of furniture until it is smooth and contemporary looking. Next, apply a light stain to the wood using a rag or brush to give it that classic rustic look. Finally, use screws and large nails to secure faux barnwood or salvaged wood panels onto the piece for a distressed finish — small details like these will really make the furniture stand out!


In conclusion, finding success with woodworking projects is possible but requires a little bit of effort on your part. It’s important to keep up with trends and find projects that will meet the demands of potential buyers. The five woodworking projects outlined in this article should provide you with plenty of ideas for future endeavors and make your work more attractive to customers. Additionally, investing in quality tools and materials can help produce superior products and increase your income potential. An understanding of how design, craftsmanship and pricing all come together to create a successful business strategy can help you make the most of any project you set out to construct. With practice, persistence, dedication and knowledge, you’ll be able to build pieces that are not only beautiful but profitable as well.

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