Benchcraft Woodworking

Introduction to Benchcraft Woodworking

Benchcraft Woodworking is a company that specializes in the development and production of both classic and modern furniture. Founded in 1974, Benchcraft has been synonymous with quality furniture, relying on over two generations of expertise and craftsmanship.

Its mission is to provide customers with high quality furniture at reasonable prices, while keeping true to traditional craftsmanship techniques that have been instilled in them since the beginning. They create all their pieces in-house – meaning everything from design to assembly is done by their own staff, allowing for upmost attention to detail.

Benchcraft’s products range from classic styled bedframes and dressers to modern materials such as stainless steel that they blend with their existing wood designs. They offer services such as custom furnishings, restorations of antique pieces, product repairs, and re-finishing of newly-purchased items. All products come with a lifetime warranty guarantee for proof of peace of mind in your purchase.

The Benefits of Choosing Benchcraft Woodworking

Cost Savings
The cost of materials at Benchcraft Woodworking is heavily discounted because they source their materials directly from suppliers. This enables them to pass the savings on to the customer and provide products at an affordable price. Customers can also request custom quotes for a variety of woodworking projects, making it easy to stay within budget.

Fast Turnaround Time
Benchcraft Woodworking has a streamlined workflow that helps expedite the timeline for completing jobs. They are able to work efficiently and quickly, allowing customers to have their finished pieces ready when needed.

Diverse Customization Options
At Benchcraft Woodworking, customers can fully customize their products with numerous possibilities in terms of wood type, finish, color, size, and style. This allows customers to have products tailored exactly the way they want them”the perfect level of customization for those looking for something special.

The Quality of Benchcraft Woodworking

Benchcraft Woodworking invests in the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create exceptional products. Their superior products are designed to last for a lifetime”without compromising functionality or aesthetic. The materials they use are guaranteed to be free of any chemical residue, and their experienced makers use professional grade tools with stainless steel components and the latest technology.

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To ensure each product is crafted to the highest standard, Benchcraft Woodworking has implemented several rigorous international safety and environmental standards such as FSC certification, ISO 14001 certification, and Forest Stewardship Council membership. They also put a great focus on raw material selection and processing, making sure all raw materials used have been personally inspected for quality assurance before proceeding.

As an acknowledgment of their hard work, Benchcraft Woodworking has received several awards including being named ‘Best in Class’ at the International Consumer Products Show (ICPS), as well as winning ‘Product of the Year’ from both American Home Improvement Magazine and US News & World Report. These accolades further solidify their commitment to producing high-quality products that look good whilst standing up to daily wear and tear with ease.

Customization Options at Benchcraft Woodworking

When shopping with Benchcraft Woodworking customers have a wide array of customization options they can choose from to make their products unique and perfect for their needs. Options include:

Color ” Customers can choose from a variety of different colors and finishes, allowing them to select the perfect look for their project.

Size ” Customers can customize the size of the product in order create the exact size that works for them.

Style/Design ” They can choose from a variety of styles and designs as well as add customized details such as decorative carvings or engravements.

Finish ” Customers have several finish options available, including varnish, paint and staining, so that they can get the exact look they want for their product.


Joey was super impressed when he opened up the package containing his custom coffee table from Benchcraft Woodworking. Not only did it look exactly like he’d anticipated ” in fact, even better ” but the craftsmanship was truly outstanding. He simply couldn’t believe that he got this kind of quality at such a reasonable price. Joey says it’s now a centerpiece of his home and family room, and everyone loves it! He gives Benchcraft Woodworking five stars out of five for customer satisfaction.

John has been looking for custom cutting boards to give as gifts for years but could never find any with a unique design. Then one day he came across Benchcraft Woodworking’s website and fell in love with their selection! Every cutting board was handcrafted and had an elegant finish which is exactly what John wanted in his gifts. After receiving them, all his friends were amazed at how well crafted they were. They said they couldn’t have asked for anything better. John highly recommends Benchcraft Woodworking to anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship!

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Examples of Work From Benchcraft Woodworking

Benchcraft Woodworking is a premier woodworking shop that creates one-of-a-kind, custom furniture and designs. From armoires and cabinets to desk sets and vanities, they specialize in quality craftsmanship that reflects the unique styles of their customers. They take great pride in offering a personalized experience with expert advice on handcrafted masterpieces.

To showcase the quality of their work, Benchcraft Woodworking can include images or videos of past projects they have completed, as well as portfolios of their best creations. In addition to photos, they can provide customer testimonials showcasing how users feel about the pieces they’ve purchased. This will help create an accurate representation of the types of furniture Benchcraft Woodworking produces and how satisfied customers are with the final results. Customers will also be able to review detailed descriptions of each piece along with images showing different angles and finishes used. By providing examples from multiple projects, customers can get a real sense for the craftsmanship that goes into each item Benchcraft produces.


Overall, Benchcraft Woodworking is an excellent choice for custom-made products. With their decades of experience and attention to detail, you can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality products. From handcut doors to unique pieces of furniture, Benchcraft Woodworking can bring your visions and ideas to life. All of their wood craftsmanship comes with a variety of finishes so that you can find one that best suits your needs. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact them via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-848-0864.

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