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At Central Wisconsin Woodworking, we provide expert craftsmanship in woodwork. We specialize in crafting beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces in a variety of woods. From traditional furniture to more modern designs, our pieces can truly enhance any decor.

Our staff of expert woodworkers are passionate about creating unique works of art with each and every project. We use only the finest sustainably sourced materials from local suppliers to ensure that our finished product is both visually appealing and long-lasting. We work closely with our customers to make sure that their vision comes to life and they have exactly what they desired when we finish their project.

We offer an excellent range of services including custom design, fabrication, finishing, upholstery and installation. No matter the size or complexity of the project we can handle it all! Our team takes pride in staying up to date on the latest design trends and material possibilities so that you will be satisfied with your final product for years to come! From furniture repairs to complete furnishing packages, Central Wisconsin Woodworking is here for you every step of the way. Let us turn your ideas into reality today!

History of the Business

Central Wisconsin Woodworking has been a staple of the Wisconsin area since 1975 when it was first established as a small, family-owned business. Though its mission remained focused on providing high quality and unique wood products for more than four decades, Central Wisconsin Woodworking has changed significantly over the years.

At its beginning, Central Wisconsin Woodworking was primarily a producer of furniture and kitchenware items. Through its years of trial and error, the company transformed from an ‘average’ business to one that would leave an everlasting mark on the woodworking industry. In 1998, they launched their flagship product: custom cabinetry perfect for any home or office space. Since then, they have added a range of other services including new flooring, hardwood trim/mouldings and even countertops to their repertoire.

In recent years, Central Wisconsin Woodworking has further diversified its reach by offering further innovative services such as sub-floor installation and custom cabinetry designs – in which interior designers create an individualized plan for each project all the way down to very fine details like cabinet knobs and pulls. The tools used at the facility have also evolved, making it possible for customers to request any sort of customization — from textured surface finishes to unique paint colors. Prompted by customer demand, Central WiWoodworking also provides services such as refinishing existing cabinets in order to freshen them up without having to buy new ones.

Today, Central Wisconsin WoodWorking is still family owned and operated with sons Cory & Brad Samuelson continuing the legacy their parents began 45+ years ago — supplying wonderful quality wood products tailored to fit each client’s needs & desires!

Core Principles and Unique Processes

Central Wisconsin Woodworking is a family-owned business founded on the principle that providing quality products says more than just words ever could. They are committed to producing beautiful and sturdy wooden furniture, cabinets, and other items with attention to detail and the utmost care. Using sustainable wood sources, their unique process begins with design consultation, helping customers select a piece of wood that fits their style or intended use. That wood is then taken to one of their professional craftsmen who spend a great deal of time hand crafting each piece from start to finish using powerful tools like saws, chisels, routers, sanders and other specialized tools. The final product is both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable for lasting use. Central Wisconsin Woodworking also takes tremendous pride in being environmentally conscious by maintaining very low emissions from the tools used in their workshops as well as setting aside portions of their proceeds for reforestation efforts. Their dedication to high-quality craftsmanship combined with environmental stewardship make them a leader in producing some of the finest wooden products available today.

Offered Services

Central Wisconsin Woodworking offers a comprehensive range of services related to woodworking. We specialize in furniture construction, restoration and refinishing; custom millwork; and window and door fabrication. We offer a variety of accessories such as casework, crown mouldings, stair parts and flooring. Furthermore, clients may choose between our extensive selection of wood species which includes oak, ash, cherry, mahogany, maple and walnut.

Mid Century Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Our experienced team will work with each individual client to provide a product that meets their specific needs. We are dedicated to providing high-quality craftsmanship ensuring that each piece is given the utmost attention during the creation process. No job is too large or small for Central Wisconsin Woodworking and our skilled artisans can handle everything from single chair orders to entire home remodeling projects. Finishes can vary depending on the desired look or our experts can offer suggestions based on the environment in which it will be placed such as special waterproof sealers for kitchens or exterior applications. Our wood crafting services extend beyond furniture production as we also create custom cabinetry for a modern design aesthetic or traditional style pallets for building purposes.

At Central Wisconsin Woodworking we understand that your projects are important components of creating your ideal lifestyle – whether it’s carving out space for your hobbies or just adding beauty to your home – so we take pride in every detail of each project from start to finish with quality materials and craftsmanship. With competitive prices, a wide variety of options to fit any budget, and expert advice from our professionals planners you can’t go wrong when selecting Central Wisconsin Woodworking for all your construction needs!

Expert Craftsmanship

Central Wisconsin Woodworking is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 50 years. We specialize in high-end custom woodworking and cabinetry with unparalleled attention to detail. Our experienced craftsmen use only the finest grade raw materials and the latest tools and technology to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. From custom kitchen cabinets to intricate dining room furniture sets and everything in between, no job is too big or small for Central Wisconsin Woodworking. All of our pieces are handcrafted with precision and attention to detail so that each one is perfect from start to finish. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality product possible, which we ensure by conducting a rigorous quality assurance process that covers every phase of production. Furthermore, it is our mission to always provide an exceptional customer experience, delivering on our promises each step of the way and meeting your exact needs and specifications. Put our commitment to excellence to work for you today and let us turn your vision into reality!

Local Impact

Central Wisconsin Woodworking is a popular workshop located in the center of town. Its presence has had a wide array of positive impacts on the local community, making it an integral part of their vibrant culture.

Firstly, Central Wisconsin Woodworking serves as an important meeting spot for new and experienced woodworkers alike. Customers can gather here to learn more about the craft and exchange ideas with each other. This creates an educational atmosphere and helps develop a sense of camaraderie amongst members of the local woodwork community.

Secondly, Central Wisconsin Woodworking is beneficial to the economic lifeblood of small businesses in the area. It helps support local artists by providing them with materials and equipment needed to create stunning pieces from woodcarving to furniture refinishing. The workshop also provides jobs for those interested in learning new skills through private lessons or group classes.

Finally, Central Wisconsin Woodworking has become an essential source of inspiration for many budding woodworkers living nearby. The workshop’s unique offerings allow customers to explore new techniques that can be applied in their own projects at home – whether it’s repainting furniture or building shelves from scratch! People who visit are often inspired by the artisans’ great workmanship which motivates them to start their own creative ventures.

In short, Central Wisconsin Woodworking has had a significant influence on the development and livelihoods within its immediate vicinity and beyond. By offering people quality resources and mentorship, the workshop has encouraged aspiring creatives to take up the craft while giving shop owners some much needed business supplies. Ultimately, this contributes to a healthier economy by keeping talented artists employed and fostering strong relationships among woodworking hobbyists, entrepreneurs and professionals alike!

Customer Testimonials

Central Wisconsin Woodworking has been serving the community for more than 10 years, crafting beautiful wooden products and furniture for homes and businesses. Our customers love our quality and personal service, resulting in many happy customers who have become loyal regulars. Here are just some of their stories:

Must Haves For Woodworking Shop

Steve: After researching a few companies that offered custom woodworking services, I decided to go with Central Wisconsin Woodworking. They provided exactly what I needed: bespoke furnishings made from high-grade timber that were built to fit my exact specifications. In addition to being reasonably priced, they ensured that everything was delivered on time and in perfect condition. The result is a room filled with furniture of which I’m very proud.

David: As a lifelong admirer of fine woodwork and design, I decided it was time to get my own custom pieces from Central Wisconsin Woodworking. Everything was crafted with attention to detail, from the way the joints were put together to the staining and finishing techniques used. It shouldn’t be possible for furniture this beautiful to come out of a workshop, yet here we are! I would recommend anyone looking for superior quality craftsmanship check them out.

Jessica: When our local public library needed new shelves and desks, we knew right away we wanted something special — not something off-the-shelf that wouldn’t last long or look good. We turned to Central Wisconsin Woodworking after seeing Get their work online – they had such positive customer reviews! They exceeded all our expectations by creating custom furniture using sustainably sourced wood that perfectly matched the vision we had. We couldn’t be more satisfied!

Central Wisconsin Woodworking is truly an industry leader when it comes to producing high-quality wood products at an affordable price with exceptional customer service experience across the board. Their expert craftspeople know how to take any idea you have — no matter how ambitious — turn it into reality with ease. Whether you’re remodeling your home or furnishing a business space, Central Wisconsin Woodworking is sure to make your dreams become a reality!

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Central Wisconsin Woodworking is a locally owned business offering custom furniture, cabinets and other woodworking products for residential and commercial use. As knowledgeable artisans in the field, we strive to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. We use only top of the line products to ensure our projects are long-lasting and durable. Regardless of project size or design complexity, no job is too big or too small for us. Our experienced staff members will take the time to listen to your ideas carefully, helping you make informed decisions while bringing your vision to life. In addition, we guarantee excellent customer service and timely completion of all jobs within budget. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free consultation and start realizing your dreams!


Central Wisconsin Woodworking is a small family-owned company that has been operating for decades. During this time, they have developed a long-standing tradition and expertise in woodworking, specializing in furniture that adds beauty, quality, and character to any residential or commercial property. They use a combination of traditional tools, techniques, and expert craftsmanship to curate the highest quality pieces from their local region. Customers who purchase their pieces benefit from the commitment to excellence that sets Central Wisconsin Woodworking apart from other companies. From desks to dressers to tables and chairs, customers can trust that these pieces will last for years due to the materials used and incredible attention to detail put into each piece. Whether you are looking for a unique handmade piece made with old world craftsmanship or prefer something more modernized, Central Wisconsin Woodworking has an entire range of options available for you. With almost four decades of experience in woodworking, they provide customers with top-notch products and outstanding customer service at competitive prices. Their expertise ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind with sturdy construction and exquisite design elements. Purchasing items from Central Wisconsin Woodworking is not only investing in premium furniture; it’s also tapping into generations of fine woodworking traditions and experts who understand the importance of quality in home decor.

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