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Colby Woodworking is a small company that has been crafting beautiful wooden furniture and home accessories for over 10 years. From hand-carved tables and chairs to intricate bookcases and shelves, they specialize in creating custom pieces to meet each customer’s unique needs and tastes.

Located in the rustic countryside of western New England, Colby Woodworking has established their high-quality standards by partnering with local lumber companies and only using sustainably sourced materials. The skilled craftspeople employed by the company utilize both classic woodworking techniques as well as modern technology while designing furniture which meets the highest quality control standards in the industry. As specialists in their field, they also provide a number of custom solutions for clients’ varying interior design requests, such as stain colors and finishes or special modifications.

The team at Colby Woodworking takes immense pride in building solid piece of furniture that not only looks incredible, but can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Furthermore, the company stands by its commitment to providing personalized service prior to purchase through delivery and its product warranty afterwards, offering consultations on proper care methods for ensured longevity of products. Their goal is simple: To produce works of quality art that bring warmth and beauty into homes everywhere.

History of Colby Woodworking

Colby Woodworking was founded in 1992 by Joe Colby. Joe began his business as a one-man shop in a small rented space, where he built custom furniture out of local hardwoods. By 1997 the business had grown enough to require more space and specialized equipment, and Joe moved his shop to a larger location with dedicated staff and resources.

Since then, Colby Woodworking has continued to expand, becoming one of the leading providers of wooden furniture products in its region. Known for its quality craftsmanship and value-added services, the company now employs over 20 qualified craftsmen and women who produce high-end tables, chairs, dressers, benches, bookcases and more from domestic hardwoods such as oak, cherry and walnut. In recent years the company has also expanded their production capacity by adding both CNC machines and robot automation to keep up with demand for their products. As a result, Colby Woodworking is able to produce larger quantities at faster speeds for quicker delivery times. The company continues to focus on custom orders for local customers while also expanding into ecommerce sales for customers across the country. With an eye toward continued growth and innovation, Colby Woodworking will remain one of the premier woodworking companies in its region well into the future.

Inspiration Behind Each Project

Colby Woodworking is a family-owned business based in rural Maine that specializes in the creation of handmade furniture, kitchen items, home decor and accessories. Every item made is custom-crafted according to the customer’s requirements or specifications.

The company has built its reputation on being able to capture and convey the essence of each individual project by taking inspiration from the unique needs, vision and desires of each customer. Every item they produce incorporates this careful attention to detail while also embracing traditional woodworking techniques such as hand carving, milling, joining and turning. They source materials locally whenever possible in order to shorten transit times and ensure quality control.

Colby Woodworking understands that their work brings beauty and warmth into homes across America through a combination of artistry, skill and precision. They take great pride in continually perfecting their craftsmanship which can be seen in every furniture piece and home accent that leaves their workshop for its new owner. Their passion for woodworking makes it easy for them to tap into their creativity with each project so that it becomes a true labor of love rather than work alone. This commitment to giving customers exactly what they envisioned has earned Colby Woodworking a reputation as purveyors of beautifully crafted heirloom pieces that will remain timeless over time.

Tools and Materials Used to Create Artisan Pieces

Colby Woodworking specializes in crafting one of a kind artisan pieces out of wood, metal and other materials. To create these exquisite pieces, the team at Colby Woodworking uses a wide range of tools and materials. The most commonly used tools are saws such as miter saws, jigsaws, table saws, circular saws and hand saws. Other important tools include routers, sanders, hand planes, chisels and drill presses. When it comes to materials, the craftsmen use high quality hardwoods such as walnut and maple for furniture pieces. They also use synthetic resin such as epoxy or polyester resins when needed to strengthen furniture joints or to add decorative touches like river table surfaces or unique inlays. When crafting metal components for pieces like shelving systems or wall hangings, Colby Woodworking relies on cold-rolled steel bar stock or acid-etched brass rods for an eye-catching effect. The team also adds real marble or travertine stone for added beauty and resiliency where applicable. To finish off each piece they employ natural oils as well as modern techniques like powder coating that offer superior abrasion resistance while maintaining stylish finishes with lustrous sheen that last forever. No matter what tool or material is used at Colby Woodworking the end result is always beautiful, durable and guaranteed customer satisfaction!

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Crafting Process for Durable Results

Colby Woodworking is a family owned and operated business that has been providing quality items for over 30 years. Our craftsmanship begins with the selection of only the best raw materials from sustainably sourced sources. We then use traditional, time-honored methods to prepare them before they enter the building process.

Our woodworkers are skilled in the art of joinery which is the joining of two pieces of wood at an angle to create an incredibly strong connection. This technique is used when creating furniture such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. Before assembly, all connections are reinforced with dowels, glue and screws where necessary for added durability.

The careful crafting of each piece continues with meticulous planing and sanding by hand to ensure a smooth finish that is free from splinters and snags. Applied finishes add water resistance and protection from everyday wear and tear while bringing out the natural luster of wood grain.

We take immense pride in our craftwork; every detail matters in producing credible results that are built to last through generations. Our attention to detail ensures that you receive what we consider to be a work of art rather than a simple product or item.

Types of Woods Available for Projects

Colby Woodworking offers a large selection of woods for any project. From solid Oak, to Maple, Walnut and even exotic hardwoods like Zebrawood or Wenge, there is an array of high-quality materials to choose from. Many customers are drawn to the exquisite grain pattern and natural metallic flecks offered by these woods when breathtakingly finished.

The main types of wood available from Colby Woodworking include:

Oak – With a strong and durable quality and many interesting grain patterns, this hardwood has been used in furniture making since antiquity. It can be stained easily so it’s ideal for almost any project.

Maple – This light-colored wood is one of the strongest hardwoods out there and is often used in flooring and cabinetry projects. It is also famous for its smoothness and resistance to chipping and scratching.

Walnut – A classic choice for furniture making due to its beautiful grain patterns and straight grained structure, walnut is an extremely popular option. It can be left natural, or stained to achieve the desired look.

Exotic Hardwoods – Woods such as Wenge, African Mahogany, Rosewood, Ebony and Zebrawood offer unique variations in color and grain that can create stunning pieces when combined with other exotic hardwoods or traditional woods. The unique natural hues make them perfect for artistic projects requiring intricate detailing with fantastic end results worth showing off to family and friends!

Different Staining and Finishing Techniques

Colby Woodworking provides both amateur and professional woodworkers with quality staining and finishing products. We specialize in providing a range of finishes, from light stains to deep rich colorations, as well as traditional waxes and oils to give your project that hand-rubbed look. All of our products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, designed to bring out the richness of your woodworking creations while protecting them at the same time.

At Colby Woodworking, we utilize several different techniques for staining and finishing projects, including wiping Stains and Dyes, Gel Stains, Lacquer Spraying and Brush Coating, French Polish Shellac Finishes, Wipe-On Poly Finishes, Linseed Oil Finishes, Tung Oil Finishes and Varnishes. Depending on the material used in the project or the desired look you’re trying to achieve will determine which technique will work best for you. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you in the right direction if needed. Wiping Stains and Dyes allow for controlled application with a clean cloth. This is a great way to create subtle highlights or figure details on exotic woods. Gel Stains are thickened liquid stains that produce superior coverage over large surfaces quickly with little effort. Lacquer spraying is one of the fastest methods used when applying a topcoat finish in a production environment. Brush coating allows control over where different colors are applied while also controlling how they mingle together on figure of wood grain details. French Polish Shellac is what many consider a classic topcoat finish due to its lasting beauty and protection traits. Wipe On Poly utilizes a polyurethane based system that gives superior durability with easy to use formulas which wipe away easily over large surface areas with minimal effort while only requiring 1-2 coats for most applications. Linseed Oil Finishes have natural antimicrobial properties as well as being highly water resistant; it also helps bottle certain figures or colors within the grain itself allowing for an intense look through accentuating natural beauty such as chatoyance, ribboning or spalting features found in certain woods materials like Cherry or Maple. Tung Oil produces an oil based finish with controlled application similar too many wipe on formulations but has added penetrating features allowing this finish to penetrate deeply into end grain pores producing unique results not achievable from other finishes seen throughout range conditions compared to most other finishes.. Lastly varnish’s provide rich color shade control as well exterior durability against sun damage through its advanced UV stabilization technology built into some formulations while also possessing antimicrobial elements creating commercial grade protections when more showpiece style pieces are required versus factory boards

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Showcase of Colby Woodworking’s Best Projects

Colby Woodworking produces beautiful, quality pieces of furniture and accessories that stand out from the rest. They use the finest raw materials, such as walnut and mahogany lumber, to create stunning artistry like none other. When you purchase a piece from Colby Woodworking, you are investing in timeless items that are meant to last for generations to come. The company has completed projects ranging from dining room tables and cabinets, to TV stands and shelving units. Each item is crafted with quality in mind and is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Their products are made with integrity and have unique style, so customers can trust they won’t be disappointed when they shop at Colby Woodworking. Customers also have the option of customizing any furniture item – if they see something they like but want minor changes, then Colby Woodworking has the ability to make it happen! They showcase different types of woodwork through their website and their portfolio showcases some of their best work over the years. Whether you’re looking for something big or small, classic or contemporary – you’ll find it at Colby Woodworking. With superior quality combined with competitive prices, you won’t be able to find anything more valuable than what Colby offers!

Customer Testimonials

Colby Woodworking has been providing high-quality custom products for over a decade. Our years of experience, combined with the skills of our highly-trained team, have helped us earn a sterling reputation amongst both businesses and residential customers alike. Here’s what people are saying about Colby Woodworking:

“I’ve been using Colby Woodworking services for several years now and they never disappoint! Their attention to detail is outstanding—all of their projects are expertly shaped and stained. The customer service is top notch, too—they’re always willing to go the extra mile.” -Josh S.

“Everything I’ve gotten from Colby Woodworking has exceeded my expectations in quality and craftsmanship! I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a reliable source of custom woodworking.” -Amanda J.

“It’s rare to find such excellent customer service these days. Colby Woodworking was an absolute pleasure to work with; they made sure that we had all the project info upfront, then worked hard to make it happen even on a tight timeline.” -Harlan K.

From individual household orders to larger corporate needs, Colby Woodworking consistently delivers outstanding results every time. As reviews from existing customers illustrate, our commitment as woodworkers is beyond reproach when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. Regardless of your request size or complexity, you can rely on Colby Woodworking’s experience and expertise for outstanding results each time.

A Call to Action

Colby Woodworking is the right choice for anyone looking for the perfect piece of long-lasting furniture or cabinetry. With years of experience and a real passion for woodworking, we take pride in providing our customers with quality craftsmanship and reliable service. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your home or office, Colby Woodworking has something to offer everyone. We specialize in custom cabinetry – from hand-crafted kitchen cabinets that are made-to-order, to unique one of kind bookcases and pieces of furniture built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

At Colby Woodworking, our dedicated team is driven by a commitment to provide not only great furniture—but also an exquisite customer experience. We strive to make each interaction personalized, easy and enjoyable by being available to answer your questions, provide helpful support and provide free consultations on new projects. Plus, every purchase is backed by a guarantee that ensures complete satisfaction so you can trust you’re getting top quality workmanship whenever you come in contact with us. Furthermore, we prioritize using sustainably sourced materials selected from local suppliers—meaning every piece we produce is crafted from high-quality materials without sacrificing our environment or values in return! So why wait? Contact us today for more information about how Colby Woodworking can help make any project easier!

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