Creative Woodworking Projects For the Newlywed

creative woodworking projects for the newlywed

Here are 15 creative woodworking ideas for the novice, intermediate and experienced woodworker. If you have been thinking of taking up woodworking or are already involved in it as a hobby, you probably already have some idea of what you are doing. But if not, take a deep breath, relax and settle down. Take a long, hard look at what you have learned so far and ask yourself, “What do I need to learn next?” Here are your options:

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One: You’ve created that perfect, one-of-a-kind toy box or desk organizer but it’s just sitting there and you are not sure how to use it. Your box or desk organizer could be an eye-catching super easy to use accessory for the room it is in. Use a lot of bright and colorful paint and stickers to dress your organizer up and become a talking piece for your guests. Stacking small craft items on the bottom could become a way to hold candy, take out drinks, or place items in the drawers that are normally used for storing folded clothing.

Two: You’ve made your beautiful wooden earring stand, now what? You might consider taking your newly decorated earring stand to a local car wash and getting your new shine. Many woodworkers and craftsmen feel that a nice shine adds to their personality and makes them look more prepared, professional. Using a car wash will give you the chance to work on your woodworking ideas for a living while getting pampered at the same time. You might also want to try a similar “car wash” experience on a friend, family member or co-worker. Some people like to do their own car washes and the beauty station to get the extra attention and enjoy the perks of getting pampered.

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Three: You’ve taken your beautiful coffee table to a local decorator to have it painted. The color you choose to paint your coffee table with will set the tone for the rest of your decorating. Be sure that you choose colors that complement each other.

Four: One of your friends bought an expensive granite countertop at the local big box hardware store. While you are at the store, you decide you would like to try your hand at decorating a countertop. A few sand paper strokes and some spray paint and you have a fresh new countertop! You have added a little flair to your room with this simple project.

Five: You have decided to get a new set of shelves to place beside your coffee table. You have found a great wooden shelf that will go nicely with your coffee table and your home office. All you have left to do is finish putting shelves together. As you are polishing up your new product, you realize that you should take out the screws that are holding the cupboard together. Your coffee table and shelves will come together perfectly, when you finish this small project.

Six: A few days before your wedding, while your spouse is at work, you decide you would like to make your own jewelry boxes. You gather up a few craft tools and your wooden pieces. You make your jewelry boxes out of cardboard and craft glue. Once you finish this small project, you will have a great looking piece of jewelry that your wife will absolutely love.

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Seven: A few weeks before your wedding, while your dresser is being fixed, you decide you would like to make a piece of jewelry for your soon to be wife. After all the dresses are ready, you realize you forgot your earrings. It’s too bad that you forgot since your groom will think you have forgotten everything, but you have some jewelry left that you did put in the dresser. You finish putting this new jewelry piece into your dresser and then nail it on the bride’s ear, to make her very happy on her special day.

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