Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh

Case Studies

Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh has built countless projects that bring both function and beauty to their clients. Here are two examples of how they successfully crafted custom wooden elements for local businesses.

The first was a project for the Lighthouse Inn, located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh provided beautiful handcrafted custom woodwork throughout the entire restaurant, giving it a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Special pieces included window frames, trim and decorative paneling using locally sourced cherry wood that was also finished with a deep red stain for added warmth. The result was an artisan aesthetic perfect for the site’s classically inspired interior design.

The second project Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh completed was for the acclaimed jazz club Gold Note Lounge in Shadyside. This time Custom Woodworking used walnut to create custom climbing wall frames, bar fronts and table tops for the popular nightspot which dramatically improved its overall visual appeal. Special consideration was put into selecting this particular hardwood due to its luxurious look and durability – something clients have come to expect from High End Millwork projects such as this one!


“I had a great experience with Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh. The team was very professional and the quality of the finished product exceeded my expectations. They understood what I wanted to accomplish and helped me find solutions that met all my needs. Working with them made achieving my woodworking goals effortless!” – Sarah, past client

“We needed something unique for our living room and we found it in Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh. They worked with us to come up with a design that fit in seamlessly with our existing décor while also adding something special and unique to the room. The end result was just perfect!” – Mark, current client

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“My project turned out exactly how I envisioned it thanks to Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh. From start to finish, they understand what I wanted and gave me advice on how best to achieve my goal without having it cost me an arm and a leg. Their attention to detail is second-to-none!” – Meg, past client

“What really sets Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh apart from the competition is their customer service. They are more than willing to answer questions or provide suggestions on various ideas that can help make your project unique and stand out from the crowd.” – Tom, current client


Online Resources:

• Woodwork Pittsburgh: This website provides easy-to-follow instructional guides on all types of custom woodworking including furniture, cabinetry, and cabinetry design. They also provide a directory of Pittsburgh-based professionals such as local carpenters and joiners who specialize in custom woodworking.

• DiResta Woodshop: An online blog run by master woodworker Jimmy DiResta where he shares his thoughts, experiences, and projects relating to the art of custom woodworking.

Offline Resources:

• The Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers Guild: This organization holds monthly meetings for anyone interested in learning about or improving their custom woodworking skills. The guild also hosts an annual show where everyone can showcase their craftsmanship and exchange ideas.

• The Home Depot and Lowe’s stores in Pittsburgh: Both stores offer complete selections of lumber, power tools, and other materials required to create custom woodworking projects. Customers can also access in-store tutorials on using specific tools as well as project ideas for beginners.

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Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh offers a wide range of woodworking services, from intricate designs to more simplified woodwork pieces. Custom woodworking in Pittsburgh can add a unique touch to any space – while being handcrafted and bespoke, each item made using custom woodworking is sure to stand out and make a statement.

With a passion for excellence, the team at Custom Woodworking Pittsburgh works hard to create beautiful pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From built-in cabinets and furniture to outdoor structures, their craftsmanship shines through in every piece. With an eye for detail and a sharp focus on customer satisfaction, custom woodworking can bring any creative vision to life.

Pictures of finished products can serve as an example for potential customers; custom mantels with intricate carvings and rustic cabinetry provide inspiration for what’s possible with custom woodworking in Pittsburgh. Even better yet, images of in-process pieces show how each inspiring idea is brought to life one step at a time by experienced craftsmen using specialized tools and techniques. Visuals of complete projects before installation remind everyone that anything is possible when it comes to creating something unique with custom woodworking in Pittsburgh.

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