Different Types of DIY Woodworking Videos

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Different Types of DIY Woodworking Videos

A couple weeks ago I was looking at some YouTube videos on DIY woodworking. When I watched one about a woodworker making stairs, I thought, “Why couldn’t he just build a simple free stair kit from wood and metal to save everyone the expense of all those carpenter bills?” I went on to watch another video that had some more step by step instructions on making an entire set of cabinets from scratch.

The next thing I found was a diy woodworking video with some professional woodworkers demonstrating their carpenter skills on a 3-dimensional computer model of what they wanted to build. They were using a program called AutoCAD. So, when I found that same video a couple months back, I started thinking about what I could do with it to make a few more projects. Then I realized that I should look for some online woodworker’s YouTube channel to watch some more of this woodworker’s YouTube channel videos on the latest projects they are working on.

One of the popular woodworker’s YouTube channels is Bill Coleman’s YouTube channel. In his video he demonstrated how to read plans. It took him only a few minutes to read the instructions, understand what the design intended and how to cut pieces of scrap wood and put them together. With the latest plans and techniques in mind I started looking at some other woodworking projects he was making.

As it turns out, Bill is a member of the Pacific Northwest Great Plains Woodworkers Club and he has many years of experience building woodworking projects. He has also been involved in woodworking workshops and has become quite knowledgeable in the field. Because of his woodworking skills and knowledge he has picked up a number of tricks and tips that he uses time and again. In his videos he sometimes shows videos of him working on some challenging woodworking projects. In these he demonstrates how to properly position the piece of wood, how to join the pieces and how to make sure the pieces are straight.

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Another woodworking channel on YouTube that is really inspiring is the YouTube of woodworkers Mark Sharp and Kevin Bennett. These two woodworkers have had their own DIY wood projects featured on YouTube for some time and are proving to be inspirational sources. They have some of the most beautiful and detailed woodworking videos I’ve seen. They have some great diy wood projects on their channel and they encourage other woodworkers to join in and create woodworking masterpieces using simple tools.

The guys have some great videos on their YouTube channel showing how to make birdhouses, doll houses and other such simple woodworking projects. They have a section on their website that explains about my woodworking projects and gives you links to some of their other videos. In one of their videos they demonstrate the process of making a treehouse. In this one they are using an axe and a reciprocating saw to cut out the tree branches and then assembling them to form a house. The woodworker has to hold the tree in place with a strap and use a brace to hold the tree in place while he does this. This is a great project to try if you have some basic carpentry skills.

The guys have also put together a diy woodworking video on their YouTube channel showing the proper procedure for making a wooden pen or a wooden wine caddy. It is very interesting how they show each step in a step by step manner. This is just one of the projects they have on their YouTube channel and one of the more popular ones. You can check out many other woodworking videos on YouTube if you are looking for woodworkers demonstrating something new on their YouTube channel.

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Recently another woodworking enthusiast has decided to build his own wooden shed. This woodworker is using a piece of plywood as the flooring of his shed and then he uses a couple of smaller wood pieces as the walling and then he put the roof on it. You can see the entire process on his YouTube channel. This is a very cool DIY project you can do from start to finish using only a few tools and some scrap lumber. Check out his YouTube channel for more of his awesome DIY woodworking videos.

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