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Don Webber Woodworking has been producing beautiful masterpieces of art and craftsmanship since the early 1980s. Founded by Don Webber and now operated by his sons, Jeff and Jamie, the business is an ongoing testament to passion, dedication and hard work—all hallmarks of Don’s legacy.

Spanning over four decades of design, craftmanship and woodworking tradition, Don Webber Woodworking has a long and impressive history. Don taught carpentry from high school through college classes for nearly 30 years prior to starting his own business in 1981. The expertise he gained from his years as a teacher was then employed directing projects for many high-end clients. As their reputation began to grow, more architects and designers would commission them for custom pieces, allowing them to explore their creative limits.

Marking some of the most exquisite works created by Don WebberWoodworking today result in pieces that are preeminent in finesse and skill. Creating breathtaking cabinetry, furniture pieces, tables, marquetry , parquetry , wall panelling as well as exotic built-ins like secret compartments prove how passionate they are about exquisiteness through wood working processes. Nowadays their focus started shifting towards ‘Green Cabinetry’ where they make use of modern technology which not only helps them shape attractive customized products but also stay eco-friendly at the same time.

Crafting Process

Step 1: Consultation
This is an important first step at Don Webber Woodworking where customers are invited to discuss their project with the team. During the consultation, expectations and desired outcomes are discussed in order to ensure that the project specifications are tailored to meet the customer’s needs. The woodworkers will work closely with customers to create a design that meets the requirements of the customer’s individual project.

Step 2: Design & Fabrication
The next step after consultation is design and fabrication. During this process, sketches and drawings will be created based on information gathered during the previous consultation and a 3D CAD model will be made to ensure accuracy of measurements and details of the project. Templates or models may also be created during this process depending on what is necessary for this particular project.

Step 3: Finishing
Once the structural aspects of a piece have been completed, it is then time for sanding and finishing. Don Webber Woodworking takes great care in choosing finishes that are well suited for each unique piece and high quality brands such as General Finishes, Minwax, and Zinsser sealers are used for optimal performance and longevity. Several coats of finish may need to be applied throughout the various stages of finishing depending on the desired look being achieved for each particular woodworking piece.

Step 4: Delivery & Installation
The final step is delivery and installation. The team at Don Webber Woodworking take pride in safely delivering each item no matter how big or small it may be; always ensuring it arrives undamaged via white glove delivery service if requested by customers. They can also install items if requested by customers or upon request they can refer them onto an installer who specializes in their particular area or location.


Don Webber Woodworking products are designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship, offering customers a range of beautiful and functional furniture pieces that will last for years. All products are handmade using sustainable materials and techniques that minimise environmental impact. Customers can expect the highest-grade lumber and construction available, including select cuts from local sawmills and responsibly sourced timber from around the world. Customers can also benefit from a distinct finish that is produced through a combination of natural sealants and stains, ensuring lasting protection for each piece of furniture. All Don Webber Woodworking products come with a manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee satisfaction in quality. The products feature an array of classic designs as well as custom crafting options, allowing customers to pick their size and finish without compromising on design or functionality. Furthermore, customers can benefit from personalised service in obtaining their custom orders as each product is made with special attention by experienced craftsmen. Additionally, every piece is unique due to the natural ageing process that reveals the woods beautiful characteristics over time – giving each item its own personality!

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Don Webber Woodworking is a business founded on the premise of inspiring others to work with wood. It has been creating unique and beautiful pieces since its establishment. With its passion for craftsmanship, Don Webber Woodworking creates genuinely one-of-a-kind works of art. From custom furniture to intricate sculptures, each product evokes a sense of emotion through its beauty and craftsmanship.

Not only does the company produce stunning creations, but it also encourages others to get inspired by woodworking. The company offers instructional courses that teach different techniques and tips related to working with wood. Its shop is also open to enthused hobbyists looking for quality products, instructions or advice on projects they’re undertaking. Additionally, they host large events where people can come together in order to learn from each other and create something out of wood.

The goal of Don Webber Woodworking is not just about creating quality pieces, but about inspiring others to join the traditional trade of woodworking in their own way. By providing a platform for creativity and sharing knowledge, Don Webber Woodworking has become an invaluable resource for anyone interested in carpentry as well as appreciation for art made from natural materials such as wood. Whether you are a budding hobbyist or a professional artisan, this business provides all sorts of service and support related to wood creations – allowing all individuals the rare opportunity one must take advantage of in order to truly appreciate what this craft can offer.

Installation Process

At Don Webber Woodworking, we understand that the installation process can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why our experienced team is dedicated to providing a seamless and easy experience, so you can sit back and enjoy your custom pieces for years to come.

We begin by coming out to measure, photograph, and map all areas where we need to install our product. Next we generate a plan that shows every detail required for accurate construction in your space such as measurements, angles, finishes and surfaces. Once the plan is approved by both parties, we bring the materials to your home or office.

Once onsite, our carpenters begin the work of constructing custom pieces detailed in the approved plan. They will build all components with precision so they fit perfectly into their designated spot. Our team takes great care to keep all other parts of your home or office safe and clean any messes created during the installation process; leaving you with nothing but brand new sleek woodwork pieces installed in their respective spots.

Finally, after each piece is constructed, fitted and secured in its designated place; our team completes an assessment to ensure installations meet our high standards of excellence before calling it a day! Beyond the installations process itself; when you hire us – here at Don Webber Woodworking – our dedication towards providing top quality craftsmanship doesn’t stop at just making sure that initial build looks flawless; coverage includes service agreements should anything require touch-ups or repairs down-the-road ensuring beautiful woodwork for years to come!


Don Webber Woodworking is committed to producing quality products that meet the lofty standards of their customers. The woodworking company ensures customer satisfaction by utilizing strict quality control protocols throughout every step of the manufacturing process. From start to finish, every piece of furniture they produce is inspected and tested for proper fit and finish. Any imperfections are addressed prior to being shipped out to customers. Don Webber Woodworking also makes sure to use only high-grade materials in order to ensure durability and long-lasting value for their customers. Additionally, all purchases come with a limited warranty for added peace of mind in the event something goes wrong. To go the extra mile, Don Webber Woodworking provides helpful customer service teams that can be consulted at any time during or after a purchase; answering any questions or troubleshooting any issues that might arise. By paying extra attention to detail and offering exceptional service, Don Webber Woodworking stands behind their commitment of providing nothing but excellence for its customers.

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Don Webber Woodworking is a company that specializes in creating unique, custom pieces of furniture. Their pricing system is based on the complexity and customization of the pieces requested by customers. Smaller items such as drawers start at $100 while larger furniture items, including cabinets, armoires, and tables can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the size, materials used, and level of detail required.

Don Webber Woodworking also offers discounts for customers who order multiple pieces or purchase a whole set. Shipping costs are generally not included in the price but are available upon request by customers. Special requests like painting, distressing, staining, and other finishes will also require additional fees. Designer services are available to help customers create the perfect piece and ensure it meets their preference or style specifications before finalizing an order. Finally, Don Webber Woodworking offers upholstery services for customers at an hourly rate depending on the type of fabric being used for each project.


Don Webber Woodworking offers a custom woodworking service that allows customers to pick out the exact project they want from a wide range of available designs. The gallery provides in-depth information about different projects and also provides inspiration for patrons to pick out their own personalized woodworking projects. Customers can read reviews on the different pieces, see detailed descriptions of particular creations, and explore photos taken during their construction. Don Webber’s experience spans decades with over 20 years spent working with diverse materials, giving customers the assurance they are investing in high-quality craftsmanship. In addition, all of his wooden pieces feature sustainable composite woods and recycled materials which makes every piece environmentally friendly. Most orders can be completed within just two weeks due to the skilled artisans that work behind the scenes at Don Webber Woodworking’s workshop. Thanks to the gallery, customers have access to beautiful designs and unparalleled quality works of furniture or décor that will last a lifetime!


Don Webber Woodworking takes great pride in the quality of their custom wood furniture and products, from bookcases and entertainment centers to kitchen cabinetry solutions. Their skilled craftsmen take personal responsibility for each piece and ensure that each one reflects their commitment to excellence. Don Webber Woodworking provides excellent customer service with a passion for creating pieces that make customers smile. They understand that the customer experience is just as important as the craftsmanship behind their products, so they strive to exceed their customers’ expectations every time. Customers can be sure that their vision will be realized, with attention paid to every detail from design concept through finish selection and installation. With an overwhelming level of professional dedication and care, Don Webber Woodworking guarantees a product built to last generations, so don’t wait – come see what these incredible woodworkers have in store for you! Visit them today at their shop in Brookshire or view some of the possibilities on their website. The quality of their work is best appreciated in person, so if you’re looking for something special that can’t be found anywhere else, feel free to reach out to Don Webber Woodworking! They love hearing customers’ ideas and seeing the joy it brings them when they can create a beautiful piece out of a dream. Come visit them soon – you won’t be disappointed!

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