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Evans Woodworking, located in rural Maryland, is renowned for its quality craftsmanship that has been handed down through the generations and passed on as family tradition. They specialize in creating custom wood furniture and products with a focus on traditional methods to ensure the highest standard of workmanship. In addition to solid wood furniture, they also produce unique, one-of-a-kind pieces such as custom trays, mantles and desks.

The craftspeople at Evans Woodworking take immense pride in their meticulous attention to detail when it comes to building the perfect piece of furniture or other item. Every product is carefully inspected before delivery to ensure optimal customer satisfaction by ensuring superior quality materials and construction. Their dedication to craftsmanship and customer service has earned them numerous awards over the years ” including a Best of Maryland award five years in a row – validating their commitment to excellence.

Evans Woodworking has established itself as an authority on bespoke wooden products by investing in up-to-date technology while staying true to traditional techniques and practices. This allows them to stay ahead of current trends yet maintain authenticity within their designs, making each item unique and heirloom worthy. Using industry leading techniques combined with handcrafted skills learned from prior generations, Evans Woodworking’s master artisans create some of the finest wood products available anywhere ” setting a new standard for excellence within the industry.

An Impressive Legacy of Superior Woodworking

Evans Woodworking is a prominent and highly regarded woodworking shop that has been creating fine furniture for more than 75 years. Family owned and operated, Evans Woodworking has built up an impressive legacy of superior craftsmanship and fine woodworking over the decades.

For generations, Evans Woodworking has provided custom furniture pieces for clients all across the country. The shop specializes in making solid hardwood furniture in a variety of styles- from simple and classic to rustic and modern- using traditional joinery techniques that are combined with contemporary styling cues. Their outstanding craftsmanship is evident throughout their work; each piece is produced with meticulous attention to detail and an eye for quality and durability.

The numerous accolades they’ve accumulated throughout their lengthy career speak to their commitment to excellence, which shows no sign of waning. Clients continue to return year after year seeking out signature pieces they can pass down through generations, knowing they’ll be crafted with the same level of skill that made Evans Woodworking famous so long ago. The workshop also offers limited edition collectors’ items that capture the essence of quality woodwork today- objects intended not only to delight but last for decades more. Whether it’s structural occasional furniture or incredible handcrafted artwork, customers can feel secure knowing their selections have been crafted with utmost skill by experts in the trade whose loyalty lies completely with Edwards Woodworking .

Detailed Overview of Woodworking Services

Evans Woodworking is a family-owned business located in San Francisco, California. For over 30 years, it has been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality woodworking projects. The company offers an extensive range of services, from the creation of custom furniture pieces, cabinetry, and 3D art sculptures to flooring installations and refinishing. Thanks to its wealth of in-house tools, skilled craftsmen, and top-of-the line materials, Evans Woodworking can fulfill even the most complex orders without sacrificing quality.

The team at Evans Woodworking lives by the term “true craftsmanship” ” their goal is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and built with integrity and expertise. During each project they strive to ensure utmost care and attention is given to every aspect giving clients unique pieces that stand out against the rest. They provide consultations prior starting any project so all aspects are discussed before production begins. Through their commitment to high quality standards, their works have served numerous commercial entities as well as woodworking aficionados around the country.

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Evans Woodworking also offers maintenance services for owners who wish to keep their beloved furniture or cabinetry looking brand new for many years. These maintenance services consist of detailed dusting and polishing that protects against aging and fading while bringing out the natural beauty in each piece of work they service. They also offer repair services in order to help clients avoid having to replace furniture due to minor damages such as chips or scratches caused by everyday wear-and-tear. Each job comes with a warranty in order to ensure customer satisfaction across all operations carried out by the team of professionals at Evans Woodworking

Expertise and Dedication of Evans Woodworking Team

At Evans Woodworking, we have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of crafting beautiful, custom pieces of furniture. Our team is composed of expert woodworkers, highly-skilled artisans, and passionate carpenters who each bring a unique set of skills to the table to create unique items that meet our customers’ exacting standards. Each member of the Evans Woodworking team has decades of experience working with various types of woods, from local hardwoods to exotic exotics. Not only are our experts familiar with traditional techniques but they also stay up-to-date on the latest technologies used in woodwork and design. Our team is confident that its craftsmanship stands out among the competition”we strive for it every single day. From tables and chairs to ornate cabinetry and custom bars, we can make any piece you desire with professional precision. Our commitment to excellence means that you will get furniture pieces without compromise; everything is done with precision and purpose. Get in touch with us today to start realizing your vision!

High-Grade Tools for Woodworking Projects

Evans Woodworking offers a wide selection of high-grade tools for woodworking projects of all sizes. Whether you are a novice carpenter, experienced craftsman, or professional woodworker, Evans Woodworking has the right tools to help you make your project a success. We have a variety of hand tools including saws, chisels and hammers that are designed to last through the toughest woodworking jobs. Our power tools like routers and sanders provide precision and accuracy while working with even the most complex designs. We also carry specialty items such as joinery jigs, miter boxes and bench vises to help take any project from raw material to finished product in record time. All of our products come with an industry-leading warranty and excellent customer service so that every customer can feel confident in their purchase. Stop by Evans Woodworking today and let us show you how our high-end tools can save you time, money and create the perfect piece.

Sustainability Techniques Used by Evans Woodworking

Evans Woodworking is committed to providing environmentally friendly products and services, utilizing sustainable techniques as part of our production process. We use only FSC-certified wood sources for all of our pieces, ensuring that we are responsibly managing forests and protecting wildlife habitats. In addition, we utilize green transportation methods by shipping most of our pieces via bicycle transport, reducing fuel emissions and improving air quality in local neighborhoods. Natural water-based finishes are used on all of our projects and no hazardous chemicals are ever employed. Evans Woodworking prides itself on its commitment to the environment by focusing on practices that reduce energy consumption, such as LED lighting solutions in our workshop, utilizing recycled office supplies when possible, and creating a waste management system exemplifying zero waste processing. Additionally, we employ compostable packing materials with all of our shipments for added sustainability.

Before and After Picture Features of Woodworking Projects

Evans Woodworking is a custom woodworking shop that specializes in creating incredibly detailed, one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor items. Founded by experienced master craftsman Kyle Evans, this company offers customers the chance to add beauty and function to their homes with finely crafted wooden pieces.

One of the most popular features of Evans Woodworking are their before and after picture features, which showcase their skillful woodworking process from start to finish. Customers can see how each piece of furniture or decor is custom made from scratch using only top quality materials. The beauty and craftsmanship of the final product is clear from these before and after pictures, demonstrating the incredible care taken to ensure each item is structurally sound as well as visually pleasing. For example, for a family heirloom rocking chair, customers can see how it’s created from choice wood stock all reinforced with high-grade joints, sanded down for smoothness, stained to bring out the unique grain patterns on each piece, and finally finished with several layers of protective varnish. It produces an immaculate end result that will last for generations while adding an exquisite touch of wooden charm to any room.

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Guidance on Taking Advantage of Evans Woodworking Services

Evans Woodworking offers a wide range of services to help customers create beautiful furniture and other wooden items. Whether you are interested in making your own furniture or having one custom-made for you, Evans Woodworking has the tools and expertise to complete any project. With decades of experience in woodworking and cabinetmaking, the staff is highly skilled at what they do and can ensure each customer’s satisfaction.

When taking advantage of Evans Woodworking’s services, it is important to understand what type of woodwork or cabinetry you are looking for. By doing research or consulting with Evans Woodworking staff members, customers can better determine their vision and decide what type of wood would best suit their needs. Knowing a project’s size, budget, timeline, and desired design features are also important when working with this service provider.

In addition to helping customers select their desired woods for projects ranging from tables to chairs to cabinets, Evans Woodworking also provides milling services that can finish off any item with a superior level of detail that gives the finished piece an appealing look. The team at Evans Woodworking will always make sure that the item is properly sanded to make it both aesthetically pleasing as well as durable enough for everyday use. Finally, they even offer painting and staining services so that your dream furniture pieces perfectly match your home décor! By using these services together with some creativity on your end, you are guaranteed to get magnificent results every time!


At Evans Woodworking, we strive to be the leading provider of high-quality woodworking services in the area. Our experienced team of craftsmen is committed to producing outstanding results that exceed your expectations. We specialize in making custom furniture, cabinets, and fixtures, installing hardwood flooring, and creating intricate cabinetry solutions for any home or business. Our attention to detail and utilization of advanced technology is what sets us apart from our competitors.

When you choose Evans Woodworking for your next woodworking project, you can expect results that last a lifetime. Our expert team will work with you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design that fits your budget and style requirements. With years of experience in the field and a dedication to excellence, we guarantee superior craftsmanship that stands out from the rest. No matter how big or small the project may be, you can trust us to create beautiful pieces that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Furthermore, due to our ability to leverage modern equipment for fast and efficient manufacturing processes, we’re able to keep our costs low while passing savings on to our customers through competitive pricing structures. By selecting Evans Woodworking for your next woodworking project, you can save money while gaining access to top-of-the-line products with exceptional longevity.

Evans Woodworking provides exceptional service at unbeatable prices on a wide range of projects from start to finish”from furniture upgrades and repairs all the way through complete home renovations. Trust us with your project today; reap the rewards and realize why it pays off time after time!

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